600 Chapter 600: Time to enter

    " You were right. When I was near the girl, I sensed it too. She is a special kid, indeed," The Temple Master muttered as he appeared back in his room.

    " I don't understand how no one knew of her amazing potential yet," He muttered as he frowned.


    The Temple Priest stepped out of the Palace with Mi Yin and Long Chen.

    "The Temple Sacrifice is over. Mu Lin is victorious, but Mi Yin is still alive since the Temple Master decided to keep her alive. Both of you are the future of our sect. Cultivate hard and maintain the pace of your progress," The Temple Priest said to Mi Yin and Long Chen.

    "Oh, right. Mu Yun, keep your son ready. As soon as it's time, we'll leave for the Mysterious Realm with her," The Temple Priest told Elder Mu Yun before he disappeared as well.

    "I'm so glad you're safe," Mu Yun hugged Long Chen firmly as her eyes got wet. Even though she knew that he would be revived if something happened to him, she was still extremely worried about him. She was extremely happy as she saw Long Chen standing before her safely.

    "I'm fine," Long Chen replied as he hugged Mu Yun back.

    " You did great," Ruan Yi praised Long Chen in a casual tone. She was back to her neutral expressions now that the Trials were over, and she wasn't as tense anymore.

    " Congratulations, Young Man."

    "Good Work."

    "I knew you could do it."

    All the Elders started walking up to Long Chen and congratulated him.

    Elder Fu Min and a few other elders, on the other hand, left that place without saying anything. Mi Yin also left with her sister. She couldn't help but glance at Long Chen once thought.

    "Come on, free the little guy. Are you going to spend the rest of the day here, holding him, or will you take him back? He must be tired after going through all that," Ruan Yi let out with a wry smile on her face as she saw Mu Yun holding onto Long Chen.

    "Oh right," Mu Yun muttered as she freed Long Chen. She brought her flying beast out of her beast bag.

    She took Long Chen and sat on the flying beast with her.

    "You're also coming. Who will I celebrate with if you're not there, little Yi," Mu Yun asked Ruan Yi.

    "I told you a thousand times. Could you stop calling me Little Yi? You're only a year older than me," Ruan Yi let out as she rolled her eyes.

    "Hahaha, I just like your reaction. Come on, get here. We're leaving," Mu Yun chuckled as she gestured for Ruan Yi to get on their beast.

    Ruan Yi flew in the air and landed on the beast bear Mu Yun.

    The beast started flying after everyone was on it. It flew in the direction of the portal of the 21st portal.

    They reached the portal and teleported to the 21st floor.

    Mu Yun took Long Chen to his room, and after watching him lie on the bed and sleep, she left his room and started drinking with Ruan Yi.

    After Mu Yun left, Long Chen opened his eyes as he sat up.

    ' I still don't know anything about how to get to the 24th floor. Should I just wait until the Mysterious Realm opens? The only situation in which he's still alive is If they really need him for something related to the Mystery Realm. If that's the case, they will bring him on the journey.' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    "What if you're wrong?" Xun asked Long Chen as she heard his thoughts

    ' If it's not the case and I'm wrong, then I would be making a mistake wasting time. What can I do, though? They won't answer me about how to get to the 24th floor, and I can't get there without answers. I can't even defeat the Temple Priests so easily. In any case, my best choice is to go to the mystery realm and wait. If that place is really that dangerous, I'll definitely get my opportunity to beat a Temple Priest to get my answer,'  Long Chen replied to her using his thoughts.

    "That does make sense. If those guys are going inside personally and they're taking it so seriously, it might be dangerous for them there. Only in danger can they be weak enough for you to take care of them," Xun replied to Long Chen as she appeared near him.

    "Exactly. That's the safest option, and I won't even need to use the law of Darkness and sacrifice things," Long Chen muttered as he laid down on the bed again.

    "Don't forget that what's dangerous for them will be even more dangerous for you. You have a higher chance of being in danger than them," Xun let out as she sat on the bed near him.

    "Don't worry about that. I'll be fine. I have confidence in my abilities," Long Chen replied casually.

    "You're always overconfident. We need to work on that bad habit of yours," Xun replied as she shook her head.

    " My confidence is just fine. What kind of man would I be if I don't even trust my own abilities? How could I battle against the heaven if I don't even have enough confidence to face some traps? How can I read the Heaven's Path and take control if I don't even control my confidence? How can I become the Supreme if I'm scared of such little obstacles"  Long Chen chuckled as he looked at Xun.

    "Hmph, you'll never understand," Xun let out as she rolled her eyes.

    " Maybe you're right. Maybe I don't understand everything, but I do understand one that you probably don't," Long Chen replied to Xun.

    "What thing?" Xun asked with a curious look on her face.

    "I understand our bet, and I also understand I won that. Can you please repeat for me what that bet was?" Long Chen inquired with an amused smile on his face.

    "You! That..." Xun was stumped for words as the bet was brought up. She was hoping that Long Chen would forget that later.

    "Repeat what that bet was," Long Chen repeated again as he smiled. "Stop being a kid and forgetting things."

    "Hmph, who's acting like a kid! The bet was that I would let you kiss me whatever you ask for a kiss," Xun snorted as she rolled her eyes.

    "That's right. So I want a kiss now," Long Chen let out as he sat up again.

    "This..." Xun's face turned red as she didn't look back.

    Long Chen placed his hands around her shoulders and pulled her closer.

    "I know you don't want to deny, and because of the bet, you can't deny either. Just think of it as an excuse since you want to maintain that tough exterior," Long Chen whispered in her ears before he lightly put the tip of her ear.

    "Mmm," Xun couldn't help but let out a noise.

    Long Chen placed his hands around Xun's back and gently took her into his embrace as he laid down on the bed so that Xun was lying above him.

    They faced each other as their lips stayed only a few inches apart from the other person's lips.

    "Do it," Long Chen muttered softly.

    Xun moved her face closer and kissed the lips of Long Chen.


    It was the middle of the day. The Temple Sacrifice had just finished, but the details about this were already floating all around the Temple. Everyone was amazed at Mu Lin's performance, who was known as a trash that couldn't even break through. The details about the arrival of the Temple Master also shocked a lot of people. They couldn't help but regret them not being there to see the mysterious Temple Master, who never showed himself outside.
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