586 Chapter 586: Black Tortoise Clan

    Long Chen left the room with Wang Zun's body behind. Even though the interior of the death hall was silent, the outside was much noisier.

    "Did I really see Mu Lin kill Wang Zun? How is that possible?"

    "I don't understand myself! Isn't that the guy who had no talent and couldn't break through? How can he beat Wang Zun, who is so much stronger than him in Cultivation?"

    "That's just shocking! Mu Lin isn't even at the peak of the Earth Realm, while Wang Zun is near the middle of the Sky Realm! It should be impossible!"

    People were confused about why Long Chen killed Wang Zun. Most of the ones that couldn't understand anything were the disciples since the Elders knew some things about Mu Lin's history. Still, the disciples only saw him as the useless Cultivator that couldn't break through as far as they remembered.

    "Could it be that Mu Lin was cheating?" one of the disciples asked with a suspicious look on his face.

    "Shh... Do you want to die? Don't you see Elder Yun standing there? Don't ever raise questions like this unless you really want to die!" His friends replied instantly as he closed his mouth.

    "Also, It is impossible to cheat in the Death Hall! The Temple Priest is standing inside, keeping an eye on the event. The event is under his Supervision. There is no way anyone can cheat inside, especially right before his eyes," He whispered in his friend's ears, who had raised the suspicions.


    The Elders that were watching it were surprised as well after what they saw.

    " He... could it be that he has recovered?"

    Some of the Elders started connecting the dots. The news that Elder Mu's son has recovered was not spread out through the sect yet. Only the Temple Master, Temple Priests, and a few Elders knew about it, but after seeing Long Chen's performance, most of the people had started to understand a few things.

    They were already suspicious after they saw Long Chen finish the first two trials so fast, but now, they were even more sure of it after Long Chen showed his battle prowess.

    "Elder Yun, Could it be that your son has regained his talent?" One of the Elders decided to ask directly.

    "Yes," Elder Mu Yun replied as she smiled.

    She knew that there was no way she could hide it after today's event, and she didn't try to do it either. She knew that the Elders know her son's importance in the sect already, and they wouldn't try to harm him.

    " Amazing. Congratulations, Elder Yun. Your son has recovered."



    "The sect is so lucky that he recovered."

    Most of the Elders were congratulating Mu Yun, but there were a few Elders that were silent. One of them was Elder Fu Min, who had her mouth open.

    " I heard that your son was injured some time ago. He lost his memories after that. Could it be that he recovered after that?" One of the Elders asked Mu Yun.

    "It seems to be the case," Mu Yun replied as she nodded her head.

    "Amazing. The world works in mysterious ways. It's so amazing how a tragedy became a blessing," The Elder let out as he smiled.

    "Indeed," Other Elders agreed as they nodded their heads.


    Far away from the planet where Long Chen was currently in, existed another planet called the Orion Planet.

    It was a planet that was inhabited by mostly humans and beasts, just like Long Chen's planet.

    The world had one difference, though.

    Unlike the planet where Long Chen stayed, this planet was ruled by a single ruler. There were no kingdoms in this world. There was only a single Empire, and the Emperor ruled that.

    That Emperor was the strongest being on this planet that had reached the greatest heights of Cultivation on this planet. However, still, he wasn't qualified to open the entrance of the Immortal World because his Cultivation was still lacking.

    Even though the Emperor wasn't strong enough to go to the Immortal World, he still had the highest position in this world. He was like the god to the people of this world, but right now, this God was sitting on his knees, licking the shoes of a person.

    His face was swollen and bleeding. His left hand and his right hand were missing as if they had been cut off. His clothes were covered in blood.

    The person on his knees was the Emperor of this world who was known as the supreme being, but he seemed like a dog before a man who seemed like he was in his early twenties.

    The young man had black hair and pitch-black eyes. He was wearing a black robe that seemed to be made of materials that were impossible to be found in this world.

    "Please... Forgive me," The Emperor said to the young man as his eyes were filled with tears.

    "Forgive you? Don't you have any shame, you shameless creature? You dared to act like a king before this deity? Not only that, you even dared to attack?! Be glad that I'm not killing you directly. Just be a good dog and keep licking the shoes. I want them crystal clear," The Young Boy said as he grinned.

    " Even my Father never attacked me, get an insect from this trash planet dared to attack me over some stupid items? If I weren't worried about getting my hands dirty with insect blood, I would have killed you right now!" He added.

    There were only two people in this room: the Emperor and the Black-Haired young man. The main entrance was also closed to keep the others outside.

    The Black Haired man was enjoying himself as he sat comfortably with his back resting against the soft cushion of the throne as he closed his eyes.

    " So you found me," The black-haired man let out as he opened his eyes and looked to his left.

    A middle-aged man was standing there that had a turtle shell on his back. The man also had black hair.

    "Your Highness, Clan Master is looking for you everywhere. He has sent the Clan Members all around the world to find you. Please come back. He is concerned about you," the middle-aged man said.

    The Middle-Aged man was someone from the Black Tortoise Clan, which was one of the nine god beast clans in the upper realm. The young boy was the Young Master of the Black Tortoise Clan that had left the clan a few months ago to roam around the world without telling anymore.

    The Clan Master of the Black Tortoise Clan had sent a lot of people to find the young man, but the young man was too sneaky and never stayed on the same planet for long periods of time.

    After so long, someone from the Black Tortoise Clan was finally able to find him.

    " Are you kidding me? That old man is concerned about me? I would much rather believe that he's concerned about the world that he believes I'll destroy. That's what that old man has been concerned about since the beginning! The people around me! Let that old man do whatever he wants. I'm not coming back," the black-haired boy said as he shook his head.

    He kicked the head of the Emperor of this world and made him fly back. The Emperor crashed on the wall of the room.

    "I'm don't playing in this world. I'm leaving," The young man said as he stood up.

    "Your Highness, don't try to leave. Don't force us," The middle-aged man said as he stood before the Prince of the Black Tortoise Clan. "We need to follow the orders of the Clan Master and take you home."
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