578 Chapter 578: The Vajra King

    "How many days have passed?" Long Chen asked Mu Yun.

    "Five days have passed. There are only two days left before the announcement of the Temple Sacrifice, and on the third day, the Temple Sacrifice will begin," Mu Yun replied.

    'Five days, this is much longer than I expected. I guess the formation of the mountain and the formation of that water human took a lot longer than I expected. Still, it's fine. The skill was worth more than five days of my life,' Long Chen thought.

    " Anyway, the Skill that you learned is the skill that was left behind by your father for you. It's called Wrath of the Dragon. Your Father told me that this skill should not be used casually. It would be best if you used it only in case of an absolute emergency when your life is in danger; otherwise, misfortune will befall you. So, heed his words, alright. Just like you never used this skill before, don't use this later too. Just keep it as a way to protect you when your life's on the line, and there is no other way," Mu Yun told Long Chen.

    "A skill of the Dragons that can't be used casually. Looking at the strength of that Skill, it doesn't seem like this is a mortal skill. It must be a skill from the Dragon Clan. Either Mu Lin's father was from the Dragon Clan or someone who managed to take something of the Dragon Clan and still leave alive," Xun said.

    " Looking at how she said not to use that skill, I feel like it might be the latter. This man must be quite strong either way," She added.

    Long Chen nodded his head as if he was agreeing to her words. This skill was definitely powerful. In Fact, it was the most powerful skill that he had now.

    "I will not use it unless I absolutely need it," Long Chen told Mu Yun as he smiled innocently.

    He gave the scroll back to Mu Yun and waited for the last scroll.

    Mu Yun smiled as she placed the scroll back in her storage ring and brought out another scroll. The Scroll this time was silver in color, and it gave a sharp feeling as if it could easily cut someone with an easy mistake

    "The Third skill was the one that you used the most since you weren't allowed to use the Wrath of Dragons. Also, It is also a really useful skill. Although you had four skills before, I could only choose three skills to have you learn before the Temple Sacrifice. The Wrath of the Dragons and the Cultivation Skill were two confirmed choices, but I had to think for a long while before deciding which skill should be the third. The Weathers of Ghost King or the Sword Art of Vajra. Since you loved using the Sword Art of Vajra, I went with this. Here," Mu Yun gave the third Scroll to Long Chen.

    Long Chen took the scroll from her hand, but as soon as he touched it, he felt a turmoil in his heart as if his Sword Intent was roaring to come out. Long Chen barely controlled his Sword Aura as he started opening the scroll.

    As the Scroll opened, Long Chen again found himself in a different place.

    This time, it seemed like he was at the foot of a mountain, and there were swords everywhere. All the Swords were stabbed in the mountain.

    "The Sword Art of Vajra? What's this skill doing on earth?" Xun exclaimed as she appeared before Long Chen.

    "You know this skill?" Long Chen asked as he looked at Xun.

    "Of Course, I know it. This is a very powerful skill in the Immortal World. The person that owned this skill was the overlord of one of the cities of the Immortal World. He was a terrifying existence that frightened every immortal in the city. Although that person had many skills, he was known for the Sword Art of Vajra that he had made. He was the Vajra King of Golden Ghost City," Xun explained.

    "How do you know about that person and that city just from this skill? I assume that you met that person before, probably when you were with Tian Shen. I already know that guy's character. There's a really high chance that Tian Shen fought that person for you to say that the Vajra King was powerful," Long Chen let out as he placed his hand on his chin with a thoughtful look on his face.

    " Who do you take Tian Shen for? He's not a battle brute that rights everyone who is powerful. However, on this occasion, you are right. That guy did fight the Vajra King. The Vajra King was slaughtered in front of everyone. That's why it's surprising how this skill again showed its face, that too on the mortal world. Dead men can't share skills. What's happening here?" Xun muttered as she frowned.

    "Are you forgetting? Mu Li's father is someone that could even get his hands on the skills of the Dragons, what's the skill of a measly human Cultivator," Long Chen laughing as he shook his head. "Anyway, tell me more about this skill."

    "This Skill is a sword skill as the name suggests. I don't know how this skill works, but when Tian Shen fought the Vajra King, the Vajra King was able to use this skill to make a hundred-meter long sword made from the energy of heaven and earth to attack the enemy. This was a troublesome ability," Xun explained.

    "That does sound like a cool ability to attack from a long-range. Because of this, even a swordsman can attack from a distance, and its power shouldn't be bad either since it was from the Immortal World. This Mu Lin had some really good skills. This week has been quite lucky," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    "Of Course you'll consider it lucky. You got two wives and two amazing skills, and your Space Law broke through. But don't underestimate this skill. Give it your best to comprehend it," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Come on, if a kid was able to learn it, how difficult can it be? At most, I'll take more time than he should've," Long Chen muttered as he took his first step on the mountain.

    He stepped on the mountain. As soon as he placed his first foot on the mountain, the whole mountain started shaking.

    Long Chen ignored the shaking of the mountain and started walking towards the top. He ignored thousands of swords that were in the mountain as he noticed that the farther he went, swords kept becoming stronger.

    " Weaker swords are at the bottom of the mountain, so stronger swords should be at the top of the mountain, and the strongest sword should be at the top of the mountain. That should be the Vajra Soul Sword. That's what you need to get a belief. From what I had heard, the Vajra Sword was a skill related sword as it was not real, and it was just made from the dao. Even after you comprehend and form your own Vajra Sword and learn the Sword Art of Vajra, this Comprehension Mountain of Vajra Sword won't disappoint as the Dao Sword will be here," Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "I understand that, and I don't need the Dao Sword of Vajra, but as you said, forming a Vajra Sword myself after comprehending would be much better, and I believe that it won't be any less than anyone else," Long Chen let out confidently at he continued walking to the top.

    After walking for over four hours, Long Chen was halfway through the mountain, but just as he reached the middle of the mountain, the shaking stopped. The mountain that had been shaking as if it was under a constant earthquake for the last four hours, was silent now.

    Even though the mountain wasn't shaking anymore, things became much worse.
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