570 Chapter 570: Not Again!

    Long Chen and the women entered the bedroom of Ming Rin.

    Long Chen called out his mother and his grandfather and his other wives as well and introduced them to Ming Rin.

    The interaction was initially weird since Ming Rin hadn't expected that she would be meeting with the other wives of Long Chen, but her conversation with his mother became more natural.

    They talked for a long time. Ming Rin even told them to have dinner while they were here.

    Long Chen and his family had the Dinner in the Dark Fairies clan. After the dinner, they started talking again as Sima Ziyi started sharing the childhood stories about Long Chen. While all the women were on one side, having their conversation, Long Chen was with his grandfather.

    " Mother looks happy. I guess it must be lonely alone in that world," Long Chen sighed.

    "It's just the happiness of meeting a relative. She didn't talk this much to anyone even when we were in the clan. Ziyi cultivated and spent the most of her time with Xue and Mei," Long Ren told Long Chen.

    "Still, it's somewhat upsetting. Am I not keeping you prisoners by keeping you in that world alone?" Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    "How could we be alone there? Our whole family is there. There's Ziyi, Xue, Mei, and the other girls. Now there's Xue Ying as well. There's no loneliness," Long Ren replied.

    "How about you? Don't you miss talking to other people? Do you think it would be better to stay in the real world, which is safe like this place?" Long Chen inquired again.

    "I know what you're thinking. You feel bad for keeping us there, but let me tell you this one thing. I have seen Ziyi much happier since we entered that world than I ever saw her in a long time. You know why?" Long Ren inquired.

    "Why?" Long Chen asked with a curious look on his face.

    "Because she gets to be closer to her son now. Previously, she couldn't do that, but now she can, and she is happy about that since she knows that she is close to you. It is better for her to be around you than to be left behind in some unknown corner where she wouldn't know if she sees you again or not. So if you're thinking about finding a safe place for us in the real world and leaving us behind, then don't do that. It's fine the way it is." Long Ren said as he smiled

    " Oh, it wouldn't be bad if you send some more people there if you're worried about us being lonely," He added.

    "Some more people, huh," Long Chen muttered as he placed his hand on his chin. "I'll see what I can do."

    Just when it was night, and everyone said their farewells, Long Chen sent his family back to the fake world.

    Long Chen still didn't leave the room of Ming Rin as he looked at her.

    "Lan'er, can you wait outside? I want to talk to your mother about something," Long Chen told Ming Lan.

    Ming Lan looked at him and her mother briefly before she left the room.

    Long Chen looked back at Ming Rin.

    "I want something from you, but it might not be fair to ask this of you. I hope you won't take it the wrong way," Long Chen said. He was about to continue when he noticed that Ming Rin's face had turned red again. He knew that there was going to be another misunderstanding, so he instantly started speaking.

    "I want you to come with me," He said.

    "C-come with you? D-do you really want that?" Ming Rin said as she stepped forward and held Long Chen's hand while she looked in his eyes.

    "Not just you, I want every woman in this clan to come with me," Long Chen said.

    "A-all women?" Ming Rin's mouth opened wide as she didn't know what to say.

    "Yeah, I want all of you to come with me. I want to transfer the whole clan of yours in my world where my family lives. You won't lack anything there, and you can live your life in peace without worrying about anything. What do you say? I think my family really needs more people," Long Chen asked Ming Rin as he sighed.

    'All the Dark Fairies in the place his family lives? Is he really asking me for permission to make all the girls his family? Does he really want so many women?' Ming Rin wondered.

    "W-why do you need so many? If you need more women, I-i can join you and be your woman as well, but the whole clan... I can't allow that," Ming Rin let out as she stuttered.

    " That's not..." Long Chen was about to say something when he saw Ming Rin drop all her clothes.

    Ming Rin was standing completely bare before him without a shred of clothing on her body.

    Long Chen couldn't help take a good glance. Ming Rin's body seemed like it was a beautiful piece of art that was sculpted by the gods themselves. Her curves were all at the right places, and her enormous breasts were very big yet fluffy.

    "I promise that Lan'er and I can take care of all your needs if you need more than one woman, but please don't ask for more," She said as she looked into Long Chen's eyes.

    "That's not what I was..." Long Chen closed his eyes as he started to explain, but before he could complete, he felt a light. He slowly opened his eyes as he saw a crystal coming out of Ming Rin's chest.

    "N-not again!" Long Chen exclaimed as he saw the crystal moving towards him at rapid speed. He recognized this crystal as the marriage crystal of the Dark Fairies. It was the same thing that his body had absorbed, which made him married to Ming Lan.

    Long Chen formed a spatial portal before him in the trajectory of that crystal to save himself from being touched by the crystal, but the crystal did something strange which stunned Long Chen. Instead of entering the portal, the spear disappeared and instantly appeared behind Long Chen's back.

    The crystal hit his back, and it was absorbed into his body.

    Long Chen dropped down to his knees as he held his head in his hands. He wanted to scream out loud, but he didn't since Ming Lan might hear his scream and enter the room. It would be bad if she saw them in this condition.

    "P-please, don't be angry. Try to understand me. I can't let you have all the women in the clan. That would be an abuse of my authority. At best, I can give myself to you to fulfill your wishes, but I can't give you everyone. I promise that I can make it so that you won't feel the need for them.  Just don't ask me to give you the others," Ming Rin said as she kept shaking her hand again and again as if she wasn't going to accept his request.

    Long Chen looked at Ming Rin with a cry-like face wondering how he ended up with someone like her.

    That Woman alone was responsible for two of his marriages now, and both of them were because she misunderstood him. She sat like a person who could connect things with something that had nothing to do with them. He couldn't believe how she even came to a conclusion that he wanted a harem with thousands of women when he was clearly angry at her for the first marriage itself.

    Long Chen stood up and didn't even look at her. He walked to the door and locked it from inside before he walked back to Ming Rin.
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