577 Chapter 577: The Skill of Dragons

    Long Chen stood at the small portion of land as he looked all around him.

    All he saw was the water. He didn't know how deep the water was, but from its color, it looked really deep.

    "Is this skill related to water?" Long Chen wondered as he looked at the water.

    He sat down on the ground in a meditative position as he kept looking at the water for something to happen.

    After a few more minutes, they saw the water starting to rise right in front of him.

    The Water continued rising until it took the form of a giant mountain. The Mountain made of water was not very tall. It seemed to be only Twenty Meters in height and three meters wide.

    Long Chen kept looking at the mountain, waiting for something to happen. He couldn't comprehend a skill with just the mountain. There needed to be a method to cultivate that skill just like in the previous Scroll of Comprehension had the Tombstone that had the method of Cultivation; this place should have something like that too.

    Long Chen wondered where this Scroll's method was as he looked at the mountain.

    "Is that inside the water mountain or the sea? It shouldn't be far from the land otherwise, there was no way that Mu Lin was able to comprehend this skill last time. I need to find that method and find out what this skill is," Long Chen muttered.

    He decided to wait a little more to see if there was any other change that was going to happen like the appearance of that mountain or not.

    Some more time passed away, and he saw the water mountain going through another change.

    It was a weird scene to watch as it seemed like cracks were developing on the mountain of the water.

    Soon, the Water Mountain broke apart, and a figure became visible.

    It seemed like a human made of water that was sitting in a meditation position.

    The Water Human had long hair that was made from water, which could be seen moving.

    Long Chen saw the water human and wondered if this was the essence of the skill.

    The water human suddenly raised his left hand in the sky.

    Long Chen decided to follow it's movement as he sat in a meditative position as well and raised his left hand.

    He saw a small speck of light appear near the chest of the Water Human, which moved through the chest of the man to the left hand, then to the dantian and then to the left hand.

    " It seems to be forming a complete cycle moving through the specific points of the water figure's body. Is this supposed to represent the Qi Lines that I need to follow?" Long Chen wondered as he looked at the peculiar movement cycle of the speck of light.

    Just as he was about to start moving his Qi like the Water Human was moving, he heard a voice in his head.

    " Are you really going to follow that Qi movement? You don't even know if that's what the Scroll of Comprehension is trying to express. If you're not wrong, then you might be in trouble. Making a wrong Qi Movement might make you suffer backlash and injure you. Are you really sure you're going to do it?" Xun said to Long Chen.

    "Of Course, I'm going to try it. I believe that this is what the skill is trying to make me do. Some Skills need peculiar Qi Movement. Also, if a kid can learn this skill, then I can too. This is definitely the method," Long Chen muttered as he clenched his fist.

    "Do what you like," Xun let out before she stopped speaking.

    Long Chen calmed his mind as he placed all his focus on the water figure before him and started moving his Qi along the lines this water human was moving it.

    As he moved the Qi, he felt as if a strange cold Qi was being sucked into his body, which was from the nearby sea.

    Just as Long Chen finished ten pure cycles, the Water Figure moved his right hand near his chest and placed that hand near his heart while the speck of light kept moving.

    Long Chen also did the same and placed his hand on his chest while he continued moving his Qi. After another two cycles, the Water Figure raised his right hand towards the sky as well and clapped that hand with the left hand that was in the air since the beginning.

    Long Chen also did the same, but as soon as he clapped his hand, he saw the sky darken. A terrifying aura could be felt in the surrounding, which made even Long Chen intimidated.

    Long Chen saw the sky starting to darken as the light flickered through the dark cloud occasionally.


    Long Chen heard a mighty roar coming from the sky. He looked towards the sky and saw something in the sky, which made his mouth open wide.

    He saw a blue Dragon coming down from the sky that was roaring like crazy. With each roar, thousands of lightning bolts fell down on the water, which gave birth to massive waves which wet Long Chen's clothes, but he was more focused on the Dragon instead.

    Suddenly, he felt like he was linked to the Blue Dragon in the sky as if he could control the dragon to attack.

    He saw the water figure open his mouth, but no words came out of its mouth. Still, Long Chen heard the words as the words floated in his ears.

    "The Blue Dragon of Heavens shall wipe all enemies of the Royals from this world!"

    Long Chen knew that this was a skill, so he assumed that this was a Dragon Related Skill, which summoned a Dragon to attack the enemies. Even though that dragon was not a real dragon, it was very powerful. According to Long Chen, if he used this skill effectively, this skill might be his most powerful skill. The only downside was that it took a long time to conjure this Dragon using the method as he needed to complete all the Qi Cycles and finish all the gestures.

    Long Chen tried testing the skill as he thought about attacking the water at a distance.

    The Blue Dragon came down from the sky and opened its mouth as it crashed on the water. It attacked at the exact place which Long Chen was thinking about attacking.

    A powerful explosion took place, which even made Long Chen fly back despite him being so powerful. Long Chen crashed in the water far away from the land. As he swam in the water, he saw that the Water Human was still intact. The world started becoming vague again.

    "I guess that's all the time I had. Since I comprehended the skill, this Scroll of Comprehension world is disappearing," Long Chen muttered, but just before the world disappeared, Long Chen felt as if he saw the Water Figure smile.

    Long Chen opened his eyes and saw Mu Yun sitting before him.

    "You're up. Although you took longer than expected, you did comprehend the skill which is good," Mu Yun muttered as she smiled.

    'Longer than she expected? Didn't she say that if I try, I can comprehend the skill in a few days? I have comprehended it in a few hours. What is she talking about? Wait a minute. Could it be that more time has passed than I expected?' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    These were the things that often happened. Sometimes people thought that they only comprehended things for a short time, but in reality, a long time would have passed. Long Chen wondered if it was the same this time as well.

    "How many days have passed?" he asked Mu Yun.
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