613 Chapter 613: Kill openly

    Long Chen had already made up his mind to hurt this place as bad as he could. He wanted to destroy the Ghost Temple in a way that it would never be able to recover. Just like to destroy a god, one needed to destroy his devotees. To destroy the Ghost Temple, he wanted to destroy the disciples that formed the temple and carried its torch to the future.

    He needed to go to lower floors to kill them since no Disciples lived on this floor. This floor didn't have any person he could kill, but still, he decided to come here.

    Instead of directly going to the lower floors, he decided to come to the 21st floor first since there was something that he needed for himself. He wanted to steal something that he believed he needed. He wanted the knife of Mu Yun that had made his blood react the last time he touched it. The knife was not ordinary. As soon as he had touched it last time, he had realized how special it was.

    He knew that there was something special in the knife, and he wanted to take it with him. There was no way that a knife which made his Ancestral Blood react so fiercely could be ordinary.

    To steal that knife, he needed to go to Mu Yun's courtyard again, which was not comfortable since he felt a closeness to Mu Yun. He didn't want to hurt her, but he needed to steal it. It was sad that she lost her son, but if he also got in her courtyard, he could even get an opportunity to leave a note for her.

    Long Chen flew towards Mu Yun's courtyard.

    Soon, he reached there as he landed before her courtyard.

    Long Chen teleported inside the courtyard after seeing that Mu Yun was sleeping.

    He entered the room where the knife was kept and took it.

    He didn't forget to leave a handwritten letter near Mu Yun before he left.

    'Thanks for everything,' Long Chen thought as he looked at her one last time.

    He Teleported outside her courtyard and went to the Teleportation portal of the 20th floor.

    Long Chen reached the 20th floor.

    "Other than the Elders, no one is Heaven Realm Cultivator. The Peak Sky Realm Cultivators are tough to fight in the open as well, but not as tough to assassinate. It shouldn't be tough. Let's see how far I can get," Long Chen muttered as he smiled while he stood on the 20th floor.

    He was standing on his Spirit Sword while he held the King's Sword in his hand.

    He wasn't using his Shadow Transformation to keep himself hidden anymore since he wasn't worried about fighting anyone that wasn't a Heaven Realm Cultivator.

    Killing Peak Sky Realm Cultivators was possible for him even when he was in the Earth Realm, and now that he was in the Sky Realm, it was even easier to kill them now.

    He had confidence in being able to fight the initial Heaven Realm Cultivator as well, but since the difference between the Peak Sky realm and the Heaven realm was so vast, he knew that it wouldn't be easy, and if he were in trouble, he would need to leave this place.


    The 20th floor was the floor that was for the Strongest Disciples of the sect that had managed to become High Stage Sky Realm Cultivators. Like a lot of these, the disciples that became Heaven Realm Cultivators were sent to the higher floor to stay. The ones here had no chance of being Heaven Realm Cultivators, but Long Chen realized that there was a possibility of some Elder being here.

    That was why he was using his Divine Sense simultaneously while moving.

    After flying for some time, he found a person walking outside.

    Long Chen didn't activate his Shadow Transformation since the disciple was a Sky Realm Cultivator, and he was away from the residences. Long Chen didn't have to worry about his voice reaching someone.

    As Long Chen reached near that disciple, he Teleported behind him.

    With one hand, Long Chen closed the mouth of the disciple, and with his other hand, he stabbed the stomach of the man with the King's Sword.

    Long Chen intentionally missed the vitals of the person since he didn't want to kill him instantly.


    The man's eyes opened wide as his stomach was penetrated. His pupils contracted as the pain spread all over his body.

    He wanted to cough out blood, but his mouth was closed by Long Chen, so he couldn't.

    " A few inches up and you would've been dead. Now, if you don't want to die, then listen to me carefully. I have a life healing pill on me. If you listen to me, you'll get that, and you'll be perfectly fine. If you don't listen, then you'll die. I'm going to release you now. Don't scream and answer my question. Where is the Heaven Realm Cultivator that stays on this floor," Long Chen said to the man.

    The man nodded his head.

    "Good boy," Long Chen chuckled as he freed the man.

    The man's body was already weak. As soon as he was freed, he fell down on the ground on his knees.

    " Give me my answer now," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "No, there is no Heaven Realm Cultivator on this floor. I promise there aren't any you can find. You'll have to go to the 21st floor if you want to meet them," The man told Long Chen.

    "Huh, so I was right. There's no need to be careful anymore," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    A blade flashed before the man's eyes for a brief moment before it disappeared.

    The man looked at Long Chen with a horrified look on his face. Blood started gushing out of his neck as darkness filled his eyes. His head fell down on the ground.

    "Looks like it's your great day. Your Slaughter Aura will become stronger after today if you actually went along with your plan," Xun said to Long Chen.

    " That is indeed good, but even if my Slaughter Aura didn't get strong from this, I would still be doing this. I just want to kill today. I want to kill the ones that tortured my father, and I'm frustrated that I can't do that yet. I'll be taking things they hold important, though. Today, it'll be a bloodbath. I don't know who they killed on the 24th floor to make that place so sad and depressing, but today, I'll make all the floors like that," Long Chen muttered as he clenched his fist.

    " Alright. Just make sure to be aware of your surroundings. As long as you don't get caught instantly, you can always escape with the Spatial Travel so that it wouldn't be dangerous like that," Xun said in a supportive tone.


    Long Chen continued killing the disciples for the next half an hour. He started by killing everyone in silence, but by the end, he started getting bored with it and stopped caring altogether. He started thinking about how he could spice things up here.

    Long Chen used the Teleportation formations to the 19th floor and used the same one to come back to the 20th floor.

    After taking a trip downstairs, Long Chen destroyed all the Teleportation Formations on the 20th floor, which made sure that no outsider would come here to interrupt him.

    " If I have to kill these people like a thief, then how the hell can I justify fighting heaven Realm Cultivators. I want to use all I got and kill openly," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He didn't know this, but there was a little spark of red that flashed in his eyes at that moment.
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