583 Chapter 583: Meaningless Life

    Long chen had passed through seventy percent of this room already. Even though he was affected by pressure, the pressure was still not enough to get him down to his knees when his Demon Monarch Physique was working in full effect.

    'This place is not as difficult to pass as the gravity stairs. I feel like I can cross the room without even resting. That would indeed save me some trouble, but should I do it? Everyone outside will be watching me,' long chen thought as he frowned.

    'Whatever. I'm not going to worry about them. Mu Lin was supposed to be a great genius, and he has received all his talents back in their eyes. This shouldn't be difficult for someone that was able to shock them so much just by recovering his talents unless he was someone that no one in the whole Ghost Temple could compare to. That should give me some leeway. There's no need to waste time,' Long Chen thought as he continued walking.

    The people at the front were all genius disciples of the sect of varying Cultivation. The room was made to affect everyone differently, which created the same difficulty for everyone on a spectrum. Since they had high Cultivation, they faced more of the brunt of the gravity as well. Even though Long Chen was stronger than most of them, that was because of other factors. His Actual cultivation was only at the First stage of the Sky Realm, which was on the lower side amongst the people present here.

    Even Mi Yin was in the 4th stage of the Sky Realm, and she was not even the top disciple of the sect.

    Long Chen didn't know this yet, but when he entered and saw the disciples in the room, they were missing a few people. Those people were the real peak disciples of the sect that had already passed through the room.

    Wang Zun and Mi Yun were still waiting here as they let their body adjust to the gravity.

    Wang Zun was breathing calmly in a meditative position. Mi Yin had a lower Cultivation, yet she was surprisingly sitting right beside Wang Zun. It was unclear if Mi Yin was actually more stronger than her Cultivation showed or if Wang Zun intentionally sat with Mi Yin even though he had the capacity to travel farther.

    Wang Zun suddenly saw Long Chen passing through him. His face twisted in anger as he remembered their argument outside and how Long Chen insulted him.

    Mi Yin also saw Long Chen passing them. Long Chen wasn't even sweating as if he wasn't in any difficulty.

    She stood up as well. Wang Zun also did the same as they continued walking. Their bodies had already adjusted to the pressure of this spot.

    'Hmm? Are you guys trying to catch up to me?' Long Chen thought as he glanced back at Wang Zun and Mi Yin with a subtle smile on his face.

    He ignored them as he reached the end of the room and passed through the door.

    Wang Zun seemed like he was having difficulty just when he was a few meters away from the door. He couldn't bear the shame of being left behind by a kid as he forced himself, but he couldn't as he dropped down on his knees.

    Mi Yan caught him and helped him sit down.

    'This idiot. He can't even cross the room safely, yet he forces himself. Whatever. I'll just wait here too. I don't want to attract too much attention,' Mi Yin thought as she sat down beside Wang Zun.


    Long Chen entered a corridor that seemed to be hundreds of meters long.

    There were doors on both sides of the long walkway and each of the doors probably connected to some place, according to Long Chen.

    Other than him, he saw no one else here

    He walked to the first door on the left, which was white in color and had the flame symbol on it.

    Long Chen opened the door.

    "Hmm, is he going to go into the door of the flame trial? Sigh, people always choose amongst the first few doors since they're in a hurry, not knowing that the first few doors are pretty dangerous themselves," The Temple Priests muttered as he sighed.

    "Looks like the time to save him is near if he enters that room," He let out as he folded his arms.

    Outside the Hall of Death, the screen was currently showing the person in the lead who was the top disciple of the sect, but the screen kept changing between various disciples and occasionally showed Long Chen too.

    " It's going pretty good so far. Even though he's behind the ones that are in the lead, but he is going more steady. He can definitely do it if he maintains that steady heart," Ruan Yi said to Mu Yun as she saw Long Chen on the screen in the corridor.

    "I'm fine as long as he's safe," Mu Yun replied with a concerned look on her face as she stared at the screen.

    "That shouldn't even be a concern. He's the safest person inside," Ruan Yi chuckled as she shook her head.

    She knew that Long Chen had no real danger with the Sect Master's necklace since he could be revived using the Life-giving Pill. On the other hand, the other Disciples had more danger of dying since it was impossible to revive them, even with the help of Life-Giving Pills.

    "He has no chance of winning. I still don't understand why you chose him to enter this dangerous trial. Elder Yun, you didn't say anything against it either. You should've stopped this craziness of Elder Ruan. She's putting the life of your kid in danger," Elder Fu Min said. She was the master of Wang Zun and Mi Yin.

    "Elder Min, you should focus on your candidates more. They're not even out of the first room yet, and you're here to talk about the ones that have passed that room. Do you know how idiotic that sounds?" Ruan Yi let out as she rolled her eyes.

    "You...!" Elder Fu Min was stunned at the response as her face turned red in anger.

    "It's just the beginning. It's not the right time to judge! My candidates will win!" she said.

    "Oh, then why were you here exactly judging Mu Lin even though he was ahead of your candidates? You contradict yourself a lot for an Elder. Are you sure you're not sick or something?" Ruan Yi asked as she looked straight in the eyes of Fu Min.

    "I-i-i don't have time to talk to you," Elder Fu Min snorted as she refused to reply and started looking at the screen.


    The Temple Master was in his place watching the Temple Sacrifice. Even though the other screens switched between candidates, his own screen was fixed on Long Chen and what he was doing.

    "Room of Flames. Can he finish it? If he has his father's abilities, then he might have a good chance. His comprehension otherwise will be too weak because of his memory loss, and he won't be able to pass. Let's see if he only recovered his previous abilities or awakened his father's as well," The Temple Master muttered as he grinned.


    In a dirty cell, Long Chen's father was sitting. The woman was still standing on his side.

    "That kid is so lucky that he is the son of that being; otherwise, he wouldn't even be living. At Least that guarantees that your family's bloodline won't extinguish in the future. It's funny, though. One son of this family's bloodline will be living in that backwater kingdom like a nothing. He will live a meaningless life and die an insect's death," The woman who was standing beside Long Jun said.
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