582 Chapter 582: Bad Condition of Long Jun, Cruel Temple

    Long Chen and the others stepped forward towards the door.

    The other disciples seemed to be in a hurry to enter as most of them ran towards the door.

    Long Chen understood that they believed that they could get to the endpoint fast if they started the test faster, but his thinking was different. There was no chance that the trial was going to be so easy, so he moved at his regular pace. Even Ru Shen had entered. Long Chen was the last person to enter in the room.

    "I guess I'll have to keep an eye on him too. If the others die, they will be dead because their soul will be destroyed, but because he has the necklace of Temple Master, his soul will be safe, so I need to be there to revive him using the Life-Giving Pill on time if he dies," The Temple Priest muttered as he looked at the door.

    After they all entered, he snapped his fingers as a semi-transparent screen appeared before him that showed him what was happening inside.

    The same thing was being shown on many palaces.

    The people that were standing outside the Hall of Death were looking at the screen, which showed all the disciples that were participating.

    The Temple Master was also seeing this in his room. The other temple priests were also looking at the event.

    There was another person who was seeing this.

    Inside what seemed like a prison, a man was sitting with the support of the wall. The man seemed similar to Long Chen in facial features, but he looked more dirty and ruffled up. He had a long black beard that seemed to be unshaven for quite some time. His long hair were looking like they hadn't been washed in years. The man's clothes were covered in the dirt too.

    A beautiful woman was standing beside him as well as she looked at the screen that was before them, which showed the event of the Temple Sacrifice.

    "Come on, watch the Temple Sacrifice. Have some fun before you are not capable of having fun. Enjoy seeing the kids contest for tagging up with you and us for the exploration. Come to think of it, The son of your cousin is also participating in the event," The woman said as she placed her hand on her chin.

    The man who was sitting beside her was called Long Jun. He was Long Chen's father in this world and the person he was here to look after.

    Long Jun looked towards the girl weakly.

    "Oh, right. You don't know about your cousin either. You were born outside the temple and lived a life with foster parents that didn't know your real history. I can't blame you for not knowing your real family," the woman said as she chuckled

    " Other than your son, you only have two people that share the same blood as you who are still living. One of them is your cousin. She's the daughter of your Mother's brother. She and her son are the only living people that you can consider your blood relatives. Too bad you won't be able to meet them in this life," the woman said with a casual smile on her face.

    "See that kid in that blue robe? He's your nephew in a sense. Mu Lin.  She's the prime candidate to win this  Temple Sacrifice after certain unexpected events took place. If he does win, then you might be able to travel with your family before you die, at least," The woman explained as she pointed towards the screen.

    Long Jun looked at the screen and saw the person she was talking about. What he didn't know was that the person he was seeing was actually his son that he believed to be safe in the backwater kingdom.

    " You want to know a secret? I don't mind telling you since we have removed your vocal cords. It's not like you'll be able to tell anyone, but your cousin's family? We were the ones that wiped them out. It was for treason because she helped your mother escape. Too bad, we couldn't kill that bitch because she had a frightening husband who even the Temple Master is afraid of. We just hid the truth about her family from her and told her that they ran away with your mother too. That idiot believed that as well," The woman said as she grinned.

    Long Jun Just looked at her but didn't say anything, or he couldn't say anything as his vocal cords were taken out. He was unable to speak now.

    " You have been a good boy till now. Just keep being a good boy until the end, and we won't go to your kingdom. We won't put our hands on your son. Your son will stay safe and live the life of a measly mortal without getting involved in something he shouldn't," The Woman said.

    Long Jun simply closed his eyes and didn't react.


    Long Chen entered the first room and looked around.

    He noticed that all of the disciples were already here. All of the disciples were trying to move forward, but they seemed like they were having a difficulty as if there was a mountain of pressure above their body.

    Long Chen frowned as he took a step forward, and he understood what was happening here.

    This place was the same as the Gravity stairs that he had faced in the Dark Soul Sect. As a person moved farther, the gravity became stronger. Long Chen had experience with this, and he could easily cross it using his law of space.

    It was easy for him to get to the other end of the room using teleportation, but he couldn't use that. He knew that all he could use in the Temple were the skills that Mu Lin had learned. He knew that the people outside were probably watching this test, and if he made a mistake, he would be exposed.

    Long Chen could only use his brute force. Even though it wasn't able to climb all the gravity stairs in the Divine Heaven Sect, the things were different this time. He was much stronger now than he was when he explored the Divine Heaven Sect. He has already become a Sky Realm Cultivator. His Demon Monarch Physique was also much stronger, so he believed that he was capable of doing it.

    Long Chen took his second step, and the pressure on his body increased. The pressure was still not much for him, but he was also at the start only. The others were already halfway through the room. Long Chen increased his speed as he continued moving forward at a constant pace.

    Long Chen saw a lot of people crushing their Crystal already as they started coughing out a mouthful of blood because of the intended pressure on their bodies.

    'Those idiots. This test might be the easiest. There's no benefit in moving ahead if your body can't bear the pressure. They should give their bodies time to adjust to the pressure, but the idiots are too rash,' Long Chen thought.

    "Hmm?" Just as he thought that he saw a few people that were at the front sit down as they started to meditate.

    'I guess not all of them are idiots. I was starting to think that the Ghost Temple has an undeserved reputation looking at their disciples," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    He continued walking while people started following the lead of the people in the front as they started sitting down when they felt like they were at their limits.

    Long Chen, on the other hand, kept walking, and soon, he got ahead of half the disciples that were still left here. He still didn't look like he was in any difficulty.
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