581 Chapter 581: Starting the Trial

    "When you enter the Hall of Death, you'll meet the Temple Priest. They will be the ones handling the trials. We can't enter so we won't be able to help, but we can watch everything from outside. Be careful inside," Ruan Yi and all the other Elders started explaining to the ones that were taking part in the event before they sent them inside.

    Mu Yun also whispered something in Long Chen's ears.

    "Whatever happens, don't take off that necklace, and the Temple Priest will save your life. That's all you need to remember. Also, give it your best. The battles probably won't have anything that you can't finish if you put all your heart to it," Mu Yun whispered.

    "Best of luck," She said as she rubbed his head.

    Long Chen nodded his head as he left Mu Yun behind and entered the Palace, which was known as the Hall of Death.

    Long Chen entered the Hall of Death with Ru Shen whole the other Disciples also entered in the team of two that were selected by respective elders.

    As they entered the Palace, they found themselves in a circular hall that had a diameter of Twenty Meters.

    When it came to people that were participating, Long Chen recognized around a hundred of them, which meant that there were around fifty teams. It was still not clear that the trials were to be in teams, though. The trials were supposed to be single-member trials, but from what Long Chen understood, there were no rules against helping each other if there were opportunities.

    As the hundred Disciples were standing in the hall, Long Chen felt like someone was looking at him maliciously.

    He looked back and saw Mi Yin looking at him, but her expressions were neutral. There was a man standing before her who started walking towards them as he saw Long Chen looking at her.

    The man was a Fifth Stage Sky Realm Cultivator. He was called Wang Zun, who was selected with Mi Yin from her class.

    "Hey, you, when are you going to stop harassing Mi Lin? Do you think you can do anything just because you're the son of an Elder? Don't forget that there are many Elders in the sect!" Wang Zun said as he pointed his fingers towards Long Chen.

    Wang Zun's voice attracted the attention of everyone present in the hall that started looking at Long Chen.

    "What? Does he harass a girl? Isn't that girl stronger than him?"

    " It's normal. That boy is the son of Elder Mu while the girl isn't the child of anyone in a high position like an Elder. Of Course, she can't harm that kid. That must be why the kid dared to harass her,"

    "Hahaha, brave men don't worry about anything. If you like the girl, then take her. That's the law of the Strength that everyone follows here, but that's only valid if you have sufficient strength. Depending on your mother to harass a girl? How low can that person go?"

    "He's called Mu Lin, I think. He's a trash that's stuck in his Cultivation for years. He's not talented or skilled in cultivation, yet he dared to taste beauties? What a bastard,"

    One after another, people started talking amongst themselves, but all of them were mocking Long Chen.

    Ru Shen stood near Long Chen, but he didn't say anything. He just looked at Long Chen, waiting to see his response.

    Even though Wang Zun was the 5th stage Sky Realm Cultivator and Mi Yao was the 4th stage Sky Realm Cultivator, Long Chen didn't feel intimidated at all since he knew that he could easily handle both of them, but he still acted calmly. That's what he hoped at least, but his sharp tongue got the best of him.

    "Who might you be?" Long Chen asked the man in a tone that seemed normal yet seemed condescending as if Long Chen was looking down at Wang Zun.

    "I'm Wang Zun! Son of Elder Wang! I'm warning you! If you don't stop harassing her..."

    Wang Zun was in the middle of threatening Long Chen, but Long Chen cut him off midway.

    "Stop blabbering. The more you talk, the more stupid you sound. Don't spread that stupidity here and go back," Long Chen replied as he casually waved his hand.

    "You... Did you just call me stupid?!" Wang Zun thundered.

    "Damn, I thought this kid was a coward that just threw his weight around, but he seems to have some balls,"

    "Hahahaha, that kid called Wang Zun stupid,"

    "Wang Zun is a pussy if he doesn't punish the kid,"

    "It'll be fun to see two Elder's Kids fight even though I know that the kid has no chance,"

    "Wang Zun definitely lost his respect today, hahaha."

    The people that were enjoying the spectacle started laughing.

    "If you want to believe these stupid things that don't have any base of truth, then what else can I call you but stupid? Why the heck would I even harass the woman you're talking about? Are you saying that my taste is as bad as you?" Long Chen let out sarcastically, but he subtly glanced at Mi Yin to see her neutral face suddenly twitching in anger.

    "You bastard! You're looking to die!" Wang Zun thundered as he attacked Long Chen.

    'Come on, old man, stop watching silently. I know you will interfere at the last moment just to show off,' Long Chen thought as he stood still and didn't even move.

    "Who dares to fight in the Hall of Death!"

    A terrifying voice echoed in the hall of death, which seemed to be filled with Death.

    Wang Zun's punch was about to land on Long Chen's face, but he stopped as soon as he heard the voice. His fist stopped just a few inches away from Long Chen's face.

    Long Chen looked back without any expression on his face and saw an old man standing there.

    'The Temple Priest... A High Heaven Realm Cultivator,' Long Chen thought as he looked at the old man that had a white beard that came down to his chest.

    "High priest," All the Disciples greeted the Temple Priest as they joined their hands together.

    Long Chen also did the same.

    The Temple Priest looked at Long Chen and noticed the necklace on Long Chen's neck as he smiled.

    ' The boy regained his talent, and the Temple Master gave him his necklace and allowed him to participate, which shows that he has faith in the kid. This guy might just have the best chance out of everyone else here if he had recovered; sadly, he doesn't have any memories. That will make it difficult for him,' The Temple Priests thought as he sighed.

    "Alright, everyone. The Temple Sacrifice is pretty simple. To win, all you have to do is enter the room and keep going forward until you reach the top of the Palace," The Temple Priest told everyone as he pointed towards the door at the front.

    "All of you will be given a crystal. When you feel like you can't take it anymore, crush that crystal, and you will be teleported back here. But do remember one important thing. There is a ten-second delay between crushing the crystal and the teleportation. If you die before that, then you can't be revived. As you all know, the ones that die in the Hall of Death can't be revived... normally," The Temple Priest said as he glanced at everyone.

    "There is a box there. The crystals are inside the box. Everyone may take one crystal," he told everyone.

    The Disciples nodded their heads as they started walking towards the small box that was placed near them and picked a crystal each. The crystals were light blue and hexagonal in shape. All of them kept the crystals carefully with them.

    "You can enter now," The Temple Priest said as he gestured for them to enter the room ahead.
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