610 Chapter 610: The Signal of Arrival

    Even the God Beasts had noticed the brief change. All of them were shocked and amazed at the sight of what happened.

    The Dragon King stepped to the balcony of his Palace after feeling the change in the atmosphere. He reached the balcony of the palace and looked outside only to see a strange phenomenon taking shape in the sky. The sky was different than it was usually.

    The sky in the Dragon Realm was always clear. There were no clouds generally as the sky remained clear, but now, there was a big cloud in the sky that seemed as if it was a phoenix. Even lightning flickered amongst the clouds that weren't even dark.

    "A Phoenix Phenomenon? What are they up to? No, it isn't a phoenix phenomenon. The Phoenix doesn't have that..." The Dragon King muttered as he noticed a few changed in the shape of the cloud, like the different wings that made it different from a phoenix. This Pheonix cloud also had what seemed like nine tails.

    "That shape... It seems similar to the Rainbow Phoenix..." The Dragon King let out as he frowned. "The Rainbow Phoenix... the Ancestral beast that disappeared... Is this a phenomenal sign of its arrival in the near future?"

    " Could it be that the Rainbow Phoenix is the Tenth God Beast that just appeared out of nowhere sometime ago? The same beast we're trying to locate?" A person walked behind the king and inquired.

    " No, a Rainbow Phoenix would not just be a star like that. If the Rainbow Phoenix appeared, it's star would be a thousand times bigger than ours. That Tenth God Beast can't be a Rainbow Phoenix," The Dragon King responded.

    " Can it be that the Rainbow Phoenix somehow lost most of its strength, and that's why the stat is so small?" The person inquired.

    " If it was a Rainbow Phoenix, that is possible, but I still believe that a phenomenon like this signals the arrival of something. It means that the Rainbow Phoenix will appear in the near future," The Dragon King muttered as he frowned.

    "I need to find the Tenth God Beast before that and take its strength so that I am ready for when that happens," The Dragon King let out as he turned back and entered back inside the palace.


    In another realm, another person was standing on the balcony of a gigantic looking palace that seemed to be made from white marble of heaven.

    The person was none other than one of the top God Beast Kings, the White Tiger King. He was one of the most powerful beings in the universe in existence, along with the Dragon King, the Heavenly Emperor, and the Demon Emperor.

    "The mythical Rainbow Phoenix? Could it be that it really existed in the past and it's returning? I always thought it was a myth. The Tenth God Beast appeared, and now the Ancestral God Beast can appear... the world is really changing. I need to fasten my efforts to get the new god beast," The White Tiger King let out as he looked at the clouds.


    The God Beast Clan, Black Tortoise Clan, was also looking at the Sky.

    The Black Tortoise Clan Master was looking at a similar phenomenon that was taking place in their realm.

    "Is this what the prophecy was about? The Arrival of light to face the darkness? If the Rainbow Phoenix will be the light that brightens the sky, then that will be the darkness?" The Black Tortoise Clan Master muttered as he sighed.

    "I wonder if the Ancient Myriad Beast will appear as well or not. The Ancestors are coming back after the time immemorial. Is this the start of a new era? So many things are happening, and that idiot kid is roaming around the universe, creating a disturbance. That kid is going to be the death of me. He even dared to attack the people I sent to bring him back before disappearing. I need to find him and bring him back. The world is about to get a lot more chaotic," The Black Tortoise Clan Master let out as he sighed.


    The same phenomenon was taking place in the Phoenix Realm.  A giant cloud has appeared that seemed to have the shape of the Rainbow Phoenix.

    A woman was standing near a lake. She couldn't help but be surprised when she saw the cloud and its shape.

    That woman looked to be really pretty. She had flaming red hairs and beautiful red eyes that seemed like flames.

    The woman also wore a red gown.

    She was the Queen of the Phoenix Clan.

    She was the Phoenix Queen.

    Even though she was a queen, she was also a God Beast King for the world.

    "The Rainbow Phoenix?" The woman looked at the sky in shock.

    She didn't know why but she found this phenomenon astonishing since this signified that the Rainbow Phoenix might return. That was something she found to be great. The woman believed that if the Rainbow Phoenix ever returned, it was going to be the best for her clan, and they were also Phoenix.

    She believed that the Rainbow Phoenix might help the clan as they would be the closest to it because of their species even though the Rainbow Phoenix. The Rainbow Phoenix and the Ancient Myriad Beast were Ancestral Beasts that were said to be the origin of all the God Beasts, and they were the beginning of it all.

    There was no way any being in existence was capable of opposing them when they were at their peak. If she was able to get close to it on its arrival, then the Phoenix Clan had a certainty of becoming the peak power of the universe. Even the Dragon Clan wouldn't dare to do anything to them. They would be able to do anything they wanted.

    "If the Ancient Rainbow Phoenix is returning, the Ancient Myriad Beast might also arrive. I hope it doesn't. They were both said to be the enemies in the story. I don't want any conflict between them to destroy the universe. I hope only Rainbow Phoenix appears and not the Ancient Myriad Beast..." The Phoenix Clan Queen muttered as she looked at the clouds.

    She didn't know that the Ancient Myriad Beast had already returned to this world. She didn't know that the tenth God Beast they were after was the Ancient Myriad Beast, who was the origin of the God Beasts, and she didn't know how this conflict was going to begin.


    All the God Beast Realms were going through the same phenomenon, and they had all thought that it was a signal of the arrival of the Rainbow Phoenix in the near future, but they didn't know what it actually was. They didn't realize that even if the Rainbow Phoenix had appeared, it wouldn't be as monumental as what was happening now


    One of the Soul Chains on the soul of the boy broke, letting it release a little fraction of its power.

    An immense energy blast occurred that originated from the boy. Everyone was thrown back and crashed on the walls despite being the most powerful Cultivators being present there.

    The girl was in an even worse condition than them.

    While the others were injured only, the girl was utterly destroyed.

    Her body disintegrated as her soul shattered since she was so close to the boy when it happened and because the blast was targeted at the woman who had hostility towards the boy.

    The boy looked in confusion, wondering what had happened. The woman standing before him had disappeared entirely, and everyone else had walked down to the ground.

    Everyone present in the room had lost consciousness. Even the Temple Master was unconscious now. The boy was looking in his direction.
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