592 Chapter 592: The Battle to Death

    Long Chen couldn't help but sigh.

    'This is going to be tougher than I expected,' Long Chen thought as he sighed.

    "You trash of a human being! Have some courage and stop being a scared animal! I promise you that if you don't step inside that box in five seconds, I'll kill you even if you crush that crystal and escape the Hall of Death!" The Red-Haired Guy thundered as he pointed his finger at Long Chen.

    If he could, he would've stepped out of his side and attacked Long Chen right there and right now, but he was locked in his position after he stepped in his spot. He could do nothing but wait for Long Chen to step inside the board or leave this place.

    "Five seconds, huh, I'll wait then," Long Chen let out as he moved back and stood with his back resting on the wall just to annoy the Red-Haired Man more.

    "You bastard! I'll kill you, I swear!" The Red-Haired Guy screamed as he saw Long Chen literally mocking him.

    "See that? Five seconds are already over. Now I can stay here for days, and I wouldn't give a crap about you. You have no power over me. Get that through that thick skull of yours. As for death, Sure, I'll play with you if that's what you want. I feel like toying with you now," Long Chen let out as he started moving towards the board after the time given to him by the Red-Haired Guy was over.

    He smirked towards the Red-Haired Guy as he stood before the board. He took a step forward and took his position in the game.

    "Good! You have managed to infuriate me! I'll show you what real pain feels like! You won't leave this place alive!" The Red-Haired Guy thundered as he pointed his finger towards Long Chen.

    "So what if you're infuriated? It's not like you're going to survive this trial to become a trouble for me in the future. It's your turn since you were her first. Move fast. Don't waste my time. I need to catch up to the others too. I don't have unlimited free time to waste like you," Long Chen let out casually as he mockingly looked at the Red Haired Boy.

    He was annoying the red-haired guy for two reasons. Firstly, because he was angry at that person and he wanted to make him miserable. Secondly, it was a game of the brain, and the more he angered the opponent, the better his chances at victory were since the opponent wouldn't be able to focus his full mind on the game.

    "Good. Very Good. I'll see how long you can be that pretentious!" the Red-Haired Guy said as he clenched his teeth in anger.

    "Number one, move one step forward!" He let out as he commanded his pawn to move.

    "Number Five, take your first step," Long Chen responded instantly.

    "Number One, another step forward," The Red-haired guy let out.

    "It's like playing with a child. You're being so careful and taking so long to make each move. You're not really smart, are you?" Long Chen chuckled as he again made a move. He made the Pawn that was on the same Lane as the Red-Haired Guy's pawn move.

    Each of them kept making a move one after another, but the red-haired guy seemed like he was actually affected by the words of Long Chen. He was trying to make his move as fast as he could to prove Long Chen wrong.

    'That Guy has a high Cultivation, but his anger management is really bad. This can define work out in my favor,' Long Chen thought as he looked at the face of the red-haired guy.

    "Number 3, Kill the number 4 of the White king!" Long Chen commanded as he saw an opportunity to kill the pawn of the enemy.

    The Black Clothed Corpse Puppet raised his sword and swung it. He cut the head of the White Clothed Puppet that was standing before him.

    "Hah, as I said. You're a trash that can't play properly. You already lost a piece. It's funny how you were bragging about killing me when you can't even kill my pieces. You should just surrender and let me kill you. This game is boring when I'm against a kid brain that can't even kill my pieces," Long Chen said as he looked at the Red-Haired Guy with a mocking grin on his face.

    "You bastard! Don't be stupid! Did you forget my pieces, huh," The Red-Haired guy muttered as he grinned.

    "Number Fifteen, Move two steps in cross and kill number Three!" he let out as he ordered his pieces.

    His piece moved and hackled at Long Chen's pawn and killed it in an instant.

    'As I expected. I managed to lure him out. It seems like he left a gap in his defense,' Long Chen thought as he smiled.

    "Number Sixteen, Move NorthWest, three steps," Long Chen commanded his queen.

    "Are you sure you want to send in the big pieces now? If you lost them, you'd be at a disadvantage," Xun warned Long Chen.

    'Don't worry about that. I know what I'm doing. I am baiting him with my big piece, and if he takes the bait, it's my victory,' Long Chen replied using his thoughts.

    The exchange continued for some more time as the red-haired guy kept losing his weaker pieces in an effort to kill Long Chen's big piece, but he wasn't successful at it. Long Chen was really careful in baiting and always planned ahead about how he was to counterattack.

    While the Red-Haired guy was letting his knowledge and his emotions affect his decisions, Long Chen was following his philosophy from when he used to play chess. He was thinking five steps in advance. Fortunately, everything was going as he planned. The Red-haired guy was really bad when it came to critical thinking and adjusting according to the situation with his emotions running all around the place because of Long Chen's mocking.

    His pieces kept dying regularly. Long Chen also lost his big piece and a few pieces, but it was clear that Long Chen was still at an advantage. In no time, the red-haired guy lost most of his pieces, and only a single Queen was left on his side while Long Chen had four pawns and one queen.

    The Red-Haired Guy had an ugly expression on his face as if it was Long Chen's turn now, and his queen was surrounded.

    "Number Three, Kill Number Seventeen of the White King!" Long Chen commanded his pawn.

    The Pawn moved his sword with an expressionless face and slashed with his sword.

    The Queen's head east separated, which fell down on the ground along with the body.

    The Red-haired guy was horrified now as he knew what was about to happen. He wanted to try crushing his crystal, but his body was bound by a force which didn't let him move his body at all.

    "Since you can't move and you don't have any pieces, I guess I get unlimited moves until they kill you," Long Chen let out as he looked at the pale face of the Red-haired guy.

    "Next time, don't offend someone you can't afford to offend," Long Chen said. He was about to command his pieces to move, but he stopped as he saw the red-haired guy speaking.

    "Wait! Wait! Don't tell them to attack me! Let me offer you something! If you kill yourself and let me go, I sweaty I'll give your mother everything that I own. I'm the son of an Elder. My father will also give her all his property and treasures. She will live happily ever after with all those resources. It is all possible if you just kill yourself and let me pass," The Red-Haired Guy said to Long Chen in full seriousness.
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