585 Chapter 585: Skill linked with Life

    "You bastard! Do you not know that you will die if you don't do it! Once the battle begins, I'll have to kill you. I don't mind killing you if you really want to die so much! Don't crush the crystal if that's what you want!" Wang Zun thundered as he warned Long Chen.

    "Don't worry. I wasn't going to crush the crustal anyways," Long Chen replied as he smiled.

    Long Chen could see that Wang Zun was getting infuriated, but he didn't care. It was not like he cared for this person.

    He already had enough skills to take care of this guy. Even though he hadn't mastered the complete Sword Art of Vajra and he wasn't able to form the complete Vajra Sword that was a thousand meters long, he could still forth a small Vajra Sword that was the size of a normal sword which was enough to cut Wang Zun as long as he used it efficiently.

    He also had his physical abilities. The only problem was that he couldn't use his skills that he had learned before, as that would bring suspicions to him.

    "The time is over. Only after one of you is dead can someone leave this room," The Temple Priests voice echoed once again.

    Wang Zun cracked his knuckles as he glared at Long Chen.

    "Very well. You chose death. Don't blame me after you die. You can only blame yourself," Wang Zun said as he held his sword firmly and flew towards Long Chen.

    The blade of Wang Zun's sword was pointing towards Long Chen's chest, which was with the intention of stabbing his sword in Long Chen's heart.

    Long Chen also brought a sword out of the storage ring, but he used Mu Lin's storage ring, which had his sword.

    As soon as the sword tip of Wang Zun's Sword came near Long Chen, Long Chen made a swift movement as he moved his body to the side with the help of his footwork.

    Wang Zun reacted to it firmly and changed the direction of his sword as he slashed his sword towards Long Chen's neck.

    Long Chen moved his sword upwards and intersected Wang Zun's sword, but he didn't stop as he also moved his left hand and caught the hand of Wang Zun, which was holding the sword.

    He kicked Wang Zun's chest with full force. His lick applied the pressure towards the back, but Long Chen was holding his hand, which didn't let Wang Zun fly back.

    Wang Zun's chest was caved in as his feet flew upwards because of the impact.

    Wang Zun coughed out a mouthful of blood, but even then, he didn't forget about the battle to the death. He knew that if he didn't kill Long Chen, then he would be the one who will die. There was no other option. It was a do or die battle.

    He ignored his injuries as he packed his fist on his other hand and used a Martial Skill.

    He punched out towards Long Chen's face. His fist seemed to be in for because of the skill he was using. The speed of his first was fast too, but Long Chen had already realized that he would use a skill.

    Long Chen jumped back in time to dodge the skill, not that was not enough. Even though Long Chen was out of the reach of Wang Zun's fist, he still wasn't the same.

    "Did you think that you could dodge my skill just because he dodged my fist?" Wang Zun let out as he glared at Long Chen.

    Long Chen could see that Wang Zun had lost his sense of reasoning because of his anger, but he didn't have time to think anything else as he noticed that even though Wang Zun's fist had stopped, the flames that were burning on his fist were still chasing after Long Chen.

    Long Chen slashed with his sword, which was an Earth Grade artifact, hoping to cut the attack in half to disperse it, but even after he cut that flames in half, the flames didn't disperse. On the contrary, both halves of the flame started growing and returned to the regular size. In other words, he had divided a single attack into two attacks instead of destroying the attack.

    "What the heck is this skill? Even an Earth grade Weapon can't destroy it; instead, it multiplied?" Long Chen frowned as he kept dodging the flames that were attacking him on both sides.

    A ball of flame came towards his head, but Long Chen ducked his head. The ball of the flame passed through, but instead of hitting the wall, the ball of flame came back towards his back.

    Both of these balls of flames were not only attacking him; now they were chasing him too.

    "Which skill is it?" Long Chen asked Wang Zun as he kept dodging the attack.

    "This is the Infernal Entrapment of the Rage. You can never escape it! I would never use this skill generally as it has a high cost. I had to lose ten years of my life just to use it once, but your life is with it. I would love watching you die. Run little lamb, run. Run and regret your decision of not crushing the crystal when you die. You can't destroy the flames, and you can't dodge them either. Just give up," Wang Zun said to Long Chen.

    'Well, every attack has its weakness. Even if I let the flames attack me, I'm sure that I won't die. I can also use my defensive skills, but that would attract attention too. I would just be a little injured, but my Demon Monarch Physique will take care of most of the strength of the flames, and my space barrier will protect me too, but I don't want to be hit. There must be another way to take care of the attacks,' Long Chen thought.

    Long Chen suddenly thought of an idea as he changed his direction. He stopped dodging the attacks and started flying towards Wang Zun.

    The Flames chased after him.

    Wang Zun was still standing with the support of the wall as his chest was broken, and he was trying to give it time to heal a little, but as he saw Long Chen coming towards him, he started running.

    'Sword Art of Vajra, show me your strength!" Long Chen let out as he touched his forehead with his finger while he continued flying.

    A dark sword appeared before Long Chen that seemed like it was made from pitch black mist.

    The Sword moved so fast that it seemed like it was teleporting as it appeared near Wang Zun and slashed down.

    The Sword hit Wang Zun's head and continued striking down.

    Wang Zun stopped running and stood on his spot as he looked towards Long Chen. Suddenly, his body split in half as both halves of his body fell to the different side.

    As soon as Wang Zun died, the flames that were chasing after him disappeared too.

    Long Chen stopped running when the flames disappeared.

    'Just as I thought. The Flames were linked to Wang Zun's life force. As long as he died, the flames disappeared. The skill wasn't bad, though, but it's a self-harming skill. I already have enough self-harming skills. I don't need more,' Long Chen thought as he shook his head.

    He walked towards Wang Zun, but he noticed something strange. It was as if he saw some peculiar force around Wang Zun's body.

    ' Is it the process of the soul being destroyed? That should be what they said," Long Chen muttered.

    He noticed a door shape opening appearing inside the room.

    Long Chen left Wang Zun's body behind and entered the new door shaped opening.
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