598 Chapter 598: The Prophecy that changed everything

    "By all the powers, do you mean...?" The Temple Master finally had a change in expression as a deep frown covered his face.

    "Yes. The Lost Warrior of Destiny has started moving, and the one from the Divine Heaven Sect is also on the move. It means that the prophecy can come true at any time. Everyone is restless. Darkness is on the horizon. We need everything we can," The Voice said in a grim tone.

    "The prophecy, huh, I guess it's finally the time. The time for the universe to change forever, starting from this world," The Temple Master muttered as he shook his head.

    "Are the ones from the upper realms still not ready to get involved?" The Temple Master inquired.

    "No. They don't want to involve themselves at all. Most of them don't believe the prophecy. The ones that do believe don't have enough power to sway the decisions of anyone," the Voice said.

    The Temple Master sighed as he closed his eyes.

    "We will achieve our goal this time and change the future," The Temple Master muttered.


    Mi Yin took the dice in her hand as she glanced at Long Chen.

    She rolled the dice.

    The dice stopped at number '5'. Since the number wasn't higher than 5, the curse of Dice didn't activate. She climbed five steps.

    Now, she and Long Chen were equally distant from the top.

    The stairs started shining as golden words appeared before Mi Yin and floated before her.

    " Cut your hand and climb two more steps," Mi Yin read the words.

    She didn't hesitate for even a second as she brought her sword out of her storage ring and slashed at her hand.

    Her left hand was cut off from her body as it fell down on the ground. The stairs absorbed the hand.

    Mi Yin climbed two more steps.

    Now, she was just three steps away from the top, whereas Long Chen was five steps away from the top of the stairs. She seemed to be in the lead now, but Long Chen still had a better chance since it was his turn now.

    The dice disappeared from her side and appeared in front of Long Chen.

    Long Chen held the dice and rolled it.

    The dice stopped at the number, which disappointed Long Chen.

    "1," Long Chen muttered as he sighed. He climbed a step. Now, he was four steps away from the top, and he was still behind Mi Yin.

    His stairs started shining as some words floated before him and formed a sentence.

    "Move back Fifteen steps," he read the words.

    Long Chen took a deep breath as he went down fifteen steps. He was so close to the top, and out of nowhere, he was 19 steps away now.

    If nothing went wrong for Mi Yin, it was her victory.


    "Sigh, he was so close. This basically means he lost."

    "Is there any doubt left? Unless something extraordinary happens, it's his loss."

    "Mi Yin has been doing great, and all she needs is a number over two to win. Even if she can't win this turn and got a one on every single turn, she'll still win because Mu Lin is under the curse of the dice and can't get a number higher than 7."

    All the Elders had already come to a conclusion in their mind about the winner. They all thought that Long Chen had barely any chance of winning.

    "Hahaha. As I said, Mi Yin will win. I already told you before," Elder Fu Min laughed out loud as she smiled.

    "Don't count your stars so soon. It's not over yet," Ruan Yi let out sarcastically.

    "Hahaha, I'm not counting my stats. I'm counting the stars of the kid you forced to participate. His stars look grim. He can't win, and he will die when he loses. All of that will be your fault since you forced him to take part in it. You should be ashamed of sending a kid like him to his death," Fu Min responded.

    " It's a waste to argue with stupid people," Ruan Yi let out as she shifted her focus back to the screen.

    'Even if she lost, he won't die. That's why he has that necklace and the Temple Priest there,' She thought.


    Mi Yin smiled as she held the dice that had appeared before her.

    "You lose," She opened her cherry lips and said a few words to Long Chen.

    She rolled the dice.

    The dice rolled and slowed down near the number one. Just when everyone was thinking that it would be the number she got, the dice moved a little more as the number changed. The dice completely stopped at the number that she needed.

    It stopped exactly at number three.

    Mi Yin was just three steps away from the top, and the three were exactly what she needed. She climbed three steps casually and stopped at the peak of the stairs.

    She was finally at the top. As long as she completed the task she got, it was her victory.

    The stairs started shining as words appeared before her.

    "Battle of Potential. The loser gets death," Mi Yin read the words out loud.

    She looked towards the Temple Priest to understand the meaning.

    "You will have a battle of potential with the ones that are still alive in this trial. It means that you'll have a battle of Potential with Mu Lin. If you lose, you will die. If he loses, he will die. The stairs will measure the potential. The loser will have their consciousness destroyed, and the winner will be clear with the one who's left standing," The Temple Priest said.

    Long Chen found his surroundings change as he appeared on the top of the stairs before Mi Yin.


    "Battle of potential. This girl has no chance," Ruan Yi smiled as she saw the last trial.

    Mu Yun was also confident since she knew that Mu Lin had recovered.

    Fu Min's expression suddenly got weird since she had heard rumors that Mu Yun's son had recovered. If that was true, that Mi Yin had no chance of victory since the last time Fu Min checked Mi Yin's potential, it wasn't anything shocking.


    "It's the end. I don't think there's any need to watch anymore. It's Mu Lin's victory when it comes to potential," The Temple Master said.

    "Don't be too fast to judge. I have checked both of them. Mu Lin felt strange when I saw him. It was clear that he had something powerful hidden in him. Something that even I can't see through, but it was obvious. He's the son of that person, after all. I didn't find it strange. The strange thing was that girl," The Mysterious Voice said.

    "What about the girl?" The Temple Master inquired as he frowned. It seemed as if he took the words of this voice too seriously.

    " The girl isn't normal. There was something that was stopping me from looking at her secrets as if a mysterious shroud was covering her," The Voice said. "She might just be hiding a few things that might shock you today."

    "Why didn't you take her in to uncover the mysteries?" The Temple Master let out as he frowned.

    "It is more interesting to see the show that this little bird can put for us," The Voice said in a neutral tone.

    "Huh, Let's see what you noticed. I guess it might really be interesting to see what you saw," The Temple Priest said as he placed her focus on the screen.


    Both Long Chen and Mi Yin found their consciousness being sucked into some illusory realm where only the two of them were present.

    All ten of the stairs started shining as they formed a barrier around the real bodies of Long Chen and Mi Yin. They started measuring their potential.
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