611 Chapter 611: The Ancient Pas

    The boy looked at the unconscious people in confusion, but he didn't do anything to harm them.

    He walked towards the Ghost Temple Master since he was the closest and watched him lying on the ground.

    The young boy tried moving him, but the man didn't wake up.

    The looked at the source of light and started walking towards it and away from this dark place where he had to spend most of his life

    He entered the hallway and continued walking towards the exit.

    The boy left the hallway and found himself in the hall with two doors. One the door was black, where Long Chen had entered before, and the other door was white, which left to the place he came from.

    The boy seemed interested in something, though. He was looking at the nine-tailed phoenix statue that was before him.

    The statue looked really pretty, and it was shining as well.

    The boy reached out his hand and touched the statue. As soon as he touched the statue, the boy disappeared.

    After the boy disappeared, the statue broke apart as its pieces fell apart. It had fulfilled its purpose.


    Long Chen was inside the hallway of the dark door, and he had no idea what was happening outside. If he knew, he would have been able to meet the young boy.

    He was more focused on the symbol that was before him.

    Long Chen reached out his hand to touch the symbol. As soon as his hand touched the strange symbol on the wall, it started shining.

    As the symbol shone, Long Chen felt his head starting to ache. Soon, everything turned dark as Long Chen lost consciousness and fell down to the ground.


    Darkness, Eternal Darkness...

    There was nothing but eternal darkness as far as Long Chen could see.

    He couldn't feel any qi in the surroundings or any noise at all. It was as if he was at the beginning of the universe before the existence of anything. In this place, even the stars didn't exist. This was indeed the beginning.

    Long Chen heard a deep sigh.

    He looked around, but he couldn't see anyone.

    "Is anyone here?" Long Chen asked, thinking that someone was here.

    But he didn't get any response until he heard a voice.


    "We both came into existence at the same time and held similar strength, but I will still do what I have to! Even if that means destroying everything that I have worked so hard for... It must be done for the future of the World! " The voice said as it echoed in the vast emptiness of space.

    While Long Chen was wondering what was happening and what these words meant, he heard another voice that sounded just as serious.

    "Nothing will be destroyed as I won't oppose you or fight with you because I know. I know that if I do... everything I created... Everything We created... will be destroyed in the process. I will take every punishment you have, without resisting in the slightest. I have already lived for eternity, even if I could somehow be killed, I would be much happier..." The second voice resounded. It somehow contained a tired feeling like it was tired of carrying the burden of eternal life for ages.

    "Good... It looks like you still have some knowledge of your wrongdoings! I will deal with you and then destroy the abominations that you created! The natural order will soon return to this world!" The first voice sounded in a relaxed manner, but soon after, a heavy aura spread in the atmosphere.

    Long Chen felt like he was suffocating as he struggled to breathe under this fierce aura.

    It looked like the whole world was freezing as a chilly aura spread in the empty void.

    "Don't think that if I'm not fighting you, then I'm giving you the authority to do anything you please!!! I'm doing this so that worlds don't get destroyed in our collision. If you ever thought about hurting my creations... I will come back from whatever prison you hold me into and destroy every existence in this world without caring for the natural order. I will fight you till an eternity and make you regret such a decision!" The second voice said in a solemn tone as if it was ready to destroy everything for its beliefs.

    Long Chen felt as if he was dreaming. There was no way two people would ignore him if there were anyone here. Was he dreaming? Was he hallucinating? He couldn't understand what was happening.

    There was again silence in the space as the first voice didn't respond for a while.

    "Fine. I won't hurt your creation... In fact, I will let them grow as you wanted them to... but only if you agree to not resist in the slightest..." The first voice finally sounded again, breaking the silence that seemed to last for eons.

    The Second Existence didn't say anything as it stayed silent.

    A deep sigh echoed in the surroundings.

    "I agree..." The second existence said lightly.

    Long Chen didn't hear anything for the next few minutes before the conversation again continued.

    "You made some great decisions throughout our existence, which made the world a better place, but your last decision... it changed everything. I wish you hadn't done this. I wish things were different. I wish you hadn't lost your way," The first voice said.

    The second voice didn't reply and only sighed. It felt like it was tired of explaining.

    "You are just like me... we have both been in existence since the beginning of time... we have created various worlds, nature, and civilizations. We are both real Immortals, and you are just as strong as me, if not stronger. So it's impossible for me to kill you truly, but I can definitely stop you if you don't resist. I will stop you forever, even if I have to put all my strengths on the line! " The first voice continued.

    "I will make it so that you never see the light of day ever again!!! You won't be able to use any of your powers either,  unless..." The first voice said something, but it stopped amidst its sentence.


    After that moment, Long Chen found the darkness fading away.

    He opened his eyes and found himself lying on the ground.

    "Was it a dream?" He muttered in confusion as he stood up.

    Long Chen looked at the wall and noticed that the symbol wasn't there.

    His blood had also stopped having that reaction. His feeling of this place having something important had also disappeared.

    "Was this the purpose of this symbol? To show me that? What was it trying to tell me?" Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    "What did you see?" Xun appeared before Long Chen and asked him.

    "Nothing. I saw nothing. I just heard two voices that seemed like two people were arguing. One of them was talking about trapping someone while the other voice seemed like it wasn't going to resist," Long Chen inquired.

    "I don't know what happened after that," he added.

    "Two voices?" Xun looked at him in confusion.

    "Can you explain what they said exactly?" She asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah, they said..."

    Long Chen started explaining the things he heard in the dark place.

    He finished explaining everything to her.

    "Interesting," Xun muttered as she nodded her head.

    " Do you know what this means?" Long Chen inquired as he frowned.

    " No. I don't know. Anyway, you should leave this place. Since that symbol is not here anymore, you can leave. Hopefully, the others have left by now," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Yeah, I don't think there's anything left for me here anyway. Also, it should be night now," Long Chen said.
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