606 Chapter 606: Chained Soul

    He walked inside the Teleportation Portal before others could do anything as the Teleportation Portal disappeared.

    There was something that Long Chen hadn't realized, though. When Long Chen's neck was touched by the Temple Master, his neck was lightly grazed by the Temple Master's hand.

    He didn't realize that his blood drop had fallen on the ground of the Temple from the light wound. The small blood droplet was absorbed by the ground of the tomb.


    "The blood of the one who sealed awoke the one who was sealed. Sigh, it actually happened."

    A young boy looked towards the sky as he sighed.


    In the depths of the Tomb, a young boy was sitting in the darkness. The boy seemed like a five-year-old boy who had beautiful dark hair.

    The boy had light blue eyes and a beautiful face.

    The boy was sitting inside a dark room, filled with blinding darkness, but that wasn't all.

    There was a small black barrier that was surrounding the area around the boy. Whenever the boy tried to move, he was electrocuted, and his screams echoed in the whole room.

    The young boy had blank eyes that seemed like that of an innocent child.

    The surprising thing about the boy was his soul. The boy's soul was bound by what seemed like over 120 spiritual chains that were all made of a different law.

    It seemed as if someone had trapped his soul by using the Universal Laws that were the true origin of the whole world. The shocking thing was that even the God Beast Kings didn't have enough strength to do it, let alone the others.

    When Long Chen's blood drop fell in the middle of the tomb, the barrier started shining as brightly as it could. Cracks started developing on the barrier.

    Soon, the barrier broke apart as it shattered into pieces.

    The boy tried to move and realized that it didn't hurt anymore. There was no pain after moving.


    Near the phoenix statue, the Temple Master was standing with a deep frown on his face as he looked in the direction where Long Chen was previously standing.

    "That bastard! He destroyed all our effort! All the wait we did for thousands of years went to waste! I'll kill him when I find him!" The Temple Master thundered. His voice echoed in the surroundings.

    He put so much effort into it that it had made him really upset.

    He remembered how tough it was to find out about how to solve the statue problem and go ahead.

    After that, finding the person with this tattoo was another problem that he was, fortunately, able to solve.

    Fortunately, one day, he saw Long Jun's mother in the sect that had the required statue. The problem was that only guys with this tattoo were able to sacrifice themselves. The tattoo was useless on the body of a woman. He knew that the tattoo would pass on to the kid of the woman, and if that baby was a boy, then he could use that kid as a sacrifice.

    Unfortunately, the woman found out about this and ran away.

    He was so angry that he ordered the execution of her whole family. Even though her family had a very high position in the Ghost Temple, they were wiped out in a day for going against the Temple Master.

    Mu Yun wasn't killed since she wasn't there at that time. She was outside the Ghost Temple on another continent for a mission. When she came back, she already had a husband, and that husband was someone who even frightened the Temple Master. He didn't dare to hurt Mu Yun and hid the truth about the slaughter of her family.

    Even after the man wasn't here on this planet, he still didn't dare to even think about doing something to Mu Yun.

    After a lot of effort for tens of years, he found Long Jun.

    Finally, he was in the right place at the right time. He had all he needed, but all because of Long Chen, everything was spoiled. He wanted to cut Long Chen to pieces, but just as he started moving, he stopped as he saw the tomb shake.

    "Father, the statue disappeared!" Ruan Liaqi suddenly called out.

    The Temple Master stopped as he looked back and saw that the statue had indeed disappeared.

    The wall that was blocking the path had also crumbled down as the path ahead became visible.

    "Something's changed! The path is open! Should we enter or leave this place to find the kid? We don't even know where he disappeared to? He might even be outside by now. He's definitely not a normal person to form a spatial portal in this place," The Temple Priest inquired as he looked at the temple master.

    "Fine. Let him take the man. We only needed him to open the path which is already open. Let him live for a little longer. We will catch him soon," The Temple Master let out as he started walking towards the entrance that had just opened. The robe behind his back moved as he walked. The temple priests and the others also followed after the Temple Master.


    Long Chen had entered the Spatial Travel Portal, but while he was inside, he felt like there was something wrong. The spatial travel was destroyed as Long Chen got thrown out of nowhere.

    Long Chen crashed on the ground as he looked around.

    He was in the place where the black and white doors were present.

    "I'm still inside the Tomb?" Long Chen muttered as he stood up.

    "The Tomb probably prohibits the Spatial Travel. It is definitely a high-level tomb if it can stop your spatial travel. It would be a different matter if you had a Law Tree of Space with complete mastery, though. You have advanced a lot in this, but you're still not the full way," Xun told Long Chen.

    " This freaking thing had to happen just now when I'm in this damn place," Long Chen let out as he spread out his Divine Sense to see if the others were coming after him or not.

    "No one is chasing after me. They probably don't know that this tomb can interrupt my spatial travel midway instead of preventing me from using it entirely. They must be thinking that I'm already outside. That's probably why they are not in a hurry," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    "That is what I think as well," Xun replied.

    " Even though they might not be in a hurry, they'll definitely come out soon since the path ahead was blocked and won't open without your father. Let's just leave," Xun told Long Chen.

    " Yeah," Long Chen muttered as he turned back to leave, but he suddenly stopped. He felt as if something was attracting him. Something was trying to call him back.

    He looked back and noticed this feeling was coming from the black door.


    Long Jun was suddenly sent inside the Fake World. Long Chen had intentionally sent him to the place where his Grandfather and Mother were present. He sent him directly to the main hall of the new house that they made in the Fake World.

    Long Jun appeared inside the room, but as his legs were weak, he dropped down to his knees.

    Long Ren, Sima Ziyi, Xue, Mei, Zhiqing, and Mingyu were sitting around while Long Xue Ying was in his room cultivating.

    Long Jun was sitting on his knees with his face towards Sima Ziyi and his back towards Long Ren.

    "Who are you?" Long Ren let out as he saw a stranger appearing in the middle of the hall.

    The stranger had dirty Clothes like a beggar, and his hair was also long and dirty. He didn't know who it was.
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