609 Chapter 609: First Chain Broken

    As soon as the killing intent of Ruan Liaqi touched the body of the boy, something changed.

    The room suddenly got much colder than it was supposed to be. Everyone was able to feel the fierce chill in the surroundings. The transcended Qi filled the room as the trapped soul of the young boy started shining, but no one was able to see it since it was inside the body of the young boy. Not only that, the soul was inside a void.

    There were hundred and Twenty universal law chains trapping the young boy's soul. The 120 Universal Law chains also started shining to keep the godly soul of a boy in control so that it would be unable to break through, but even then, it was having difficulty.

    While the boy had no idea what was happening inside the body, the chains were working hard to keep the chains of the Ancient in control.

    The problem was that the boy didn't have any memories. He didn't know about his soul, and he didn't know about the chains. He didn't know about who he was, and he didn't understand why he was here. All he knew was that he had seen darkness since he gained consciousness.

    He had spent what seemed like an eternity in this place that was worse than hell for him. Only Isolation and loneliness were his true friends here. He was like an empty vessel, the purpose of whose existence was to get tormented in the darkness for eternity.

    He was the light that was never supposed to come out and meet the light of the day. It was as if he was published by the Gods of this world for something horrendous, but the boy didn't know anything. All he knew was that darkness was all he knew since the beginning of existence, and this darkness was what tormented him. He was scared of the darkness, but he was brave against it as well

    He felt pain throughout his years of existence whenever he tried to move, but finally, the boy was able to move.

    While the boy was confused at this new development and wondering what he was supposed to do, he saw a few people coming to this place as a little bit of light filled the eternally dark room.

    The people looked similar to him, but they were much bigger and looked intimidating. The boy didn't know what was happening here as it was his first time seeing another person when he saw one of them walking towards him angrily.

    The person looked intimidating and seemed as if they wanted to harm him. The boy looked at them in confusion when he saw their hand coming towards them and a terrifying killing intent filling the room.

    His trapped soul seemed to be infuriated that someone tried to think of harming then as it started shining.

    Even the Universal Laws that were the most powerful thing in the whole universe weren't able to hold off the soul properly as the chains started putting all their strength to keep the powers of this person in control.

    The boy didn't know anything, so he wasn't even putting in an effort to resist the chains; if he was, then let alone the chains, even the whole universe couldn't have been able to bear his rampage.

    Even though he wasn't putting in any effort against the chains, his soul was still so powerful that when the boy was in danger, it did everything it could do.

    Ultimately, just before the hand of the woman was about to land on the girl's face, the soul succeeded. One of the Hundred and Twenty chains shattered, leaving only a Hundred and Nineteen Chains behind.

    As soon as one of the chains broke, the soul was finally able to release a tiny fraction of his powers.

    The weakest Universal Law chain was broken, and the other 119 chains were still preventing the soul from releasing its powers, but by breaking one of the chains even without the support of the young boy, the soul was finally able to provide help to the boy.

    As the chain of the soul broke apart, it seemed as if the whole universe stopped for a moment.


    A young-looking boy looked towards the sky that had started to brighten up out of nowhere. All the clouds disappeared suddenly as if they were scared of covering the light. The sun started shining even brighter as if it was welcoming the arrival of someone great.

    The boy glanced towards the 20th token of Appreciation of the Divine Heaven Sect on his neck as he sighed.

    "This feeling... Has it begun? The beginning of a new era?" The boy muttered as he sighed.

    "It's fine. It was not like I was allowed to interfere. If this is something that even the destiny didn't want to interfere in, then why should I. All I needed to do was wait. I need to wait to see how it plays out and hope that it doesn't end in a disaster for all of mankind," The boy muttered as he touched the necklace.


    In another place, A man was sitting on a stone, looking at the sky.

    "The beginning... Can the Awakening be prevented or not? If it is, will it be the gods that do it or the demons? It is going to be quite hectic for a while now," The man muttered as he glanced at the Book of Destiny in his hand. Lighting seemed to flicker in eyes momentarily.


    The same situation was on other planets as well. This was not the only planet that was seeing something like this.

    Other planets were also having the same phenomenon. All powerhouses of those planets were also surprised to see strange events taking place all around them.

    The Immortal World was also going through something strange. The Qi in that world started getting restless and behaving oddly. The Rulers of the Immortal World were shocked to see these events happening.


    The most shocked from these events were the true Immortal brings.

    While the Immortal World was a world that was known to have immortal Cultivators, the reality was that the Immortal World didn't have True Immortals. The Immortal World consisted of humans that had transcended mortality through Cultivation and their efforts.

    The true immortals were the beings that were born immortal. They were born with Cultivation, and they were born with immortality. The true immortals did die as well, but only after certain conditions were met. The True Immortals lived much longer than the Humans that transcended mortality, and they were multiple times more powerful than the humans couldn't compare.

    The True Immortals lived in the places known as the Heaven Realm and the Demon Realm.

    The ones that lived in the Demon Realm were said to be the dark forces. They were true immortals, but they seemed to have an enmity with the ones that lived in the Human Realm.

    The ones that lived in the Heaven Realm also hated the True Demons. There was always a war going on between them.

    The Heaven Realm and the Demon Realm seemed to have a much more fierce reaction.

    Before the soul chain of the young boy broke, these places were mostly filled with Origin Energy.

    The Origin Energy was what they cultivated, while the natural qi was what humans and beasts Cultivated with, but now a change was taking place.

    Both the Realms only had Origin Energy, and the Qi in this place was negligible, but now the Qi quantity in the atmosphere had increased suddenly as if the Qi gained more strength and became more powerful.

    Although this change was not enough to disrupt the balance, it was still noticed by the Various Forces of the both realms.

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