574 Chapter 574: Back to the Ghost Temple

    Long Chen kept touching them as he needed to touch them to send them to the Fake World. He kept transferring them to the Fake World.

    Long Chen generally could only send people that were related to him or had a firm bond with him. Since Ming Rin and Ming Lan were his wives and the Dark Fairies shared their ancestors and were linked to each other, that made Long Chen linked to them as well, which was why he was confident that he could take the Dark Fairies with him.

    One after another, he kept sending the girls into his fake world. Another day passed away, and Long Chen sent around five thousand Dark Fairies in the fake world.

    The main problem was a place for them to live, which wasn't prepared yet. So he could only have them stay in tents while they slowly worked to build another clan with the things they had. He had already informed everyone about that, though, so they were ready for that.

    This was the only thing that he didn't like about this fake world. Although the Fake World was the most useful treasure for him, the problem was that he could only send people and puppets to the Fake World but he could not send any beasts or any structures.

    On the positive sides, he could take structures out of the Fake World so once the Clan was set up, he could take them with all the buildings to the new place if they even wished to leave the fake world, which was good as it meant that they wouldn't have to work again.

    After everyone from the Dark Fairy clan was inside the fake world, Long Chen sent Ming Lan and Ming Rin there as well.

    "Time to leave. This journey was good and a nice change of pace. Time to go back to the world where time never stops and the chase for power never stops," Long Chen muttered as he glanced back one last time.

    "You can stay here and rest for a few years if you like. Live that life you desire. It's not easy coming here. This might be your last chance," Xun muttered as she said in his head.

    "I can stay here and that would certainly be calm since the time of the real world isn't affected by the time I spend here, but I can't do that. There is someone there who is waiting for me. A person that trusted me and stayed in danger to let me do what I wanted. I am not going to let that person stay there while I live here. She's family and family stay together," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    Long Chen closed his eyes as he started feeling the Law of Space inside his core that was keeping him here. After a few more seconds, he disappeared as well.

    Long Chen traveled through the empty void as he went back from this space between the worlds to the world of his own.

    He appeared in the Ghost Temple right before the portal to the 25th floor, but the plant that was growing out of the portal was not here anymore.

    Long Chen looked around, and there was no one around. It seemed as if he was back to where he disappeared in time, but he already knew that since Xun explained that.

    Long Chen couldn't use the portal to the 25th floor since it was not working.

    He decided that he would go to even lower floors and find the portals for the 25th floors from there. He had a few hours before the morning, which he found enough to at least find the working portal which he could use the next night to search the 25th floor.

    Long Chen went straight to the first floor.

    "I have access to this floor, so I should be able to find the 25th-floor portal. The security of that portal will be quite a lot, though; still, I need to be careful," Long Chen muttered as he touched his disciple token and started looking at the map.

    "There it is," He let out with a smile as he found the location of the 25th portal. He started flying on his Spirit Sword towards the location.

    After a long flying session from one end of the floor to the other end of the floor, Long Chen reached the spot where the 25th-floor location was.

    The place was nothing like he expected, though. He had expected there to be a lot of guards or at least the same number of guards that guards the portal of the 12th floor, but the reality was completely opposite. There was not even a single guard here. This place was completely isolated.

    Long Chen frowned as he moved closer to the portal, but in the end, he was only disappointed. The Portal of this place was also not intact. Some of the Spirit Lines were broken. He believed that the portal didn't work on this place, and that's why there were no guards here.

    "I guess this night is going to be a long one," Long Chen sighed as he looked at the portal.

    He started looking at the map again and found the portal of the second floor.

    Long Chen flew towards the 2nd-floor portal and stepped inside even though there were two guards guarding this portal. The guards couldn't see Long Chen, so he had no difficulty.

    The Teleportation Formation brought Long Chen to the 2nd floor. He once again looked at the map and located the place of the 25th floor portal on this place. He again flew towards the portal, but the result was the same. The Portal to the 25th floor was broken.

    "What the heck is going on here? Just what is on the 25th floor? This can't be a coincidence that the portals of that floor are broken. Someone definitely doesn't want to allow anyone the access to the 25th floor," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    He was really Suspicious about the 25th floor and believed that there was a good chance that the answers he needed were on the 25th floor.

    He skipped the next few floors and went to the 6th-floor portal to test his theory that the 25th-floor portals were broken on all floors.

    Long Chen found the 25th floor portal on the 6th floor, and it was broken too.

    "I'm right. This is broken. I wonder if the 25th-floor portal is broken on the Elders floor too. Last time, I didn't check carefully and placed all my focus on the 24th floor," Long Chen muttered as he frowned. He flew back to the portal of the 21st floor

    He went back to the floor where he stayed with Elder Mu. On the 21st floor, no portal was guarded, but the portals of higher floors required something extra as they didn't get activated automatically like portals of other floors. It was what Long Chen understood when he tried to use the portal of the 24th floor here last time.

    " Since the higher floor portals here can't be used by anyone other than the Elders, there should be no reason to destroy the 25th-floor portal here. I should be able to see it. If the Portal is intact, then I can try to get some information out about how these portals are used," Long Chen muttered as he flew through the 25th floor.

    After some time, Long Chen landed before the 25th-floor portal. He got off his Spirit Sword and started walking closer to the portal.

    "This doesn't make sense. That portal is not intact here either. Just what exactly is on the 25th floor?" Long Chen let out with an annoyed look on his face.

    "Wait a minute, could it be that the portal of that different realm is here? The place they're creating the temple sacrifice for? If the portal is there, then it would make sense that they destroy all portals to that floor and don't repair it. It's either that or there is something that they really don't want to come to light," Long Chen muttered as he looked upwards.

    He flew back to his courtyard and used his divine sense to see what was happening inside. After making sure that everything was fine, Long Chen teleported inside his room where Mingyu was sleeping.

    He took the blanket off of Mingyu's body.

    "I'm back," He said.
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