604 Chapter 604: Worthy of Inheritance

    The Ghost Temple Master and the others walked closer to the tomb.

    While the rest of the long journey had taken two hours, the last hundred meters of the journey took them three hours because of all the traps that were in the vicinity of the Tomb.

    The Temple Priests used the resources they had brought specifically for this task. The Last exploration team had managed to enter the tomb a little, so they knew the traps outside the tomb.

    Despite knowing the Traps, the place was still so dangerous that it took them three hours to cross the last hundred meters to the entrance of the tomb, but all of them managed to reach there successfully.

    Long Chen was glad that they didn't try to harm his father while crossing the traps. This just meant that they didn't bring them for the traps outside. There must be something they needed inside to succeed.

    All of them stood at the entrance of the Tomb but didn't enter inside yet.

    The Ghost Temple Master suddenly looked towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen couldn't help but be surprised as he wondered what happened.

    ' Is he getting suspicious of me now?' Long Chen thought as he frowned. "I don't feel any malicious intent yet."

    " Mu Lin, it's going to be dangerous from this point onwards. Stay close to me," The Temple Master said to Long Chen.

    'He wants me to stay with him? Is Mu Lin really that important that even the Temple Master wants to keep him safe personally? Poor guy, he was so important yet he died outside where even his body wouldn't have been found,' Long Chen thought.

    He nodded his head and walked closer to the Temple Master.

    The Temple Master took out a giant hammer out of his storage ring.

    It was a rare artifact known as the Hammer of the Heaven. It was known to be capable of opening all the doors.

    It was an artifact that was found in an ancient Ruins thousands of years ago by some explorers. It was said that this artifact was something that was from the Realm of Gods, but no one ever believed that rumor.

    They didn't believe that something from the Realm of God could fall here.

    The Temple Master was different, though. When he held the hammer for the first time in his life, he knew that it was not a normal hammer that could be made by mortal Artificers. It was an Artifact that was from the Higher Realms.

    His assumption was proven right when Mu Lin's father confirmed to the Temple Master in the past that this Hammer of Heaven was actually a treasured artifact of a God Beast that had gone missing a long time ago. Even he was amazed at how it found its way to the mortal world.

    That's when the Temple Master knew the true use of this Hammer. The Hammer had uses like this, and it was used by the last Exploration team to enter the tomb. They had managed to get inside successfully. With the help of this Hammer until they got stuck at a dead end. They couldn't go ahead because they lacked something necessary.

    The failure of the last exploration gave them even more information about what they needed to do. It was why they brought Mu Lin with them. They also brought Long Jun for a similar reason. All to be able to get to the core.

    The only one that was going to be sacrificed was Long Jun, though.

    The Temple Master raised the hammer and hit it on the entrance of the tomb with all his force.

    The Door of the Tomb shook for a few seconds before it started opening with a screeching sound.

    Soon, the door opened entirely.

    The Temple Master told the Temple Priests to take the lead as he stood back with Long Chen and Liaqi.

    The Temple Priests took the lead and started walking inside what seemed like a long corridor.

    As they were walking through the corridor, Ruan Liaqi couldn't help but shake her head in disappointment.

    "I thought this place would be filled with treasures or traps. We have been walking in this corridor for quite some time, but I see nothing. Is this really a ruin father?" Ruan Liaqi asked the Temple Master, who was her father.

    "That's because the traps in this corridor have always been disabled the last time we came here. It's your first time, so you don't know about that, not the traps here are indeed pretty bad. I lost a rare artifact just to handle this corridor and to disable all the traps.

    After some more time, they reached the end of the corridor.

    At the end of the corridor, they found themselves in a giant room.

    The room was entirely empty, but there were two doors at the end of the room.

    One of the doors was black while the other door was black.

    There was also a statue before both of the doors. One of the statues looked like a beautiful phoenix that was before the white door.

    The statue before the black door was something that was really strange.

    Even though everyone could see the statue there, there was something mysterious about it. Even though all of them could see the statue before the black door, they couldn't make out anything about it when it came to shape or how it actually looked like. There seemed to be something that messed with their eyes and confused them.

    "What is that statue? It's like I can see it, but I can't see it," Ruan Liaqi asked the Temple Master as she frowned.

    "Even I don't know about that. Don't try too much. No matter how much you try, you won't be able to make out its shape," The Temple Master let out as he shook his head.

    "I understand. Which door are we going to enter, though? There are two doors before us," Liaqi inquired.

    "We are going to enter the white one. The words we read talked about the path of light, but we still sent a team in the black door before. That whole place is empty and just brings you back here. The white one is the right path here," The Temple Master let out as he glanced towards the white door near that phoenix statue.

    "Let's go. We shouldn't waste time," The Temple Master let out as he started walking towards the white door.

    Long Chen also walked towards the White Door with the Temple Priest. He intentionally walked a little behind the Temple Master so that he could be close to his father, who was being taken by Ruan Liaqi.

    As Long Chen walked closer to the white door, his blood reaction got even more violent, which was making him uncomfortable now. It was as if thousands of ants were walking all around his body.

    Inside the Beast Region of the Mysterious Ring, Little Snow was also feeling her blood react as if something strange was going on in her body. She opened her eyes as she looked around.

    The Temple Master entered the white door and found himself in another long corridor with the Temple Priests and the others.

    They walked straight for some time before they reached a dead end in that corridor. They saw another statue of the phoenix before the wall that was the dead end.

    There were a few words written on the wall.

    "We're there. Finally, we can use him. Liaqi, take that guy here," Temple Master told his daughter to bring Long Jun closer to the statue.

    "Mu Lin, come closer. It's time for you to get the best gift of your life. The true reward for winning the Temple Sacrifice and proving yourself the most worthy of this inheritance," The Temple Master said as he smiled.
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