603 Chapter 603: Old Enemy

    They kept walking for quite some time. Long Chen wondered why they weren't flying. Was there a restriction on flying in this place? It was either that, or there were some traps in the sky that they wished to avoid.

    There were also a few traps on the ground, but they managed to dodge all such traps since the Temple Priests had the knowledge about this place, and they knew how to get to the main tomb safely. The last exploration team had already cleared most of the traps and formed a perfect map that described how they could get where the last team reached safely.

    After walking for over two hours, they finally reached near the tomb.

    They were standing a hundred meters away from the tomb only.

    Even though Long Chen was still a hundred meters away from the main tomb, he felt his blood reacting fiercely as if it had found something familiar that was making it restless.

    ' This reaction... It's nothing like I have ever felt before. Just what could be inside this tomb to make me feel the dread? Why does it seem like my blood is warning me about something,' Long Chen thought as he frowned while looking towards the tomb.

    The tomb seemed to be different from the other structures around the ruins. While the ruins seemed like they were made of materials that were filled with the energy of nature, the tomb before him was entirely different.

    The tomb seemed to be made from the most average of materials. The walls of the tomb didn't seem like they were anything special, but the Long Chen knew that the tomb wasn't typical. His bloodline was reacting violently, and it wasn't stopping. Even though this was uncomfortable, he could feel more power flow through his body because of this.

    The Temple Master kept walking closer to the tomb with the others. The closer Long Chen got to the tomb, the more his blood reacted. His feeling was strange now. He felt as if his bloodline was happy on occasion because of being here, and on other moments, he felt like his bloodline was sad and wanted him to destroy everyone here.

    What Long Chen didn't know was that there was another change inside Long Chen's body.

    Inside his Martial Space, his Martial Soul was still standing, but it had opened its eyes as it looked in the direction of the tomb.

    It seemed as if Long Chen's Martial Soul was able to see through the walls of the tomb and look inside the depths.

    There was no expression on its face as it closed the eyes again and went back to the eternal silence.


    While there was a movement in Long Chen's Martial Soul, there was a movement inside the ruin as well. No one knew about it since, unlike Long Chen's Martial Soul, they couldn't look inside the tomb.


    In a faraway place, a man was holding onto a book. Half his face was covered by a mask.

    The man was the same person that had given Mingyu the destiny crystal that was responsible for bringing her to Long Chen.

    The man was called the Master of Destiny. He was able to read the destiny of the universe with the hold of the small book of Destiny that the man carried in his hand.

    The man also had another unique identity that no one knew about.

    A young man was following behind the masked man.

    The masked man felt the book of Destiny shake.

    "It is shaking? That only happens when a world-changing event takes place. Could it be that..." The man muttered as he looked towards the book.

    He opened the book.

    "The door will be opened. The Sealed will Awaken. The world shall change. When two combine, Origin appears," He read the words in the book.

    " I was right. They are opening that place. Idiots," The man sighed as he shook his head.

    " Even I don't know what's inside, but it is something that was placed inside the Tomb for a reason. It shouldn't be brought out to this world," The Man muttered.

    "Unfortunately, I can't interfere in the matters directly, and the Destiny doesn't let me go there. It doesn't even let me affect this matter indirectly either. It feels like even the heavenly laws want that thing to stay inside, but they're too scared to get their hands involved in it for some reason. are they afraid of something?" The Man muttered as he shook his head. "I never saw something like this ever."

    "Hey there, old man. I must say, for once in your life, you're right," A voice came from behind suddenly.

    The Master of Destiny looked behind and saw a young-looking boy standing there with a subtle smile on his face.

    The young boy had the 20th token of appreciation of the Divine Heaven Sect as a necklace on his neck. He was the same person that had given the major sects the information about Long Chen killing their Elders, which placed Long Chen's family in danger. The young boy was flying in the air before the Master of Destiny.

    "It's you," The Master of Destiny let out in an expressionless tone.

    " Who else did you expect to know you still, old man?" The Young Boy chuckled.

    "You're older than me," The Master of Destiny replied in a grim tone.

    " I read about you a little bit. You tried messing with the destiny of the world by involving yourself directly in the matters of this world," He added as he looked deep into the eyes of the young boy.

    "Meh, I just tested something. I knew it wouldn't do anything bad. Just think of it as an experiment," The boy let out as he shrugged.

    "An experiment that lost millions of lives?" The Master of Destiny responded.

    "Yeah, an experiment that cost a few insignificant lives. But at least I made sure of something," The young boy said as he smiled.

    " What did you make sure of?" The Master of Destiny inquired.

    " That maybe.... maybe there's a chance..." The young boy muttered as he sighed.

    "Anyway, when it comes to that, aren't you playing with fire as well? Did you really have to select that specific boy? I can see things going really bad in the future.

    The Master of Destiny looked at the young boy with a frown on his face.

    "I know you can't use the book of Destiny for yourself or for associates of yourself, or anyone with the intention of finding things about you. That's why you're blind to such an obvious mistake," The Young boy let out as he shook his head.

    The Master of Destiny didn't respond and kept his mouth closed.

    "Anyway, I just wanted to see you and give you advice. Don't involve yourself with his matters, or the things will get worse. Let me deal with the things my way," the Young Boy muttered before his figure started becoming illusory.  The boy disappeared soon after.

    The Master of Destiny closed his eyes for a brief second before he opened them again as he started walking with the boy following behind.

    "We will see what the future beholds. Is it the Darkness that threatens the world, or is it the light that lay asleep in the depths," he muttered.


    "Master, where did you go?" Mu Fan asked the Young Boy who had the 20th Divine Heaven Sect token.

    " I went to meet an old enemy and to give him a little warning," The young boy let out as he smiled.

    "Old Enemy?" Mu Fan inquired.

    " Hah, you don't have to be concerned about that. Just focus on the task I gave you," the Young Boy let out as he smiled. "I do hope that he wouldn't make things worse."

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