605 Chapter 605: Nice to meet you, Father

    Long Chen frowned as he looked at the Temple Master.

    He saw Liaqi taking his father closer to the statue. He had a terrible feeling about it. From their words, it seemed like they had kidnapped his father just for this moment.

    "Mu Lin, you also go to the statue and place your right hand over the head of the Phoenix Statue," The Temple Master told Long Chen.

    Long Chen shifted his gaze between the Temple Master and the statue as he started walking towards the statue.

    " I get it! I know what it is!" Xun suddenly let out loudly in Long Chen's hand.

    'What is it? Tell me fast,' Long Chen asked as he frowned.

    " This is the Statue of Inheritance! There are a few statues like this spread around all over the universe. The statues are said to be of the God Beasts. This does look like a Phoenix Statue, and he told you to place your hand on the head of the statue. I also remembered that they found your father because of his statue! I have finally put the pieces together," Xun told Long Chen.

    ' Don't waste my time then! Tell me fast if this will be dangerous for him!' Long Chen told Xun as he looked at the statue. He didn't place his hand on the head of the statue.

    "When you put your hand on the head of this phoenix, you'll get the inheritance inside this statue! The inheritance can only be received by someone who is under thirty. No wonder they used the Temple Sacrifice to select a candidate and only allowed people who were younger than thirty," Xun let out as she appeared near him.

    ' Why would they need my father then? How does he fit into all this?' Long Chen let out as he frowned.

    "Because of the tattoo that was on his body by birth! They need a person that had the same tattoo as the statue. There are people like that who have tattoos. They need to sacrifice their life force to activate the statue so that the other person can get the inheritance! They want to use him as a power source to activate the statue so that you can get the inheritance. Most probably, getting the inheritance of the statue out of it might be the only way to unlock the path ahead. That's probably why they couldn't move forward last time," Xun told Long Chen.

    "His hand is already on the statue, as long as you place your hand on the statue, it will activate! You will get the inheritance of this statue, and the others will be allowed to go further inside the tomb, but your father will die," Xun warned Long Chen in a grave tone.

    "Since the inheritance is in a statue in a place like this, it can be really powerful. It might even be the legendary God Beast Ancestral Inheritance of the Rainbow Phoenix. I will leave it for you to decide if you want to make a move to save your father or just do as they say and take the inheritance. Let me see your determination," Xun told Long Chen as she disappeared.

    Long Chen looked towards his father, who was standing with his hand on the phoenix out of his own volition.

    He believed that his father probably didn't know what it did, or he was doing it because of some threat.

    'They probably threatened him about killing the family. There is no way he wouldn't know they're forcing him to do something dangerous.

    " What are you doing? Hurry and place your hand on the statue!" The Temple Master insisted as he saw Long Chen just standing there and not moving his hand.

    "Kid, do it. We need to go ahead too."

    "Don't worry. It's not dangerous. It will only make you stronger!"

    " Don't be scared now. Place your hand on the head of the statue and take the inheritance!"

    All the Temple Masters started telling Long Chen to be fast as they saw him standing still and not doing anything.

    " Was there ever a doubt about what I'll do? Of course, I'll choose the thing that's more precious," Long Chen muttered as if he was answering Xun.

    The Temple Master and the others watched Long Chen wondering what he was talking about.

    Long Chen started walking towards his father.

    Long Jun also looked at his father, wondering what was happening.

    "It's good to meet you again, finally, Father," Long Chen let out as he looked in Long Jun's eyes. " Wait with mother for some time. I'll heal you later."

    Long Chen reached out his hand and touched the hand of Long Jun.

    The Temple Master realized that something was wrong. He started flying towards Long Chen.

    The Fake World Ring activated as Long Chen touched his father's hand. Long Jun disappeared.

    The Temple Master's face turned red in anger.

    He realized that something was wrong with Mu Lin. Was it possible that Mu Lin was actually a spy? Could it be that Mu Yun found out about how they had killed her whole family, and she sent Mu Yun here with a scheme to take Long Jun and escape?

    He reached out his palm to touch Long Chen's neck, but just as the Temple Master's hand touched Long Chen's neck, Long Chen disappeared as he appeared on the other end of the room.

    He changed his face again using the mask of Mischief to make his face seem like something that was neither Mu Lin's face nor his face.

    "I can't believe that I was able to pretend to be Mu Lin to fool you guys! The Temple Master of the Ghost Temple is nothing special, I guess! That fool of a mother of the kid couldn't recognize it either! I'm so glad Mi Yin's little sister helped me by killing the real Mu Lin. Goodbye, idiots!" Long Chen laughed like a maniac as a Spatial Portal appeared behind him for long-distance travel. He was hoping to appear on the edge of the mystery realm to leave.

    At first, Long Chen's plan was to find his father and send him to the fake world and then to leave the Ghost Temple without anyone finding that he was an imposter. He wanted to hide the fact that Mu Yun's son was dead to keep her from hurting.  He wanted to leave the temple as Mu Lin as if he just wanted to go out to experience the world. That would save her and help him leave without trouble.

    The plans changed soon enough, though. As soon as he saw his father before him, he knew that the old plan wasn't possible. Since they were bringing his father inside the Mystery Realm, then they definitely wished to use him for something. He had already decided that if his father was in life-threatening danger, he would have to take action in front of everyone.

    There was a problem with that too. If he did that as Mu Lin and escaped from this place, all blame would come on Mu Yun. To protect her, he needed to make it clear before everyone that he wasn't actually Mu Yun but an imposter. That's what he did just now while keeping his real face hidden, and now he was going to use the Spatial Travel for long-distance travel that was now capable of teleporting him anywhere in the range of 500 kilometers.

    He knew that since he was in a different space, he wouldn't be able to use Spatial Teleport to leave this place since there was actually no proper distance between two spaces. The bed he could do was teleport at the entrance of the Mystery Realm and leave from there before the others catch up.
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