607 Chapter 607: Reunion

    Long Ren didn't get any answer from the strange man who didn't answer. Long Ren was about to walk towards the man to see who it actually was, but he couldn't help but be shocked as he saw Sima Ziyi's weird expression.

    Sima Ziyi had her mouth slightly open as if she found something half to believe. Her eyes turned red as tears started falling from her eyes.

    Long Ren wondered why it was? Just who was this man that was capable of getting that reaction from Sima Ziyi?

    " I-is this really you?" Sima Ziyi muttered as she stood up with tears in her eyes. Without waiting for an answer, she ran towards Long Jun. She helped him up and made him sit on the seat.

    As the man sat on the sofa, Long Ren finally managed to see the face of the man. Long Ren couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the face of the man.

    It seemed as if he had received a shock as he took two steps back.

    "This can't be! My son is dead! You can't be him! Who are you?!" Long Ren let out with an impossible look on his face.

    "He succeeded! He managed to save him!" Zhiqing excitedly let out as she realized that this man was most probably the right person since Long Chen went to find his father inside.

    "W-What?! Tell me what he did!" Long Ren let out as he looked at Zhiqing. He understood who she could be talking about.

    "This man is your real son, Grandfather. He's our real Father-in-law. Long Chen went to save him, and he succeeded in saving his father," Zhiqing replied as she smiled.

    She was quite excited since Long Chen succeeded. She knew how concerned Long Chen was about it since he didn't even know if his father was actually alive or not.

    While Zhiqing was focused on talking, Mingyu was looking at Long Jun.

    "He seems injured. Let me feed him a Life-Giving Pill," Mingyu said as she walked towards Long Jun.

    "Father in law, Take this. This pill will heal you," She said as she stood near Long Jun with the pill.

    She realized that Long Jun was injured, and his injuries were severe, and the Life-Giving Pill was the only solution that was fully effective and fast. Even though his injuries weren't life-threatening, she used the Life-Giving Pill.

    Long Jun opened his mouth and swallowed the pill. He looked shocked, though. He had heard about the Life-Giving Pill here. It was an expensive pill that only expert alchemists could make.

    The miraculous pill started taking effect instantly as it started healing Long Jun's body. His physical wounds started healing along with his internal wounds.

    Long Jun's vocal cords were removed, but it also recovered as a new one formed.

    Long Jun looked at Sima Ziyi, who was still crying. His tears also started falling as he saw her face and her sadness.

    He opened his lips as he said his first word in a long time.


    Sima Ziyi heard the word and instantly hugged Long Jun firmly as she started crying like a kid.

    Long Jun placed his hands on her back.

    "I'm sorry for leaving you alone," He said.

    He looked towards his father with a sad smile on his face.

    "Father," He let out.

    "Jun'er? Are you really alive? Tell me what happened," Long Ren said with an incredulous look on his face.

    "Wait... If this is real, then the boy... he called me father... Was he our son?" Long Jun suddenly realized the meaning of the words Long Chen told him when he sent him here.

    "Where is our son?! Is he not here?!" He let out as he stood up with shock on his face.

    "He can't come here. This place is a kind of special space inside his treasure. He can't come inside. He can only send others inside," Zhiqing explained.

    " That means he's still there before those bastards! Tell me the way to leave this place! I need to save him even if I need to stop them with my last breath! I can't let my son die to save my life!" Long Jun let out loud as concern shrouded his face.

    " He's in danger?" Sima Ziyi's face lost all her colors as she heard about this. She couldn't help but drop down to her knees. The girls instantly ran up to Sima Ziyi and helped her up.

    "Tell me the way to leave! Fast! I can't let something happen to him," Long Jun let out as he looked at Long Ren.

    "I... I don't know. I don't think there is any way to leave this place. Only he can bring us out and send it to us. He's still outside while we're inside. I don't know what to do," Long Jun replied with a pale face.

    He was also worried about Long Chen now.

    The moment was supposed to be a happy moment since he found out that his son was alive and standing before him, but this happy moment was turned upside down instantly. The news about his grandson being in danger came crashing down, and he couldn't even do it even after knowing about it.

    He never felt this powerless in his life.

    "Don't worry, Father-in-law. Your son is not as weak as you think. He already has many methods to escape in dangerous situations. He wouldn't have taken action at the moment if he wasn't sure of his survival. He'll be back," Zhiqing told Long Jun in a confident tone.

    " Father-in-law? You don't know anything. The people that will be after his life aren't normal people! They are top Heaven Realm Cultivators from the Ghost Temple. The Temple Master is also there who is an even worse monster! My son will die if I don't do anything! I'll find a way myself!" Long Jun let out as he started running b towards the exit of the house to find some kind of portal or something.

    From what he understood, this was a special realm inside a treasure. He had heard of treasures like this. These treasures were mostly said to be myths that were the product of someone's imagination that didn't really exist.

    Now he understood that it was not a myth, and it did exist. He also believed the other things he heard about treasures like this. It was said that the space inside these treasures always had some kind of hidden portal that allowed people to leave the place.

    "There must be a portal in here. This space can't be that big! I need to find the portal and leave. I need to let him have a chance to escape," Long Jun let out as he left the house.

    As he left, he saw many girls walking around. They all had wings on their back.

    He just stood there confused, wondering if he was dreaming. Was he in the land of angels?

    He looked around and saw many structures. There were trees around as well.

    He raised his head and saw the Sun over his head.

    "A sun? I-is this really just a treasure space? Why is here Qi just like the normal world and that sun and everything else? Special treasure space could only be a few square kilometers. How is this place so big?" Long Jun muttered as he looked around.

    Long Red appeared near Long Jun and placed his hand on his shoulder.

    "I know what you want to do. I have also tried to find a special portal for emergencies, but I don't think there is any. Even if there is one, it's impossible to find since this space is so big. This is not just some area. This is an entire world," Long Ren explained.
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