579 Chapter 579: Special Privilege

    As Long Chen reached the center of the mountain and the shaking of the mountain stopped.

    The thousands of the swords that were stabbed on the ground flew outside and reached the sky.

    Long Chen looked towards the sky and saw all the swords of the mountain flying above the mountain.

    "The Dao Sword is not in the sky. That must still be stabbed on the ground at the peak of the mountain," Long Chen muttered as he resumed walking towards the peak of the mountain, but just as he took the first step, he felt a pressure on his body.

    The pressure was as if the entire sky was falling on him and trying to get him down on his knees.

    The winds also started coming towards him from the top of the mountain. The Winds seemed as if they were filled with sword aura that kept grazing Long Chen's body as it passed by him.

    "I guess this is a part of the Sword Art of Vajra," Xun muttered.

    "I know. I have been through too many things not to know what I have to do here," Long Chen said as he started walking towards the peak of the mountain despite all the pressure and the attacks of the sword intent. He didn't even use any of his treasures to keep him protected since he wanted to do it with pure strength.

    He could feel that this aura that was pressing down on him was terrifying, but it was also increasing the strength of his Demon Monarch Physique.

    As Long Chen reached even greater heights of the mountain, the pressure increased once again. Each of his steps was making a crater on the mountain because he was using so much force.

    Another hour passed away, and he was just ten meters away from the peak of the mountain. He could see a Majestic Sword at the peak of the mountain.

    Just when he took another step forward, all the swords in the sky started falling towards him.

    "Are they serious? They'll cut me in half if they actually fell," Long Chen exclaimed as he saw thousands of swords falling towards him.

    He knew that he didn't have much time to walk to the sword at the front under this pressure.

    "Whatever. I can use that now that I have seen it," Long Chen muttered as he disappeared.

    Just as he disappeared, thousands of swords fell on the spot where he was standing. The ground was shattered, and the mountain was shaken to the core, but Long Chen wasn't dead. He appeared behind the Majestic Sword at the peak of the mountain as he looked at the deep crater before him.

    "Enough of the games. Give me your secrets Vajra King!" Long Chen exclaimed as he held the dao sword of the Vajra that was stabbed at the center of the mountain peak. The sword seemed as if it was not made of real materials. It was somewhat illusory and seemed to be made of Qi only.

    Long Chen touched the hilt of the sword in order to pull it out, but as soon as he touched the hilt of the Sword, he felt the influx of information in his mind. His mind was being flooded by the information about the Sword Art of the Vajra.

    He stood blankly with his hand on the Vajra Sword for what seemed like a long time before the information flooding stopped.

    Long Chen sat down instantly in a meditative position as he started comprehending everything that he learned.

    The Dao Sword of the Vajra King that was before him disappeared as Long Chen sat down, but he didn't notice since his eyes were closed.

    After a long time, Long Chen opened his eyes as he smiled.

    "Amazing skill," He complimented as he smiled. "Whoever made this skill had a really good compatibility with various forces of law and nature."

    Long Chen stood up and saw the world mountain disappear as if it had served its purpose.

    Long Chen opened his eyes and saw Mu Yun sitting before him.

    "How many days did it take this time?" He asked Mu Yun as he opened his eyes.

    "It's the third day," Mu Yun replied.

    "The third day? Doesn't that mean that the Temple Sacrifice is today?" Long Chen exclaimed in surprise.

    "It's today," Mu Yun nodded her head.

    "Am I late then? Can I still take part?" Long Chen inquired as he looked at her.

    "You can still take part. You have some special privilege from the Sect Master's side. You can participate as long as you get there at the right time. As for the registration and other things, that's already completed," Mu Yun told Long Chen.

    "Still, let me ask this again. Are you going to take part in it? If you don't want to, you can just skip it. I'll tell them that you were late when you were comprehending your skill. I don't want to force your life choices, so I'll leave that decision to you," she said.

    "You don't have to lie for me. I have already decided that I will participate in it," Long Chen said as he nodded his head. "I will also win it."

    Mu Yun nodded her head as she gently rubbed Long Chen's cheeks.

    She took the Scroll of comprehension from him and kept it in her storage ring and brought out something else.

    "Alright, take it then. Don't take it off when you're in the Temple Sacrifice," She said as she gave a necklace to Long Chen.

    "What is this necklace?" Long Chen asked as he looked at the interesting looking necklace.

    "This is the Necklace of the Temple Master. Wear it and don't take it off. It will protect your soul so that we can use life-giving pills to bring you back to life if something happens to you in the Temple Sacrifice," She said to Long Chen.

    ' Oh, Ruan Yi did say that the people that die in the Temple Sacrifice can't be brought back to life even with the Life-Giving Pill because their soul is destroyed instantly. I guess this necklace is a treasure that protects the soul. The artifact of the Temple Master, huh, interesting,'  Long Chen observed the necklace for a brief moment before he wore it.

    "Good. Take that medicine bath, and then we'll leave. It had been quite some time since your body was nourished by the healing herbs," Mu Yun told Long Chen before she stood up and left the room.

    Long Chen also stood up. He went to the bathroom and laid in the bathtub filled with rare medicinal herbs.

    ' This kind of life isn't half bad. Finding a normal house, living with the family in peace. Sometimes I envy the people that can achieve that kind of peaceful life,' Long Chen thought as he sighed.

    "That's because they don't have ambitions. They are fine being bound by life and death. They don't try to fight their destiny, so the destiny leaves them with their measly lives. They are not worth anything. You, on the other hand, are the main player in this universe. Someone who can threaten everything from the bottom of the universe to the top if you reach your full potential. Maybe then you can..." Xun replied to Long Chen but stopped midway.

    "Then I can what?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Nothing. So, you have comprehended the Sword Art of Vajra?" She asked Long Chen.

    "Not really. I have its knowledge, and it's comprehension, but it's not perfect. It will take time before I'm able to achieve it and form the Vajra Sword to use the Sword Art of Vajra," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    ' I have a question. Why are you participating in the Ghost Temple Sacrifice? Are you not here to find out about your father? Why waste time with this?" Xun asked him.
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