593 Chapter 593: Last Trial

    "I was wondering what you were going to say, but It was that. I knew you were an idiot, but you exceeded my expectations," Long Chen let out as he sighed. He couldn't understand how someone could be so stupid to believe that it will work.

    "Number Seventeen, Kill the White King and end his suffering," Long Chen commanded the queen on his side.

    The Queen moved near the red-haired guy, thrust her hand in his chest, and pulled out his heart. She crushed that heart before his eyes.

    She also punched his head after that, immediately blasting his head like a fruit. All the insides off his head splashed everywhere. Some of which even fell on the queen's face.


    "He succeeded?"

    "He won."

    "Amazing. He defeated a prime contender."

    All the Elders that were watching were amazed as they saw Long Chen win. They all started congratulating Mu Yun for Long Chen's success.

    There were only a few Elders that weren't happy. One of them was the father of the Red-Haired Guy that was just killed but Long Chen.

    He clenched his fist but didn't say anything.


    Long Chen felt like he was released from a restriction. He wasn't trapped like a king in the same position now. He was able to live around the room.

    He saw a door appearing before him.

    'Thanks, Xun. I wouldn't be able to do it without you,' Long Chen thanked Xun as he smiled.

    "I only told you the rules. You did all the rest yourself. You played really well. I didn't know you were that smart," Xun replied as she shook her head.

    "Of course, I'm smart. I've been telling you since the beginning of our journey," Long Chen chuckled as he entered the door.

    "I still highly doubt that," Xun replied with a wry smile on her face.

    Long Chen entered the door and left the Liangyi room and appeared in a different place that seemed to have people there already.

    He was in a room that had four people already. Long Chen was the fifth person to appear here.

    All four people that were here before Long Chen had higher Cultivation than Long Chen.

    Two of them were peak Sky Realm Cultivators while one of them was a Seventh Stage Sky Realm Cultivator. The last person here was the fifth stage of Sky Realm Cultivator.

    Long Chen was weaker than everyone else as he was only at the First Stage of Sky Realm, but his real strength was more than people of his Cultivation Realm.

    'The other disciples that passed their previous trials? Is this the waiting room where we wait for the others that pass the same number of trials? I guess the trials converge after this point. Most of the participants should be eliminated by now, according to my understanding. Those who could get here would definitely be the top of the top. I wonder how many of them will succeed,' Long Chen thought as he also sat on the side like the other Disciples.

    " A kid managed to get here? If I'm not wrong, he's the son of Elder Mu Yun. He's not even a Sky Realms Cultivator. How can he get here?" The Fifth Stage Sky realm Cultivator let out as he frowned.

    " Just like how you get there. He must've received an easy trial that didn't focus on strength," The Peak Sky Realm Cultivator let out sarcastically.

    " As long as everyone that passed the trial is here and everyone else is eliminated, we can leave this room.  Hopefully, they won't make us wait for long," The Seventh Stage Sky Realm Cultivator said as he looked towards the entrance.

    " Wu Ming should be on the way as well. I thought he would be here faster. What's taking you so long?" the Peak Sky Realm cultivator muttered as he frowned.

    He didn't know that the Cultivator he was talking about was already killed by Long Chen in the last trial.

    Ten minutes passed away in silence as no one said anything else.

    They heard the footsteps again. All of them looked towards the entrance.

    "It's her? She's the sixth person here?" Long Chen muttered as he saw the new person that reached here.

    It was Mi Yin. She was the girl that had come in with Wang Zun in the hall of death. She was also the sister of the girl that had killed Mu Lin. Long Chen also knew that she was deeply involved in Mu Lin's death from behind the shadows. According to him, she was the one pulling the strings.

    Mi Yin entered the room and only glanced at Long Chen once before she saw down on the other end of the room.

    'There's something really odd about her. She doesn't seem normal,' Long Chen thought as he glanced at her.

    "I feel that too. There's a strange aura surrounding her. It seems like that aura is hiding her Cultivation. She must be stronger than she looks. Her skill must be as strong as the Heaven's Shroud that you got from the Bloodline Temple in your First Trail if no one can catch her hiding Cultivation.

    'I know. She's making her Cultivation seem like a mid-Sky Realm Cultivator. She's at least in the high stage of Sky Realm, probably even the tenth stage,' Long Chen thought as he closed his eyes.

    'Whatever, she can hide her Cultivation all she wants. If it's a trial of strength, I'll defeat her, and if it's a trial of wit, I'll defeat her. I'm not going to lose. The Mystery Realm is really intriguing and also an important part of my plan to enter the upper echelons of the Temple to get the information,' He told Xun.

    "Just be careful around her.  I feel like she's the most dangerous amongst all the people present here. Don't underestimate her," Xun reminded Long Chen in full seriousness as she didn't wish for Long Chen to get the short end of the stick for understanding the enemy.

    'I'll be careful,' Long Chen replied as he nodded his head.

    "I won't let my emotions get the best of me,' Long Chen told Xun.

    "That's good," Xun replied.

    Some more time passed away, and another disciple entered the room. It was another Peak Sky Realm Cultivator.

    Time kept trickling away as new disciples kept arriving.

    As soon as the tenth disciple arrived here, the entrance closed.

    "I guess that's all we're going to have. Finally, we can start the next part of the trial," The Disciples let out as they stood up after watching the entrance closed, which meant that all the disciples that passed the previous trials were here already. All the rest were eliminated.

    There was only one girl amongst the ten disciples that were here. Mi Yin was the only girl here. Long Chen, on the other hand, was the person with the weakest Cultivation here with the First stage of Sky Realm Cultivation. Mi Yin was the second weakest with the 4th Stage of Sky Realm Cultivation, but Long Chen knew that she was probably the strongest here and that her Cultivation was fake.

    After the entrance closed, another door appeared on the wall at the front.

    "Let's leave for the next trial," The Peak Sky Realm Cultivators let out as they left the room.

    Long Chen also left after them.

    All ten Disciples found themselves in a big room. There were ten staircases before them that were going towards.

    "Choose one staircase and stand on the first step," The Mysterious Voice again echoed in the room, telling them all that to do.

    The Peak Sky Realm Cultivators were the fastest as they instantly selected a staircase and stood on the first step. The others also followed Suit.

    Long Chen chose the last staircase since that was the only one that was left.
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