597 Chapter 597: The chosen one

    ' That guy would still be alive if he had agreed to kill himself for the task. The one he received was the task of courage. He failed and died. He can only blame himself,' the Temple Priest thought as he looked at the blood on the middle staircase.

    The disciples kept rolling the dice as their turn arrived. Fortunately, the turns passed away safely, and no one was killed during the second turns. Some of them got the tasks to harm themselves while others were to harm others, but none of these tasks were so dangerous as death.

    Mi Yin couldn't even move this turn since she rolled the number, which was higher than five. The curse of the dice activated because of that and stopped her from moving.

    It was Long Chen's turn again, but he was unlucky too as he rolled a nine, which activated the curse on him, and he wasn't able to move this turn either.

    The turns kept switching as the trials progressed.

    After three hours and a lot of turns, there were only three people left standing on the stairs.

    One of them was Mi Yin, who only needed ten more steps to reach the peak of the staircase.

    The Second person was the seventh stage Sky Realm Cultivator who was only three steps away from the top stair.

    The Third-person was Long Chen, who was five steps away from the top stair.

    All the other disciples were dead, including all the Peak Sky Realm Cultivators.

    It was the turn of the 7th stage Sky Realm Cultivator who was standing in the middle of Long Chen and Mi Yin.

    The dice was floating before him.

    "Oh god, please give me a task that will help me kill the both of them and win. Or give me the number three so that I can reach the top stair," the man muttered as he prayed for good luck.

    He reached out his hand and caught the dice that was floating before him.

    "Here I go," He muttered as he rolled the dice," Surprisingly, the dice stopped at number three, which was exactly the number he needed since he was just three steps away from the top.

    The man excitedly climbed three steps and reached the top of the stairs.

    "I won! I won the Temple Sacrifice!" The Man let out excitedly as he stood on the top stair and raised his hand in the air.

    The stairs started shining again as a few words appeared before him.

    The man didn't even read the words as he turned back towards the Temple Priest.

    "What is the meaning of this? I reached the top! The trial is over! Why am I still getting the task?!" He asked in confusion.

    "You reached the top, I agree. But that doesn't change the fact that you haven't won yet. Every stair had a task on it. The top one had a task too. You need to complete that one to be victorious," The Temple Priest explained.

    "This..." The man was stunned. He believed that he would be able to win as long as he got to the top, but this task came as a shock to him.

    Now, if he failed in this or got a bad task which caused his death, then he was going to lose everything. With some hesitation, he looked at the words that were floating before him.

    "Clear the Mind Maze of Death in three minutes, or you die," He read the words which made him almost cry.

    He knew that it was like a death sentence since no one has been able to clear the Mind Maze of Death, let alone clearing them in the time limit. He knew that he was dead.

    He clenched his fist as he prepared his mind for battle to the death inside the mind maze. His life depended on this one trial, and he wanted to give it his all even if it meant losing everything to clench that sweet victory and survive.

    The man's expression turned blank as his mind entered the Mind Maze of Death.

    Long Chen watched the man standing there as he waited for the result. He was naturally hoping for the man to fail since he would lose if the man won.

    Three minutes passed away, and surprisingly, the man didn't scream even once, unlike the others that took part in the Mind Maze of Death.

    "Did he win? He doesn't look phased at all, and the time is over as well," Xun said in Long Chen's head.

    'I'm not sure. I can't say anything until that man opens his eyes,' Long Chen responded while he kept his focus on the face of the man to wait for any response from him.

    Five minutes passed away, but the man still didn't react. He just kept standing there.

    The dice disappeared in front of him and appeared before Mi Yin.

    "Is he dead?" Mi Yin asked the Temple Priest since the man didn't open his eyes, and the dice appeared before her. It meant that it was her turn, which was only possible if the man failed.

    "Right. He is dead. You two are the last people remaining in this place. The final battle is between you two," The Temple Priest replied.


    "Only two people are left now-the one selected by Ruan Yi and the one selected by Fu Min. I must say, I never expected that these two would be the last two people left in the race," An Elder let out as he looked at the screen.

    "Mu Lin is in the lead. He has a better chance to win. His performance has been amazing so far."

    "Mi Yin also performed great. Don't count her out yet."

    The Elders started discussing amongst themselves about the upcoming result.

    "Of Course, Mi Yun will win. Don't worry about it," Elder Fu Min let out with a bright smile on her face.

    Ruan Yi and Mu Yun didn't react since they were more focused on the screen to bother wasting time on Fu Min.

    The sister of Mi Yin, who had killed Mu Lin, was standing outside the Hall of Death. She wasn't selected to take part in the Temple Sacrifice because she had lost to Long Chen.

    She was also hoping for her sister's victor and the loss of Long Chen.


    " It's Mu Lin's victory," The Temple Master muttered as he relaxed on his seat.

    "How can you say that with such confidence?" A voice came from behind. The Temple Master didn't react and simply smiled.

    "Of Course, I know. He's the son of that guy. If he has reached this far, then, of course, it means that his destiny is not to fall on the Temple Sacrifice. He will win. Mark my words," The Temple Master let out as he smiled.

    " Has the Tomb appeared in the Mystic Realm?" That Voice asked the Temple Master.

    "Not yet. It will appear soon. The process has started. The changes are happening. Soon, the ruins will appear, and the tomb will appear with it. This will be the time when I will get inside that tomb," The Temple Master let out as he smiled.

    "We have the chosen one. We kept him alive all this while just for this day. We will get inside this time," The Temple Master said.

    "Are you talking about him? I heard that you cut his vocal cords?" The voice said in an expressionless tone.

    "Yeah. He was making a lot of noise. Don't worry about that. It's not like I need him to speak anyway," The Temple Master let out as he smirked.

    "Sigh, If only that woman hadn't betrayed us, her son wouldn't be in this condition," he added.

    " This time, there can be no failure. All the powers have started to move. We need to use this opportunity," The voice said.
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