602 Chapter 602: Meeting Father

    "Now, only a few people are still left. As long as They're here, we can leave," Temple Priest Ru Mian said.

    The Temple Master also appeared before them after a few seconds.

    "Is Liaqi still not here with him?" The Temple Master let out as he looked around.

    Xun also appeared near Long Chen as she looked around. She looked towards Long Chen's back and saw something that made her mouth open wide.

    "Long Chen! Whatever happens, don't lose your temper! You need to keep calm and plan for the future. Don't lose yourself in anger here, or no one would be safe," Xun told Long Chen.

    'What are you talking about?' Long Chen replied to Xun in confusion. He couldn't understand what she was talking about. Why would he get angry? It's not like he had lost his brain.

    While Long Chen was waiting for Xun's answer, he heard a voice.

    "I'm here, father," A female voice came from behind.

    The Temple Master and the other Temple Priests looked back.

    Long Chen also turned back in the direction of that Voice.


    Long Chen turned back in the direction of the voice and what he saw made him shocked to his core.

    A girl was standing there.

    The girl didn't look much old, and she could simply be described as a beautiful woman. The woman was standing there, but what attracted Long Chen's attention was the person she was holding onto.

    The woman was holding a person by the arm. That person looked like a beggar from his clothes. His clothes were dirty and torn in places. The clothes also had a few blood spots on it as if the man was beaten by someone. The man's long hair covered most of her face, but it wasn't enough to prevent Long Chen from seeing the face.

    It was the face of a man that looked like he was in his middle age. The man looked really tired as if he hadn't had a proper rest in weeks. There were dark circles around his eyes. The man raised his gaze and saw Long Chen, but Long Chen's mask of mischief showed him the face of Mu Lin.

    Even though the man saw Mu Lin and not his son, he was still happy. His eyes looked peaceful now as if he was glad to see someone from the same bloodline as his. He was told that Mu Lin was his nephew in a sense, even though Mu Lin's mother was not his blood sister from the same mother.

    He was glad that he was here, and he was able to see Mu Lin even though it was going to be his last day today. At Least Mu Lin could get some benefits from his death today, he thought.

    Long Chen had an entirely different reaction contrary to the peaceful reaction of the man.

    It was because Long Chen recognized the man. He recognized that man as his father, Long Jun. The same man his mother and grandfather believed to be dead was standing right before his eyes, and his condition was so bad that Long Chen's heart ached.

    He couldn't believe that they treated him like a criminal. He spread out his Divine Sense to check the body of Long Jun to see if he was safe or not.

    'What...' Long Chen's face turned grave as he saw that Long Jim's vocal cords were missing.

    'These bastards pulled out his vocal cords?!' Long Chen couldn't believe what he saw.

    He clenched his fist as his blood started boiling. He was feeling the hunger. He was hungry for the blood of the woman that was holding his father.

    If Long Chen hadn't added a new formation on the mask of mischief a few days ago to hide his killing intent when he was using the mask, the entire sect would have been able to sense his fierce killing aura. He never wanted to kill someone more than he wanted to kill the people that did this to his father, especially the woman who was holding him.

    Xun was telling him to calm down in her gentle tone, again and again, to make sure that he didn't lose control.

    Long Chen's fist was clenched so hard that his nails started penetrating his skin as his hand started bleeding.

    "You'll have your opportunity. Not now. Please, not now! Your father is alive. Just think of that. We can use a life healing pill to heal his body. Don't worry about anything. Don't lose yourself and your father for a moment of anger," Xun told Long Chen.

    Long Chen clenched his teeth as he closed his eyes and started taking deep breaths.

    'Don't worry, father. I'll let them feel even more pain than they let you feel. They started it, but I'll be the one to finish it! No one will be left alive by the time I'm done with them!' Long Chen promised himself in his mind as he kept taking deep breaths to calm his mind.

    Long Chen was somewhat lucky as well since his Heart Demon was acting weird for the last few weeks as it didn't move at all. Long Chen's Heart Demon kept sitting before his Martial Soul on its knees. It was as if the Heart Demon was cut off from the entire world, and only the Martial Soul mattered to the Heart Demon. It sat before the Martial Soul as if he was sitting before its Master that was departing some kind of knowledge to it.

    "You're finally here. He's prepared, right?" The Temple Master asked Liaqi.

    "Yes. Everything's ready," The woman replied.

    "Good. Let's enter then," The Temple Master nodded his head as he started walking towards the portal.

    He took the lead as he entered the portal.

    The woman entered after him with Long Jun.

    The Temple Priests and Long Chen also entered the portal.

    As Long Chen entered the portal, he found himself in what seemed like a deserted land, but there was something different. The sand was of black color. There were trees and plants around the place.

    Long Chen also felt incredible Qi in this place, which was nothing like he had ever felt. It was even denser and purer than it was in the Dark Fairy Clan.

    Now she understood why the 25th floor of the Ghost Temple had such pure Qi. It was because of the Qi that was leaking out of here.

    He looked ahead and saw a few structures that were broken in places. It seemed like the ruins with broken walls all around.

    Long Chen walked ahead of the others and intentionally stayed near the Temple Priest, who was walking in the lead so that he could keep a close eye on the woman and his father to make sure that nothing happened to him.

    Their group walked closer to the ruins, and when they got closer, The Temple Master told the Temple Priests Ru to keep Long Chen safe since they were getting near the ruins.

    Long Chen looked at the ruins and realized that these structures were made from something that was filled with Qi. Materials that contained Qi in them were pretty rare in this world. The chances of someone being able to make this whole place with materials like this were pretty rare. It was incredible.

    Long Chen had heard that these ruins weren't from this world, so be considered the possibility of it being from the Upper Realms.

    They walked inside the ruins and passed by many buildings, but none of them stopped near the buildings. It was clear that they weren't here for these buildings. They had probably already searched these buildings during the last exploration. Now, they were here for the place they failed to enter-the so-called mysterious tomb of this space.
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