576 Chapter 576: Mu Lins Rare Skills

    "This is the first scroll of comprehension that you comprehended. This was awarded to you when everyone discovered your Cultivator potential. This is the best Cultivation Skill of the Ghost Temple,"  Mu Yun said to Long Chen as she gave him the first scroll.

    "This is called the Nine Ghost Cultivation. This Cultivation skill is really effective, and it boosts the cultivation speed too. The Temple Master also cultivates using this Cultivation Skill. It would be best if you comprehended it first so that you could resume your cultivation again," She said to Long Chen.

    " Open it," She told Long Chen.

    Long Chen looked at the scroll and started opening it.

    ' The best Cultivation Manual of the Ghost Temple? Can it really be better than the Nameless Cultivation Manual that I Cultivated?' Long Chen thought as he opened the scroll.

    As the scroll opened, it was as if Long Chen was transported to a new world. He saw Nine Giant Ghosts were floating around him. A Giant Stone Tomb was in front of Long Chen, which had the Cultivation technique written on it.

    ' The method to swallow the energy of heaven and earth to become as strong as the nine ghosts of heavenly destruction? The Cultivation Skill is indeed intriguing, and the cultivation method is not that tough either. The speed of Cultivation is not bad either. It's way faster than any Cultivation skill I have seen, but it's still not comparable to the Nameless Cultivation technique,' Long Chen thought as he shook his head.

    'What else can I expect? One of the techniques from the higher realm is made for immortals, while the other one is a cultivation technique made for mortals. It is good when it comes to the skills of this world, but not good enough than the one I already have,' he thought.

    'The only skill from the mortal world that can be comparable to my Cultivation skill should be the skill of the Saint King Xianwu. Unfortunately, no one knows which Cultivation skill the Saint King cultivated since it was so long ago,'

    'There's no need to switch skills now at least. I'll just pretend to comprehend this one,' he thought.

    "I wonder who the Nine Ghosts of Heavenly Destruction were. Their name is quite interesting. They dared to name themselves heavenly destruction. They must've been really strong when they made this skill," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the nine ghosts floating around him.

    " Now, how do I leave this space? I'm just wasting my time here since this Cultivation Skill is useless," Long Chen muttered as he stood up instead of trying to comprehend the skill, but as soon as he stood up, he felt a fierce aura trying to pin him down on the ground. He looked around and saw that all the nine ghosts had their eyes open now.

    " Are you guys upset that I called this skill useless? Of Course, it is useless. It is nothing in the grand scheme of things. It's just a toy of the mortals that I don't want to play with. Not stop annoying me, or I'll cut you all up even if you're the essence of this skill!" Long Chen let out as he activated his Demon Monarch Physique to give him support while he stood tall.

    Just as he said, the force that was trying to force him down didn't stop. Instead, it started intensifying.

    Long Chen's feet started sinking on the ground, but he didn't let his knees bent.

    "Enough! Do you think you can force me down? You're just the essence of a Cultivation Skill, even if the real Nine Ghosts were here, I wouldn't let them get me on the ground. Die for me!" Long Chen thundered as beautiful wings appeared on his back, which helped him fly and get out of the ground despite the powerful pressure.

    Long Chen's wings had gone through an evolution after he broke through to the Sky Realm while he was in the Dark Fairy Clan.

    Previously he had two beautiful wings that were of different colors. One side was golden while the other side was black, but after the evolution, his wings had multiplied.

    Now, he had four wings. Two wings were on the left side while two wings were on the right. The colors were still different, though. They were golden and black still, but the wings looked much more intriguing and special now. Long Chen seemed like a Four-Winged Angel as he flew into the sky.

    The Nine Ghosts raised their heads as they looked towards Long Chen.

    Their eyes turned red. The Wind became chilly, and the sky started thundering.

    The thunder started falling everywhere.

    Long Chen kept dodging the thunder as he kept dodging the thunder.

    "You won't understand in kind! Let me show you what true thunder is!" Long Chen muttered as he raised his hand towards the sky.

    "Thunder Blade!" Long Chen roared.

    The Sky became even darker as another set of clouds surrounded the sky.

    While the Thunder was previously not affecting the Nine Ghosts, Long Chen knew that it was because the thunder was not the thunder of heaven, but a thunder made up by the skill essence. If it were the real thunder of heavens, it would have burned the Nine Ghosts to ashes since the Heavenly Thunder was the worst enemy of Ghosts and Spirits.

    Long Chen pointed his finger towards one of the Nine Ghosts. A thunderbolt fell down from the sky like it was a spear of the Heavenly Emperor and fell on the Ghost Long Chen was pointing at.

    The Ghost started burning, and soon, it disappeared.

    Long Chen had thought that he could escape this place by destroying the Nine Ghosts of this place, but even though he only destroyed one of them, he saw the world starting to turn vague. It was clear that this place was destroyed, and he was soon going to be out of here.

    "I guess I didn't need to destroy them all after all. Since this technique is about Nine Ghosts, as long as there are not nine ghosts, this skill won't be the same, and this comprehension world will be broken," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    Soon, he opened his eyes and found himself sitting before Mu Yun.

    "You're out of the comprehension world so fast? I knew that you would comprehend it fast since he had done it before, but this was even faster than I expected. Good work," Mu Yun praised Long Chen happily as she rubbed his head.

    " Yeah, I felt like I knew this skill. It was as if the skill was something specially made for me," Long Chen replied with an innocent look on his face.

    He folded the scroll and gave it back to Mu Yun.

    Mu Yun kept the scroll back and brought out another scroll from her storage ring. The next stroll was blue in color.

    "This is one of my most precious Treasures. This was the Scroll of Comprehension left behind by your father before he left. It contains a really special skill that is much more powerful than any other skill in the Ghost Temple. Here, read it," she said as she gave the scroll to Long Chen.

    Long Chen opened the scroll and once again appeared in a different world. It was all happening in his mind since these scrolls were made to make it easier for the cultivators to comprehend the skill. The scrolls worked by forming an imaginary world in the head of the cultivator, which was related to their skill. It was made to help them to the best of their abilities.

    The World Long Chen appeared in this time was nothing but water. There was water everywhere and only a small area of ground where Long Chen was standing.

    The whole world was water, and the area of one square meter was the ground.
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