589 Chapter 589: Maze of Death

    Long Chen swam to the other side of the lake. Hee left the lake after he reached the other side of the room.

    As he swam, he saw many spirits trying to attack him, but they couldn't do anything. The spirits didn't harm him as Long Chen left the lake and stepped out of the room.

    Long Chen left from the other side of the lake and stepped out of the room.

    ' These trials don't look that difficult. I've had an easier journey than I expected. I didn't even feel like I needed to use my full strength to pass any trial. This Hall of Death is not that bad. The Divine Heaven Sect was much worse,' Long Chen thought as he shook his head.

    Long Chen left the room and found himself in a room that was filled with sand.

    He took his first step forward and found himself unable to move. It was as if his feet were caught by the sand that was preventing him from going ahead. He used his other leg to force his body back, but his other leg was caught as well. He couldn't free himself. Even though he was using his full physical strength, he wasn't able to free his feet.

    'Looks like you raised a try flag,' Xun said to Long Chen as she smiled wryly.

    "Don't mention that," Long Chen replied in annoyance as he kept trying to free himself.

    "I'll cut this sand if that's what it takes!" Long Chen let out as he formed another Vajra Sword and used it to cut the sand that was holding his feet. He was careful in order to not cut his legs by mistake, but he was in for a surprise.

    The Vajra Sword hit the sand, but it wasn't able to cut that sand at all. The sword seemed like it had hit some immortal material that was impossible to cut with the Vajra Sword.

    He tried again and again, but the result was the same. The Sand was holding onto his hand like a beast that was not ready to let go.

    'What the heck is this thing? It isn't being cut by the Vajra Sword too. Normally, I would've used Teleportation to leave this place, but inside the Death Hall, I can't use that as people might be watching,' Long Chen thought as he frowned. He sat on the ground, wondering what he could do to leave this place. Without his legs, it was impossible to leave.

    As Long Chen was wondering about what he could do, he felt movement on the ground.

    "The sand is going up? No, I'm going down! This is a **ing quicksand!" Long Chen exclaimed as he saw his feet getting submerged in the sand. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't free himself.

    He knew that it was impossible to do anything without exposing himself in this situation, but he still tried to wait until the last moment.

    He knew that it was probably a test. There was no way that they would simply have a trial just for the sake of burying a disciple in the sand. There was definitely more to it.

    He could do nothing but wait. He surrounded his whole body with the space barrier again to keep himself protected even if he was swallowed by the sand. If he felt like he was in any danger and couldn't survive for longer even after that, then he could only use teleportation and try to play it off, hoping that no one would notice that he escaped the sand and appeared in the last room.

    Long Chen's body kept getting swallowed by the sand, and soon, his body below his waist was submerged in the sand. Only the top half of his body was still exposed.

    Some more time passed, and Long Chen was completely swallowed by the sand.

    He wanted to see what happened after he was swallowed so that he could know if it was worth it to teleport to safety, but after he was swallowed, he just found himself falling down.

    Long Chen fell through the air and crashed on the ground.

    ' So that was not a death trap. Just as I expected. Even though the trials here are difficult, they are not to kill someone without giving them any chance to save themselves,' Long Chen thought as he stood up.

    He looked to his sides and found himself in what seemed like a road. On both his sides were two tall walls that followed the road.

    Long Chen was about to start walking when he heard a voice. It was the same voice he has been hearing, which told him what he needed to do to pass the trials. The same voice asked him the answer without the question, and the same voice told him about the black liquid.

    "You have appeared in the maze of Death. This maze is filled with deadly traps and evil spirits. Find your way to the exit to survive, fail, and you die!" The Voice said.

    "A maze, huh. Better than the sand," Long Chen muttered as he started working ahead. He followed the road until the road split in five parts that each led in different directions. Each Road was surrounded by huge walls, which made it seem like a real maze.

    Long Chen chose the front path and continued walking on it.

    He got many choices along the way where he had to choose the path he wanted to follow, but he ultimately ended up in a dead-end with a wall blocking the path.

    "I guess I chose wrong," Long Chen muttered as he sighed. He was somewhat frustrated that he had to walk for so long only to arrive at a dead end. He turned back to leave and chose a different path, but that's when he felt a sense of danger.

    He jumped in the air and landed a few meters back as he watched the ground split apart where he was standing. A human came out of the ground.  He had a pale skill that seemed to be devoid of blood entirely.

    There were two swords on him: One sword in each hand.

    "A Corpse Puppet?" Long Chen let out as he frowned.

    He also brought Mu Lin's Earth grade sword out.

    "I guess this is the trap that voice was talking about," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the corpse puppet.

    "Whatever, if it's the trap, then I'll destroy it!" Lonn Chen thundered as he dashed towards the Corpse Puppet like lightning.

    The Corpse Puppet also moved towards Long Chen as he slashed his sword.

    Long Chen expected the puppet to be as strong as his Cultivation since, according to his information, they made the trials fair for everyone. The puppet should've been as strong as him according to his Cultivation, and his Cultivation didn't show his exact strength, so Long Chen believed that he would be much stronger than the puppet.

    Long Chen's sword clashed with the puppet's sword.

    Long Chen's expressions changed as he realized that his assumption was strong. Even though he was using his full physical strength, the Corpse Puppet was stronger than him.

    Long Chen was tossed back. Long Chen flew back and crashed on the wall. He fell down on the ground leaving a crater on the wall.

    Long Chen stood up as he patted his clothes.

    "I was wrong. If I'm not wrong, his physical strength is equivalent to a Peak Sky Realm Cultivator. I can't win using pure strength, and I definitely can't use my real skills. This handicap sucks," Long Chen let out in annoyance as he looked at the corpse puppet.

    "You already knew that it was not going to be easy. Why are you worrying about it now?" Xun asked Long Chen.
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