575 Chapter 575: Scroll of Comprehension

    Long Chen entered the Courtyard of Mu Yun as he teleported straight inside the room he was staying.

    As he appeared in the room, he noticed that Mingyu was covering her whole body with a blanket, which was what they had planned to keep her identity hidden here.

    "I'm back," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    He slid her blanket down and exposed her face, which seemed like the face of Mu Lin because Mingyu had the mask activated.

    She looked ahead and smiled as she saw Long Chen's face.

    "You are back," She let out with a smile on her face.

    Mingyu deactivated the Mask of Mischief and took the mask off.

    "Did you find what you were out to get?" Mingyu inquired as she asked Long Chen. She was wondering if he found it or not because Long Chen's expressions didn't disclose any information.

    "Lot really, but I found something that I wasn't out to get. I think you should know about that," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly. He knew that he didn't find the clue about his father, but he found two wives, which he wasn't sure how to explain.

    "Why do you look like that? What happened?" Mingyu asked with a frown on her face.

    She sat up and moved to the side as she allowed Long Chen some space to sit and patted on the bed as she gestured to him to sit while he talked.

    "Some strange events transpired when I was trying to find the portal to the 25th floor. I found a strange plant on one of the teleportation portals. The Teleportation portal was broken, and the plant seemed strange, so I touched it, but the plant was indeed special. It teleported me to a strange Space where different civilizations lived," Long Chen started explaining what happened.

    "There, I stayed with the species that seemed like humans, but they had fairy-like wings. They called themselves dark fairies. They asked me to do something for them, which could benefit then and help me get back to the world. Naturally, I agreed to help them, and I also asked them for some treasures, but don't misunderstanding resulted in them thinking that I wanted the Young Miss of the Dark Fairies Clan," He continued, but by the time he got to this point of the story, there was a deep frown on Mingyu's face.

    "Don't tell me you got married," She asked with a suspicious look on her face.

    "Well, I got married. It was an accident as they threw the marriage crystal towards him, thinking that I wanted to marry their young miss. I caught the crystal not knowing what it was. The next thing I knew was that the crystal was absorbed by my body, and a link was established between the girl and me. Since I was in that world, I had to wait to tell you, but I did tell my family and the other girls," Long Chen said. "Oh, right. Zhiqing did say that she wanted to be here when I told you."

    He brought Zhiqing out of his storage ring.

    Zhiqing appeared in the room and looked around.

    "Did you tell her what happened? Looking at her expressions, I guess you did," Zhiqing let out with an interesting look on her face.

    She walked into the bed and sat beside Mingyu as she started waiting for Mingyu to respond.

    " Did you bring that girl with you?" Mingyu asked.

    "Yes. It was a misunderstanding that resulted in it, but the marriage was real. I couldn't leave her behind," Long Chen explained as he sighed.

    "I also took everyone from that clan and sent them to the fake world. They can start their civilization there. It will also make the world seem less empty for the people that are already there," He added.

    "Since you already did what you could, I don't think I can fault you for what happened. You did good by not leaving her behind," Mingyu said as she nodded her head.

    "That's what I said as well. What happened has already happened, and we can only forward and hope that these misunderstandings won't happen again. Getting a wife because of a misunderstanding once is fine, but the second time would be much worse and more suspicious," Zhiqing let out as she chuckled.

    Long Chen looked at her but didn't show any reactions.

    " She's waking up. It would be best if you went back now," Long Chen muttered as he noticed that Mu Yun was up.

    Zhiqing and Mingyu nodded their heads as they held one hand each of Long Chen.

    Long Chen sent them back to the fake world and wore the Mask of Mischief as he activated it.

    He laid on the bed as he closed his eyes.

    After a short time, Mu Yun opened the door and entered his room.

    "Little Lin, are you still sleeping?" She let out as she sat near Long Chen.

    "Wake up, love. You need to take the medicine bath. It's for your help. The breakfast will be here too. After that, we can focus on your Cultivation," She said.

    Long Chen opened his eyes as he sat up and looked at Mu Yun.

    " Good morning, Mother," Long Chen said as he greeted Mu Yun.

    "Good Morning," Mu Yun said as she smiled. "Now get up and go for the bath. Hurry up. We meet to start your training as well so that you can win the temple sacrifice."

    Long Chen sat up and got off the bed. He started walking towards the bathroom.

    He entered the bathroom and sat on the bathtub, which was filled with medicinal water.

    After a good and nourishing bath, he stepped out of the bathtub. He wiped his body and left the room.

    He finished the breakfast with Mu Yun.

    After the breakfast, Mu Yun took Long Chen to a different room, which was entirely empty.

    "Sit down at the center. Since you don't remember cultivation techniques or any other knowledge that you have comprehended either, I'll teach you some things from the beginning which might come in handy during the Temple Sacrifice," Mu Yun said as pointed towards the center of the room.

    Long Chen sat down in the center of the room as he waited for her to share her martial skills. He truly believed that she was going to depart the martial skills even though she didn't say that clearly. It wasn't bad to get some free skills, after all.

    Mu Yun sat in front of Long Chen as she brought out a scroll from her storage ring.

    " This is a Scroll of Comprehension. Previously you knew about this. Do you remember anything about it now?" She asked Long Chen.

    "No," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    "Hmm, As I thought. Let me explain then. The Scrolls of Comprehension are the scrolls that contain the knowledge about the skills. These are better than Martial Skill Books as these things don't just describe about the cultivation method of the skills, but it also contains some of the true essence of the skills these contains."

    " That's why these things are more precious than skill books. With its help, it's much easier and faster to comprehend a skill than to just read from the Manual and comprehend on your own," Mu Yun said.

    " For a general idea, I'll say that the skill that might Generally take you three months to cultivate and comprehend can be learned in three days or more. We have a week for the Temple Sacrifice. You can comprehend three of such scrolls that contain the skills that you comprehended before. It is because you already comprehended the skills before. Even though you don't remember if your body remembers it. Comprehending them a second time will be much easier. I am sure that you can do it," she added.
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