571 Chapter 571: Troubles

    While Long Chen closed the door, Ming Rin was still in the back. She lowered her gaze as her face turned red. She again misunderstood Long Chen's intention and assumed that he was doing it for another intention.

    After locking the door, Long Chen walked back to Ming Rin, who wasn't wearing anything.

    He placed his hands on her shoulders while he stared in her eyes.

    "Are you an idiot?" He asked her straight away without the least bit of courtesy.

    "W-what?" Ming Rin asked with a confused look on her face.

    " What I said was to transmigrate your clan to the world where my family stays. Start inside that world and grow from there. That's what I wanted you to do, and not this. Now I have another marriage in my hand! I don't even know how I can explain to everyone that my mother-in-law is my wife. You understand how weird it sounds even if you never had a man before? This is something that is impossible to explain. What the ** can I do now," Long Chen let out as he tried to keep his mind calm and control himself from screaming.

    "I-is that what you wanted? I am sorry, I made another mistake. I made your life more difficult," Ming Rin let out as her eyes got wet. Tears started falling from her eyes.

    "Don't worry about that. Forget that this happened. You can leave with Lan'er. I'll also get the clan to move inside the world you want. Lan'er can take over as the clan leader. I'll stay back in this world. I won't make things difficult for you," She said as she looked down to hide her tears. "I can't believe I made such a big mistake again. That too, after you helped the clan so much."

    "You are really am Idiot. Do you think I don't know that you will die if I let you stay here and forget this? Lan'er already told me a few things about Dark fairies marriages. She told me that if the Husband and wife don't consummate their marriage with their partner, then the Dark Fairy dies. If I leave like this, I'll be the cause of your death," Long Chen let out in annoyance.

    He removed his hand from her shoulders as he sighed.

    "I guess I'll have to explain this as well and hope they won't get angry at me and start considering me a pervert. I feel bad for mother, though. I worry about her reaction the most as she finds out that her in-law that she talked like an equal to suddenly became her daughter-in-law," Long Chen muttered as he walked back to the bed and sat on it as he held his head.

    Ming Rin looked at him as her eyes got even more wet. Tears constantly kept falling. Even after I made such a blunder and made things so difficult for you, you're still thinking about me," She let out as she stepped closer to Long Chen.

    "I know that I should feel bad about this misunderstanding, but now I don't feel bad at all. I never knew what it was like to be the wife of someone. I never knew what it was like to be cared for by a man. Now that I know, it's like I got everything that I wished for. Even if I die now, I won't regret a thing. Leave me. Don't worry about the marriage and forget that it happened," She said as she placed her hand on Long Chen's cheek.

    "As I said, I'm not letting a woman who is married to me, die. I'll tell everyone. I'll take responsibility," Long Chen let out as he stood up. He started to walk towards the door, but Ming Rin held his hand as she stopped him.

    " Don't... Please..." She said in a low voice as she looked in Long Chen's deep eyes.

    "Don't worry. It will just be some embarrassment. Nothing that can't be handled," Long Chen said as she placed his other hand on her hand and smiled.

    "No. Since you accepted me as a wife, let me perform my duties. A wife can never see her husband get embarrassed and feel shame because of her. I swear to the holy Ancestors that if you told anyone that we're married, then I'll kill myself," Ming Rin said as she tightened her grip on his hand.

    "This...." Long Chen heard her oath and didn't know what to say. He was in a dilemma, but he knew that he couldn't go against her oath as she would definitely kill her.

    "I'm your wife, and you're my husband. I'm fine as long as we know that. You don't have to tell anyone that. If you do, I would have to follow my oath, which can't be broken," Ming Rin said.

    "I'm happy just being beside you as your wife. It doesn't matter if no-one else knows," Ming Rin said as she pulled the dazed Long Chen suddenly and took him into the embrace of her bare body as she used her soft lips to close her lips.

    The kiss was a short one and only lasted for a brief second before she freed his lips. He walked back and picked up her clothes and started wearing it.

    "Leave. Forget whatever happened here today. I will be your wife, and I will transfer the clan in your world if you say that. Just don't tell anyone anything," She said.

    She turned back and saw that Long Chen was still not moving. He was still looking at her face that was stained with tears.

    "Leave, I'm going to take a shower," She said as she entered the shower room and closed the door.

    Long Chen looked at the door briefly before he started walking towards the exit of the room.

    He opened the door and stepped out. Ming Lan was still waiting outside, and she was talking with other guards.

    "You're finally out. You took such a long time. What were you talking about with my mother?" She asked Long Chen.

    Long Chen held Ming Lan's hand and started leaving.

    He entered their bedroom with her and sat on the bed, but he seemed to be still thinking about something.

    Ming Lan walked up to him and sat on his lap as she wrapped her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes.

    "Why so serious? Tell me, what did you talk about? Was it a serious matter?" Ming Lan inquired.

    Long Chen looked in Ming Lan's eyes and looked at them briefly before he started speaking.

    "I was hoping for it to be a surprise, but you'll know about it soon enough, so it would be better if I tell you myself. Your mother and I..."

    "We have decided that the Dark Fairy Clan will be transferred to the world where my family lives. The world has plenty of resources and no species to fight for them. They can stay there in peace," Long Chen told Ming Lan as she told her his plan to take her clan with her so that his family won't be lonely. This also meant that her family and clan would remain prosperous and safe in the future.

    "Really?!" Ming Lan exclaimed as an excited smile appeared on her face.

    "Thank you so much!" She let out with a bright smile as she kissed his lips.

    "Yeah, the transfer will take a few days, so we'll stay here in the meantime," Long Chen said.

    "Thank you. You're the best! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to meet my family again, but you're bringing them as well," Ming Rin said as she held his hand and made him stand up.

    She placed her hand on Long Chen's chest and pushed him so that he was lying on the bed.
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