601 Chapter 601: 26th floor

    The Mystery Realm was also silent as the interior kept changing. The guards kept an eye inside to know when the Tomb and the Ruins appeared.

    Suddenly, the ground started shaking as spatial cracks started developing everywhere near the middle portion of the Mysterious Realm. A blinding light flashed before everyone that forced them to close their eyes to protect them from harm.

    After around two minutes, the light disappeared. The guards and the Elders placed near the edge of the Mystery Realm slowly started opening their eyes.

    As they opened their eyes, they noticed that the empty lands weren't vacant anymore. There were a few structures near the middle of the Mystery Realm.

    "The Ruins have appeared along with the tomb!" The Elders let out excitedly as they smiled.

    They left the Mystery Realm to inform the others.


    After half an hour, the Temple Priests appeared in the room of the Temple Master and informed him of the appearance of the tomb and the ruins.

    "Finally! It's finally the time to fulfill our long-cherished wishes and to prevent the future from happening," The Temple Master let out as he smiled.

    "Tell Mu Yun to send Mu Lin with us. It's time to enter the Mystery Realm. Also, tell my daughter Kaia to bring that guy. It's finally time to put that waste of space to good use," He added before he gestured for them to leave.

    Long Jun was still in his cell, but the woman who was standing beside him, watching the Temple Sacrifice, had left. It had only been a few minutes before the woman came back into the cell. She didn't come alone, though. She came with a few guards this time.

    " It's time to leave, big guy. Finally, it's time for you to do what we brought you here for," The woman said to Long Jun.

    The guards ran to Long Jun and held him firmly as they made him stand up.

    The guard took Long Jun and followed behind the woman called Liaqi.


    Mu Yun and Ruan Yi were drinking in Mu Yun's courtyard when they heard a knock on the door.

    Mu Yun placed the glass back on the table as she walked towards the door.

    Ruan Yi also followed after Mu Yun.

    Mu Yun opened the door and saw a middle-aged woman standing there. The woman had black hair, but she looked like she was in her forties.

    "Temple Priest Fiara?" Mu Yun let out in surprise.

    "Do you need something?" She asked.

    " I'm here to take your son. The Mysterious Realm is ready for exploration, and the Temple Master commanded us to enter. Bring your son so that I can take him to that place," Temple Priest told Mu Yun.

    "So soon? He just came back from the Temple Sacrifice and started resting," Mu Yun let out in a concerned tone.

    " Don't worry about that. We have a treasure that will remove his tiredness. You just bring him here. I'll take care of everything else," The Temple Priest let out in an expressionless tone. "Don't worry about anything. We will take care of him perfectly."

    "Ah, alright," Mu Yun nodded her head despite her hesitation.

    She walked back inside towards Long Chen's room.

    Long Chen was kissing Xun when he sensed Mu Yun coming towards his room.

    He released Xun from her embrace.

    Xun got off of Long Chen's body. Her face was still red.

    Mu Yun entered Long Chen's room.

    Long Chen was lying on the bed with his eyes closed.

    "Baby, wake up," Mu Yun ket out as she gently shook the body of Long Chen.

    Long Chen slowly opened his eyes as he looked at Mu Yun.

    " What happened, Mother?" Long Chen inquired.

    " The Temple Priest is here for you. She says that the Mystery Realm is open now. You need to go with them if you want to enter the Mystery Realm," Mu Yun explained.

    "So fast?" Long Chen inquired as he frowned.

    " Yeah. I think even they were surprised and didn't expect this one. There is no way they would have the Temple Sacrifice so close to the opening of the Mystery Realm; otherwise," Mu Yun responded. Even she looked confused.

    "It's fine then. I'm ready to go," Lon Chen let out as he sat up and got off the bed.

    He left his room with Mu Yun.

    Mu Yun introduced Long Chen to Temple Priest Fiara since the Temple Priest Long Chen saw during the Temple Sacrifice was a different person.

    Temple Priest Fiara took out her flying beast and took Long Chen with her.

    Long Chen expected her to take him to the 25th floor, where no one was allowed to enter. Since all the portals on the lower floors that led to the 25th floor were broken already, he believed that that floor had the portal of entering to the Mystery Realm or some other dirty secret that the Ghost Temple didn't want anyone to see.

    Long Chen soon realized that he was wrong as she saw Temple Priest Fiara move away from the portal of the 25th floor. Instead, she went in the direction of the 26th floor.

    ' The portal to the mystery realm is in the place where the Temple Master of the Ghost Temple stays? Now that I think about it, this doesn't seem that odd. Since the Mystery Realm was so important, the Temple Master's place being there isn't strange,' Long Chen thought.

    The Temple Priest and Long Chen landed before the Portal of the 26th floor.

    Template Priest Fiara entered the Portal with Long Chen.

    Long Chen appeared on the 26th floor. As soon as he appeared on this floor, he knew that this place was special. The Qi here was so dense that it was only slightly lacking when compared to the Spatial Realm where the Dark Fairy Clan used to be situated.

    When it came to this planet only, the Qi here was the densest he had felt.

    ' It is impossible for the Qi here to be so dense naturally and be average on other floors. They must be using some kind of Formation to keep the Qi so dense. It's either that or the Mystery Realm has even purer Qi, which is sneaking out to this place through that portal.

    He looked around and saw a giant black palace in the middle of this floor. He could also see a spatial portal on the other end of the place.

    There were a few more palaces on this floor, which surprised Long Chen since this place was supposed to belong to the Temple Master. The Temple Priests had a different floor altogether.

    ' Who could the other Palaces belong to? Is there someone else here that is higher than the Temple Priests and closer to the Temple Master in status?' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    " Stop standing there. We don't have much time," Temple Priest Fiara let out as she saw Long Chen just standing there blankly.

    She held Long Chen's hand and started flying in the direction of the Portal.

    Long Chen saw the many people surrounding the portal. Most of them seemed stronger than Mu Yun and Ruan Yi

    'They should be the Temple Priests,' Long Chen thought as he observed them. He had heard that this exploration would be mostly attended by the Temple Priest. The Temple Master was also going to participate in the exploration. That's all he knew. According to his information, no Elders were going to enter.

    Template Priest Fiara landed on the ground near the portal with Long Chen.

    "You're here. Good," One of the Temple Priests let out as he saw Long Chen and Fiara arrive. He was the same Temple Priest who was present in the Hall of Death, supervising the Temple Sacrifice. He was called Temple Priest Ru Mian.
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