595 Chapter 595: Curse of Dice

    Long Chen and the others watched the man standing there blankly. He didn't move at all for the first few seconds, but after a few minutes, he started screening as if he was in terrible agony.

    Five minutes passed away, and the man opened his eyes as he struggled to breathe.

    "I'm alive. I'm alive!" He let out as if he couldn't believe it himself, as he breathed deeply.

    "You failed to Clear the Maze of Death. Move back one step," The Words changed before the man.

    The man sighed as he stepped down and ended up on the first step where he started.

    ' This is interesting. So a big part of this last trial is based on luck, but there are other factors too. A person's abilities play an important role in this as well. At Least it's not completely dependent on luck. I don't like trials that depend on luck,' Long Chen thought as he nodded his head.

    The person who was forced to go back to the starting point was disappointed since he had to face the Mind Maze of Death. He suffered through all the pain only to fail and have to move back. Now his turn was wasted, and he would be behind everyone else when the trial was completed.

    The Dice appeared before another disciple and kept changing positions as all disciples followed their tasks.

    Soon, nine out of the ten disciples had completed their first trial of the stairs, and two of them were ahead of everyone else as they stood on the tenth step.

    At the moment, the dice was before the Tenth disciples who were Mi Yin.

    Mi Yin held the dice and rolled it. The dice stopped on the number nine.

    Mi Yin climbed nine steps and reached the tenth step.

    The Stairs she was standing on started shining as a few words appeared before her.

    "Give an opponent the Curse of Deadly Dice," Mi Yin read the words out loud.

    She looked back towards the Temple Priest to get the clarification on the task.

    "You got a special right in this turn. You can curse any of the other nine disciples. They will have a disadvantage in their turn," The Temple Priest explained.

    ' Well, that sucks. She'll choose me,' Long Chen thought as he sighed.

    "She shouldn't be that stupid. Your Cultivation is weaker than everyone else, and you're not in the lead either. She should choose the ones in the lead that are the biggest threat to us. I'm sure of that. She doesn't look that stupid," Xun replied to Long Chen in an unconvinced tone.

    'Want to bet on it? I'm confident in my assumption,' Long Chen told Xun.

    "Sure. I'm ready. I am confident in my assumption too. The bed is that if I win, you'll forever call me Master," Xun said to Long Chen.

    'Sure. If I win, you'll let me kiss you whenever I ask for one,' Long Chen responded.

    "Fine. The bet is established. I'm super confident. You're not going to win. Get ready to accept me as a master for lifetime finally," Xun chuckled as she agreed to the bet.

    'Just wait and watch,' Long Chen reacted as he folded his arm.

    Mi Yin was still looking at the words before her.

    She shifted her gaze from the words and started looking at all the other disciples.

    Almost all the disciples looked scared of her gaze and started looking elsewhere since they didn't want to attract her attention. They didn't want to be the unlucky ones and get the curse and the disadvantage when they were so close to victory in the final trial.

    Long Chen was the only one that didn't look afraid.


    The other elders who were standing outside the temple of death were also waiting for her response and her choice.

    ' Good. Very Good, Yin. Curse that Mu Lin. Get him out of the trial,' Fu Min thought as she smiled.

    Ruan Yi and Mu Yun also kept their focus on the screen, but they didn't think that Mu Lin would be the one she would choose since he was the weakest contender there at the moment.


    Mi Yun finally opened her mouth as she raised her hand and pointed her fingers towards a disciple.

    "I choose Mu Lin!" She said as she pointed her finger at Long Chen.

    'Nothing surprising. Anyway, Xun, get ready to follow that bet in the future,' Long Chen informed Xun using his thoughts as he smiled.

    "He's smiling after getting cursed?"

    "Is that guy an idiot?"

    "He's not here to win, I guess. He must be here to die."

    "What an Idiot."

    The other Disciples saw Long Chen smiling and started mocking him.

    The Elders who were standing outside the Hall of Death were surprised too.

    Mi Yin also frowned as she saw Long Chen looking at her without any fear on his face.

    The stairs before Long Chen started shining as a few words appeared before him.

    "You have received the Curse of the Deadly Dice. In the future, you can't climb the stairs in your turn if you get a number over seven," Long Chen read the words.

    "Chen, it's not as bad as I expected. So I skip my turn whenever I get a number over seven," Long Chen muttered as he read the words.

    "Thanks for the sweet gift," Long Chen said sarcastically as he looked at Mi Yin.

    Mi Yin was taken aback by Long Chen's smile as he looked at her. She felt as if she was being stared at by a vicious beast as the darkness surrounded her. That feeling didn't last for long since Long Chen took off his gaze from Mi Yin.

    The dice was floating before him since it was his turn now. All ten of them had finished their first turns.

    Long Chen reached out his hand and caught the dice.

    He rolled the dice.

    The dice rolled for some time and stopped on a number.

    " It's a six. I should be able to move," Long Chen muttered as he read the number on the dice.

    He climbed six steps and got ahead of everyone else.

    The stairs started shining as a few words appeared before him.

    Long Chen read the words and couldn't help but laugh as he glanced towards Mi Yin.

    "Return the damages you received in any previous turn to any opponent," Long Chen read the words.

    "Does damages include curses as well?" Long Chen asked the Temple Priest for conversation even though he knew that he was right.

    " Curses are included in the damage as well since they affected your chances of victory in this trial so that you can Return the curses as well. This won't remove the curse on you, but it will give the person you chose the curse as well," The Temple Priest explained to Long Chen.

    "Miss Yin, thanks for the gift you gave me. Let me give you a return gift to show my kindness as well," Long Chen smiled innocently as he pointed his fingers towards Mi Yin.

    Mi Yin's stairs started shining as a few words appeared before her.

    "You have received the Curse of the Deadly Dice. In the future, you can't climb the stairs in your turn if you get a number over five," Mi Yin read the words.

    "What the heck? Why is my curse different from his? He returned the same curse, but I have more disadvantages now!" Mi Yin complained as she looked at the Temple Priest.

    'The return multiplied the curse. I can't do anything about it. I'm just a moderator here. I can only explain things here," The Temple Priest replied as he shook his head and refused to take any responsibility for whatever happened.

    Mi Yin didn't argue with the Temple Priest and looked at Long Chen.
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