612 Chapter 612: The Path of Slaughter

    "I'll be able to use the Shadow Transformation to hide my presence," Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the path back.

    He started walking back and soon reached the hall of the two doors.

    "Hmm? The statue is broken?" Long Chen muttered as he frowned at the sight of the broken phoenix statue.

    "I guess someone was really angry to break that statue. It does make sense. The Temple Priest and the Ghost Temple Master will definitely be furious after what I did. It does make sense that they broke it in their anger. I'm amazed that they didn't break the second one," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly while looking at the second statue, which was still intact.

    " What did you expect after you screwed them so big," Xun said as she chuckled.

    "This is just the beginning. It might not be today, but I'll be back to destroy every piece of this damned Ghost Temple and wipe it off the face of this planet," Long Chen muttered as he glanced at the statue one last time before he started leaving.

    Long Chen had no idea that the people he wanted to kill were already punishment. They were still lying unconscious. He had no idea how easy it was for him to kill them now if he just entered the white hallway and found their unconscious bodies. He was only a few minutes away from them, but he didn't think about it.

    He didn't expect that something could happen to make them immobile, and the broken statue made him think that the others had already left.


    After some time, Long Chen finally stepped outside the tomb.

    "If I'm not wrong, the people guarding this place were weak Cultivators. At Least weak enough for me to handle with the help of the Law of Darkness and the Law of Space. As long as I left this place, It'll be a child's play to create chaos before I escape," Long Chen let out as he grinned with a demonic smirk on his face that seemed as if he was thirsty for some blood.

    "Since I'll be able to use my Spatial Teleport properly after leaving, let me create some trouble in this sweet ghost temple. I'd love to leave some gift behind for the big guy," Long Chen muttered as he brought out his spirit sword.

    He stepped on the spirit sword and started flying back towards the direction he came from.

    The direction he was going to was the portal of the Mystery Realm, which was still open. The portal was always open, but there were guards before it.

    After flying for some time, Long Chen reached near the portal, and he decided to get off the sword.

    As he was a Sky Realm Cultivator now, he was able to walk on air, but he couldn't fly without outside help.

    That didn't matter to him as he started running towards the guards while he used his Shadow Transformation. He became invisible. His aura was already non-existent, but now it became utterly impossible to know where he was unless someone was able to know his breathing and the flow of air that was created from Long Chen breathing.

    Long Chen reached within the hundred-meter range of the two guards that were standing there.

    The guards were peak Sky Realm Cultivators

    As he was in the range now, Long Chen disappeared and appeared behind the guards as he thrust his sword forward.

    He stopped the shadow Transformation.

    The sword penetrated the heart of one of the guards.


    Blood spilled out of the mouth of the guard as his eyes opened wide.

    Long Chen pulled out his sword and teleported behind the second guard.

    It had only been a few seconds since Long Chen's attack had started. The second guard heard the grunt of his fellow guard, but before he could turn towards him and react, a sword came slashing and cut his head off.

    Long Chen walked over to the first guard and cut off his head as well before he turned back to the portal.

    "Time to leave this place..." Long Chen muttered as he stepped inside the portal.


    Long Chen found himself on the 26th floor of the Ghost Temple.

    As he appeared, he saw around six Guards standing there, but as he had activated his Shadow Transformation, the guards couldn't see him.

    Long Chen smirked as he looked at his ancient ring.

    He teleported behind the Guards.

    What ensued could only be described as a ghost slaughter where no one knew who was attacking them, but people kept dying.

    It might have been different if the people were Heaven Realm Cultivators, but as they were only Sky Realm Cultivators, there was no way for them to see Long Chen when he was using his shadow transformation.

    It didn't take even a few minutes before all the guards were dead.

    Long Chen looked at the bodies lying on the ground as he canceled his Shadow Transformation.

    "I can't use the Shadow Transformation as much as I want. It would've been so good if I can, but I can't even use it for half an hour," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    He looked towards the palace on the floor and didn't attack them. He knew that the Temple Master and the Temple Priests were going to be there so he couldn't enter or his plan to cause destruction would be spoiled, and he would have to leave.

    "Soon," Long Chen muttered as he stopped looking towards the mansion.

    He looked down at the only guard that he had left alive.

    He had cut off the hands and feet of that guard but hadn't killed him because he needed some answers.

    "Tell me, where is the formation of the 21st floor," Long Chen inquired as he placed his foot on the neck of the guard who was crying in pain.

    The man kept crying in pain, but he didn't answer.

    "If you don't answer now, that I'll cut something even more precious," Long Chen threatened the man.

    " It's towards the south. There is only one formation there, you'll find it. Please leave me. Don't kill me!" The Guard answered Long Chen before he started begging for his life.

    "Hah, Don't worry. I won't kill you," Long Chen replied as he smiled innocently.

    Just when the guard breathed a sigh of relief, Long Chen swung his sword, cutting off the head of the Guard.

    "I won't kill you... My sword will," Long Chen muttered as he turned back. He stepped on his Spirit Sword and started flying towards the South.

    After flying for a little while, Long Chen reached the Spatial Formation on the south of the Ghost Temple.

    He killed the guards present there before he entered the formation.

    The Spatial Formation started shining.

    Long Chen disappeared and appeared on a different floor. He knew that he couldn't kill the Temple Master and the Temple Priests just with the help of Shadow Transformation since he wasn't strong enough.

    The next best way to harm the sect was to destroy its pillars of support. He wanted to kill the Elders of the Sect, but he knew that he couldn't do that either.

    If he did that, he would have to kill Mu Yun as well. If he didn't kill Mu Yun and killed the others, then it will bring suspicions to her and make life difficult for her.

    So he had dropped the plan to kill the elders as well. He was going to kill all the disciples of the sect. He was going to destroy the future of the Ghost Temple. A sect was nothing without its disciples, and it wasn't like the disciples were good people anyways.
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