572 Chapter 572: The Day of Happenings *

    ((((Warning; The Paragraphs ahead in this chapter might be considered as adult content by people. If you don't like such content, you can skip from one break line to next break line whenever they appear (twice in this chap))))









    Ming Lan held the corners of Long Chen's pants and pulled them down as she revealed his holy sword. She got on the bed and sat in his knees as she placed her smooth hands on his holy sword.

    She started moving her hand up and down as she stroked Long Chen's manhood.

    " Let me express my gratitude this way," She said as she glanced down at this thing between his legs.

    She bent forward and licked his pole gently. She opened her mouth and took it all inside her mouth. She was able to take it so deep that it was hitting against her neck. She started moving her mouth back and forth as she kept sucking on his manhood.

    Long Chen could also feel it. He reached out his hand and started fondling her breasts while she sucked his thing.

    She gave him a nice blowjob for over thirty minutes and only stopped when Long Chen released all her load inside her mouth and filled her mouth to the brim with his white liquid.

    She smiled while she closed her mouth and swallowed his sperm right before his eyes.

    She then stood up and stepped forward so that she was standing just above his waist. She took off her dress and sat down.

    She positioned Little Chen to the opening of her sacred region before she lowered her waist and allowed his sword to penetrate her to the depths of her womb. She started moving her waist up and down while she bent forward and placed her lips on Long Chen's lips and started kissing him.

    Long Chen also kissed her back, but this time, Ming Lan was the one taking the lead. Right when Long Chen opened his mouth to send his tongue inside her mouth for his conquest, the tables were turned. Ming Lan took the lead and sent her tongue in Long Chen's mouth, and the battlefield for the intense sweet saliva filled battle between their tongues was changed.


    Three hours passed away as the intense sex session progresses. After numerous position changes, it was Ming Lan who was defeated as she couldn't continue anymore. She was so tired that she fell asleep right above Long Chen's chest.


    Long Chen wrapped his arms around Ming Lan's waist as he closed his eyes.

    As Long Chen closed his eyes, he started thinking. He thought about how to progress from here. Transferring the clan was a good thing as it would bring joy to his clan, but the concern was Ming Rin.

    He couldn't tell anyone about her because of her oath, and he didn't want to hide something like this from his family. Ultimately, he decided to respect her oath and let her keep that privacy. He did feel somewhat bad for her, even though it was all her mistake.

    Long Chen didn't understand why he cared for her like this. Was this because of her caring nature? Did he take a liking to her because she was willing to sacrifice herself for him? Long Chen sighed as he placed his hand near his chest.

    'I guess I'll just wing it as we go,' Long Chen thought as he sighed.

    He placed Ming Lan, who was in a deep sleep to the side of the bed, as he got off the bed.

    He looked back at the sleeping face of Ming Lin. He bent forward and kissed Ming Lin's lips gently before he used teleport.

    Long Chen used teleportation as he disappeared from the room.

    He appeared in a different room where he had been a few hours ago. He was back in Ming Rin's room.

    'Where is she?' Long Chen wondered as he didn't find her in the room anywhere, but that's when he heard the sound of water from the shower room.

    'She's showering again? or did she use this as an excuse to make me leave last time,' he wondered.

    Long Chen started walking towards the shower room and pushed the door open gently.

    He saw Ming Rin standing there, facing him. Her eyes were closed as the water fell above her body. She didn't see Long Chen.

    Long Chen saw the melancholy on her face as if she was sad. The water droplets that fell on the body trickled down slowly from her jade-like body.

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    Long Chen took his Clothes off since he didn't want to get them wet.

    He placed the clothes in his storage since he didn't want to take the risk of someone coming in and seeing his clothes.

    He entered the room and closed the door behind him.

    He continued walking forward until there were only a few inches of distance between them. The water droplets cleansed both of their bodies equally.

    Ming Rin slowly opened her eyes and saw Long Chen.

    "Y-you? What are you doing here?" She asked as her face turned red since her gaze roamed down and she noticed Long Chen's manhood.

    Long Chen stepped forward and hugged Ming Rin.

    "I'm here to meet my wife and make love to her. You think I would forget the fact that you will die if we don't consummate the marriage in two days? The faster I do it, the better," Long Chen let out while his lips were close to her ears.

    He could feel her mountain peaks getting even more firm as he told her his intention. Her soft peaks that were being squeezed between their bodies started to fight back to take their space as he felt her hard tips poking his chest.

    His Little Guy also started getting erect. It hit the sweet spot between Ming Rin's legs.

    "H-here?" Ming Rin asked Long Chen.

    "Yes, why not?" Long Chen let out as his lips closed her lips while his hands roamed around her back until they ended up on her perky butt. He squeezed her ass with one hand while his other hand slid lower and started rubbing against the entrance of her sacred region.

    "Mmmm," Ming Rin moaned in pleasure at the touch of the man she gave her heart crystal to. The stimulation she was getting was something that she never felt before.

    Long Chen was kissing her when she moved her head back and freed him of his embrace after a long and intense kiss.

    "What?" Long Chen asked, but Ming Rin didn't reply as she sat down on her knees and placed her hand on his tall tower. She gently stroked his sword as she moved her hand back and forth.

    After a few seconds, she took it all in her mouth and started giving him pleasure with her mouth.

    "How do you know about this?" Long Chen asked her as he enjoyed her lips around his little guy. "Also, about the kiss. I was wondering about it before too. Ming Lan didn't even know about this. I had to reach her that kiss was not something only to learn the language, but to show affection. How do you know so many things that she didn't?"

    Ming Rin removed Long Chen's sword from her mouth, but not before giving it a good lick.

    She looked upwards as she looked in his eyes.

    "Lan'er told me. I asked her about her first night when I noticed it. She told me some things about how humans show affection," Ming Rin said.

    "Oh, so I taught her, and she taught you. That makes sense," Long Chen muttered.

    Ming Rin again continued in her job, pleasuring Long Chen with her lips.
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