573 Chapter 573: Taking them all *

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    After a long session of over thirty minutes, Long Chen released his load in her mouth.

    "Wiss wis Stickwy," Ming Rin said while the white liquid was in her mouth.

    "Did she not tell you what to do with it," Long Chen asked in confusion.

    Ming Rin shook her head.

    "You swallow it. This is not bad or injurious for health," Long Chen explained.

    Ming Rin nodded her head as she closed her lips and her eyes before she swallowed all the sticky white liquid.

    Long Chen placed her hands around her shoulders as he made her stand up.

    He turned her back and made her face the wall. Bend forward and place your hands on the wall," He told her.

    Ming Rin did as he said as she bent down. Her butt was swiftly raised before Long Chen's eyes as she placed her hand on the wall.

    Long Chen stepped forth and positioned his sword at the entrance of her sacred region between her legs. He placed his hand on her waist and said to her, "I'm going in."

    "Hmm," Ming Rin said as she closed her eyes.

    Long Chen thrust his shaft forward slowly as he made his little guy enter her deep cave slowly until it was all in.

    Ming Rin kept her eyes closed and clenched her teeth in order not to make a sound.

    " I know that it is a little painful. Every girl goes through it, but the pain will be over. It's just because of your first time," Long Chen explained to Ming Rin.

    "i-i know. Lan'er told me," Ming Rin said in a pained voice.

    "I'm moving now," Long Chen said as he started moving his waist slowly and only increased his speed when he noticed that she was more comfortable.

    Even Ming Rin had started moving her hips back to match Long Chen's thrust as she kept moaning.

    After over ten minutes of intense smacking under the shower rain, Long Chen changed her position.

    He made her face him as he made her stand straight. He placed one of her hands below her left knee and raised her leg to his waist height.

    He kept one of his hands just to keep her left leg up while he placed the other hand on her lower back near her hips as he pulled her even closer.

    He used his left hand to position his shaft at her entrance before he again placed his hand in her back and started moving.

    Long Chen had seen this position in one of the adult videos of his last life, but he hadn't tried it with any of his wives yet. This was the first time he was using it. His sword kept entering and coming out of Ming Rin's body as he continued.

    After twenty minutes, he again changed the posting as he again placed her against the wall as her chest stuck closer to the wall.

    After an hour of intense session, Long Chen finally released his load inside her.

    Ming Rin was breathing heavily as she fell into Long Chen's embrace.

    Long Chen picked her up in a princess carry as he turned the water off and left the shower room with her.

    Long Chen walked up to the bed and placed Ming Rin on the bed as he looked down.

    "That was amazing. I never felt so good in my life. Thank you," she told Long Chen.

    Long Chen looked down at her and smiled.

    "There is one more thing that I always wanted to do. Can I do one more?" He asked her.

    "Yes. You can do anything to me. You're my husband. Even my life belongs to you now," Ming Rin said.

    Long Chen nodded his head as he got Ming Rin to stand up. He sat on the edge of the bed and got her off the bed as he made her sit on her knees between his legs.

    'What the heck am I doing? Am I really going to do it? Why is it that only these embarrassing positions and things are coming into my mind now. Is this that heart demon messing up?' Long Chen wondered as he looked at Ming Rin's huge breasts. They were even bigger, twice the size of the breast of his woman with the biggest breast, Zhiqing.

    He held her hand and made her hold her breasts, which were squeezing his dick between the smooth breasts. He made her move her breasts up and down as if she was giving her a blowjob with her tits.

    Ming Rin kept doing it as she saw the satisfaction on Long Chen's face.

    "It's coming, continue doing it," Long Chen said to Ming Rin.

    Ming Rin increased her speed as she moved it up and down. Long Chen released his load once more, but since her breasts were so big, it remained stuck between her breasts.

    Ming Rin looked at her breasts, which were sticky because of his white liquid.

    Ming Rin raised her breasts and started licking as much of Long Chen's white liquid as she possibly could. She had begun to like the taste of it.

    "You can wash yourself now," He said to her as he stood up and started getting dressed.

    "I'll take my leave. Lan'er might wake up soon," He said as he glanced at her.

    "I'll see you soon, Rin," Long Chen said as he stepped forth and gave her a light kiss before he disappeared and teleported back to his room.

    Long Chen went back to his room and met up with Ming Lan as he started sleeping on the bed.


    The Day passed away as Long Chen slept and cultivated after waking up.

    The next day, Ming Rin told the clan that they were leaving this world for a safer and isolated place. The clan people were confused, but then Ming Rin explained them in brief about what she was talking about.

    The clan members that saw the dangers their clan went through instantly agreed to leave this place. There were some members that were not so accepting of this decision as they did not want to leave this place, especially now that they knew that the Demon Clan was wiped out, but after some convincing, they also agreed.

    Ming Rin also told them about the preparation for the transfer of people from the clan into the new world as per Long Chen's suggestions.

    Long Chen told her that he couldn't transfer the whole building inside. He also told her that everyone needed to keep things they needed in the storage rings as he could only transfer people inside.

    It took everyone a day to prepare for things. It was night when everyone was prepared to leave.

    In the few days people were getting ready, Long Chen also achieved another breakthrough as he managed to break through to the Sky Realm.

    He was finally a first stage Sky Realm Cultivator who could fly on his own without using any skills. Although it was said that sky realm Cultivators could fly and touch the sky, the truth was that they could only walk or run in the air.

    Only Heaven Realm Cultivators could truly fly, so Long Chen wanted to become a heaven realm Cultivator, which was going to be a long journey, but a journey with great rewards since he would be able to form a world core and a world of his own inside that.


    It was the day they had decided to leave. Long Chen stood at one end of the room, and the Dark Fairies kept coming to him.
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