599 Chapter 599: Temple Masters move

    'This should be the place where the results will appear. I guess I understand what they meant: losers will have their consciousness destroyed. That will happen here too. I don't need to worry, though. When it comes to potential, I have full confidence in mine,' Long Chen thought.

    One sun appeared above the head of Long Chen.

    The Elders and the Temple Master were able to watch the Battle in the consciousness as well.

    One sun appeared above Mi Yin's head as well.


    "The sun's show their potential. Let's see who has the win here. The mysterious girl that you think can change the results or the son of that person. I must say, I've never been this excited," The Temple Master let out as he smiled.

    Two suns appeared above both of their heads soon, and the third sun started forming.

    The fourth sun appeared, then the fifth one appeared. The sixth and the Seventh sun also appeared above both of their heads.

    " Interesting. Both of them are already at the Grade 7 talent. Classification ahead of this is really complicated, so this would be interesting. I must say, even though you said that there's something in this girl, I still didn't completely believe it. I am confident now that she's not normal," The Temple Master said as he saw the 8th Sun appear above Mi Yin. Long Chen's 8th Sun also appeared.

    Mi Yin looked at Long Chen in the illusory realm and smirked.

    "Show me what you got," Mi Yin muttered as he looked in Long Chen's eyes.

    "Who are you?" Long Chen asked with a grave look on his face.

    Mi Yin didn't reply to Long Chen's questions and simply smiled.

    Long Chen realized that his assumption was right. Mi Yin was not a normal person. Her ability to hide her Cultivation and her potential that was able to keep up to him was something that an average person couldn't possess.

    " So, you didn't go back when I told you to?" Long Chen let out as he smiled.

    For once, Mi Yin's expressions finally changed as her smile disappeared. She soon recovered her expressions, but that little change was enough for Long Chen to get his answers.

    He had a feeling that he got a similar type of feeling from Mi Yin that he got from the girl who was in the Pirate Ship. That girl was a Heaven Realm Cultivator or stronger according to his assumption at that time, and he didn't fight with her unnecessarily. He told her to leave with the Pirates.

    When he saw Mi Yin, he got a similar type of feeling, but there was some difference. He felt like the girl in the Pirate Ship was somehow related to Mi Yin, but now he was sure after he saw her keeping up with him.

    Only someone like that girl who had such a high Cultivation was capable of hiding her Cultivation so efficiently without any miraculous skill like the Heaven's Shroud.

    He had just thrown the words out to get her identity. He wasn't entirely sure of his assumption since there was a good chance that he could be wrong, but her reaction proved him right.

    "You should've left when you had a chance. Why are you trying to interfere with my matters?" Long Chen let out as he looked deep into her eyes.

    Mi Yin didn't say anything and simply watched Long Chen as their 8th Sun kept getting bigger. The speed of Mi Yin's son getting bigger was much faster than Long Chen.

    In a few minutes, her 8th Sun was ready. It was the same size as the other seven suns. The size increase stopped.

    'This is the limit I could increase the potential of this Mortal body. This should be enough for my goal, though. This is the peak potential a mortal's body can attain. He won't be able to break it," Mi Yin let out as she looked at the suns behind her.

    She was looking at Long Chen's 8th Sun, which kept getting bigger and soon reached the same size as the other seven suns.


    Mi Yin thought that it was probably a draw since Long Chen also formed the 8th sun entirely, but her expression changed as her lips opened lightly with what she saw.

    Even after becoming the same size as the other seven suns, the 8th Sun didn't stop getting bigger. It kept getting bigger and bigger until it was twice the size of the other suns.

    'H-how is that possible? No mortal can possibly have that unless you...?" Mi Yin exclaimed with an impossible look on her face.

    ' Was my hunch, right? He is related to that person?' Mi Yun thought as she looked at Long Chen's face.


    " I expected that. This just confirms it. His potential is outside the grade that a normal mortal can possess. That was to be expected since his father isn't a mere mortal either," The Temple Master muttered as he smiled.

    "Yeah. That's why I didn't find it strange when I passed by him since I knew that it was not odd for me to get that feeling from him. What stunned me was that girl. I felt like she was like him. I felt like she was also someone that shreds the mortal bounds, but she could only form 8 normal suns. She is special but not in the same realm as him," The Mysterious Voice said.

    "Do you want to interfere? She's a great talent even though she can't compare it to the boy. If you don't interfere personally, she will be killed," The Mysterious Voice said to the Temple Priest.

    " I can interfere, but the question is, should I?" The Temple Master muttered as he frowned.

    " The Choice is yours to make. I won't interfere in these low-level matters," The Voice said.

    The Temple Master thought for a few seconds before he stood up. He disappeared from his room and appeared in the Hall of Death before the stairs.

    " Template Master?" The Temple Priest was surprised to see the temple master here. He couldn't understand why the Temple Master would come here himself.

    The Temple Master didn't say anything and simply waved his hand.

    The shining stairs stopped shining. The barrier surrounding Long Chen and Mi Yin disappeared.

    Long Chen and Mi Yin were in that illusory realm.  Mi Yin watched the 8th Sun of Long Chen getting bigger.

    'Sigh, I got my answers now. Time to leave," Mi Yin muttered as she shook her head.

    She raised her hand but stopped as she saw the illusory realm disappear. Long Chen was also surprised as he saw the realm shake.

    The place disappeared, and the both of them found themselves standing on the top of the stairs.

    Long Chen saw the Temple Priest standing behind another guy. He looked to his left and saw that Mi Yin was still moving. She wasn't dead yet, even though he was sure that his potential was much more than her. He couldn't understand what was happening, but he knew that it had something to do with the guy that was standing in front of the Temple Priest.

    "The Temple Sacrifice is over. Mu Lin is the winner. You can all go back now," The Temple Master let out as he disappeared again.

    Mi Yin gave a look towards Long Chen before she started walking down the stairs.

    Long Chen stood at the top, frowning.

    'Was that guy the Temple Master? The Temple Priest looked too respectful before him. There's a good chance that he was the Temple Master. The guy that is that cause of everything my family lost. I promise you will die if something had happened to my father,' Long Chen thought as he clenched his fist and started going down the stairs.

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