608 Chapter 608: The Unsealed

    " Is there really no way?" Long Jun asked as he looked back at Long Ren. He didn't want to leave his son behind at any cost. If there was even a little chance of leaving this place, he was ready to take the risk.

    "I wish there was. I would've gone with you to help my grandson as well in that case, but I searched as far as I could. There is no portal, and we can't tread this whole world to find a Portal as that will take years. I wish we could do something, but all we can do is wait," Long Ren explained as he sighed.

    "But my son... How could I bear to live with myself if something happened to him because of me? He never should've come to save me! This man was already dead for everyone. I should've stayed dead. How can I let him exchange his life for my half-dead life?" Long Jun asked as his eyes got wet.

    The man that had never cried while he was in the prison of the Ghost Temple had his eyes wet now. The man who didn't have a single tear even when his vocal cords were destroyed had a tear in his eyes at the moment.

    " Don't worry. Zhiqing didn't lie. Have faith in your son. He is much more incredible than we could ever be. He grew a lot after you left that even I find it impossible. Don't worry so much. He will definitely escape safely. I have full faith in him. You should have some faith in your son as well. Come, let's go back. Since you talked about him being in danger, Ziyi has been crying. You need to be there for her. And have faith. He'll return safely," Long Red told Long Jun as he sighed.

    "Hmm," Long Jun nodded his head with a concerned look on his face, but he was shocked as he was suddenly hugged by Long Ren.

    "Father? Are you crying?" Long Jun inquired as he felt like his father was crying before him.

    "This old man is so happy that you're alive. I'm so happy. You're finally back, and you're safe. Welcome home, son," Long Ren said before he freed Long Jun and started walking towards the house, trying to wipe his eyes to make sure that no one saw his tears, including his son, who was walking behind him.


    Long Chen was still standing in the hall with the two doors.

    He looked at the black door and started frowning.

    " Why aren't you leaving? What happened?" Xun asked Long Chen as she saw him standing there.

    " I feel like something is calling me. Do you think there is something behind that black door? I feel like I need to enter there," Long Chen muttered as he kept looking at the door.

    He wanted to leave, but there was something inside him that was telling him to stop.

    "I don't feel anything, but there might be a reason you're feeling this way. The place seems to be somewhat special. There is no way there would be nothing behind a door like that if you feel there is. The exploration team of the humans said that they entered the last time inside, and they found themselves back at this place. That room should be a trap or a place that hides something. Since they were all safe as they got back here, it doesn't seem like there is a trap there," Xun explained as she went through what she understood from hearing the talks of the Ghost Temple Master last time.

    "Even if there's a treasure there, you can't stay back. You need to leave. If those people catch you, you'll be in trouble," Xun told Long Chen as she frowned.

    " You're right. I shouldn't take the risk," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    He started walking away from the black door, but his feeling of missing out of something kept getting more and more powerful. It grew so much that he was getting restless.

    "Fuck it. I'm entering. I can leave later too. I have some plans that can help me with that. I need to see what's inside, though," Long Chen told Xun as he started walking towards the Black Door.

    He tried opening it even though he knew that it was probably locked, just for the peace of mind. If he couldn't open it, then he was just going to leave. He still had a Spatial Travel left to use since he was able to use that twice in a day after his growth in the comprehension of space law.

    Long Chen pushed the door open, and surprisingly, it did open. It didn't seem like this door was locked.

    What he didn't know was that it was locked for everyone except him. As soon as his blood dropped in this tomb, he had gained its instant recognizance for some reason.

    Long Chen pushed the door open and entered the hallway on the other side before closing the door.

    He walked through the hallway, which seemed unending.

    "Just how long is it?" He let out as he frowned, but he stopped as he felt like he passed through something.

    He stepped back and looked to his left.

    "This symbol..." Long Chen muttered as he looked at the symbol on the wall.

    "Xun, you remember this symbol? It's from..."

    Long Chen was talking when Xun cut him off to finish his sentence.

    "... Bloodline Temple," Xun said.

    "Right. It's from the bloodline temple. I saw the same symbol on the walls when I first entered there. Do you know what it says?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Yeah, it means something in the ancient language of the gods. This word means prosperity," Xun explained.

    "Prosperity? This symbol is exactly what was attracting me. While I was coming here, I felt like I was getting closer to whatever was calling for me, but when I passed this place, I felt like I was getting away. This should be what I was after," Long Chen inquired as he frowned.

    He reached out his hand to touch the symbol.


    The Temple Master and the others reached another door after walking for a short time.

    The Temple Master pushed the door open and entered inside with others.

    As the door opened, the pitch-black room brightened up, revealing a young boy standing there.

    "A kid? What nonsense is this!" The Temple Master let out as he saw the kid. He was expecting to find something else, but looking at what seemed like an innocent kid infuriated him. He was even more angry after the mishap because of Long Chen, and now finding the room empty made him even more angry.

    " How can a kid be here? Wait a minute, could it be that imposter trying to trick us again? I knew teleportation formations wouldn't work here. It must have broken instantly, and he escaped to here. In fear of getting caught, he changed his face and his form again!" Ruan Liaqi let out as she started walking towards the kid.

    "You bastard! Do you really think you can fool us again?! Let me see if you can take a single slap of this old man!" Liaqi said with an angry look on her face as she reached near the kid.

    She used all her strength as she tried to kill the kid using a slap.

    Her killing intent reached near the boy who was looking at her.

    As soon as the killing intent touched his body, something changed.

    The Soul of the Young Boy was bound in Hundred and Twenty chains of natural laws, but near a killing intent, it seemed like the soul started shining a little.

    One of the Hundred and Twenty Chains broke suddenly.
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