614 Chapter 614: The Be

    Even Xun didn't notice this. If she had seen it, she might have been able to understand what was happening here and if it was something good or something bad.

    Long Chen appeared in front of the courtyard of a disciple.

    He brought the Snake Monarch and Devil Hunter Beast as well.

    "Hmm? What did you call this king here for?" The Snake Monarch asked Long Chen.

    " Nothing much. I just wanted to ask if you guys want to have some fun or not?" Long Chen asked as he grinned.

    "I don't know what it is, but you seem somewhat different. Anyway, what fun are you talking about? This Venerable One likes fun things," The Snake Monarch said to Long Chen.

    "This whole floor is a great hunting ground for us. No one can come here, and no one can leave. Hundreds of Peak sky Realm Cultivators are already here. They're all your prey. Let's have this competition. Let's see who can kill more people here. You and Orion will be in one team, and I will be the second team," Long Chen said as he grinned.

    The Snake Monarch looked at Long Chen as he frowned.

    "You're not sick, are you?" Shake Monarch asked Long Chen.

    "No," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    The Snake Monarch didn't say anything and just stared in Long Chen's eyes.

    "Fine. It sounds interesting. This King will play with you. What will the winner get?" the Snake Monarch asked Long Chen.

    "If you win, both of you will get a nice reward, and I'll proclaim you the King of Beast Region. If I win, I'll just get the satisfaction of victory, and you, the little guy, will call me king," Long Chen said.

    " Hmph, I'll definitely be the one winning then. Let's go, puppy. Time to show him what a real king and his puppy can do," Snake Monarch said as he looked at Orion.

    "Grrr," Orion growled as he looked at the Snake Monarch.

    "What do you mean, who I'm calling a puppy? This King can't be calling himself a puppy, can he? Of course, this king is calling you puppy. Please stop talking about childish things, and let's go. It's time to prove our strength. Don't you want to prove how strong you are to this human? This is the opportunity," the Snake Monarch let out as he started flying away.

    Orion started running behind the Snake Monarch.

    Long Chen smiled as he looked back at the door before him.

    He kicked the door open and entered the Courtyard.

    "Wake up, sunshine," Long Chen laughed out loud as he entered the Courtyard, but when he saw inside, his expressions changed as his eyes opened wide.

    Long Chen saw a man lying on the bed. The man wasn't wearing any clothes. A woman was sitting on his waist, moving his waist up and down.

    What stunned him wasn't this. During his killing, he saw a lot of situations where his target was having sex with someone. What astonished him this time was the girl.

    The girl was none other than Mi Lao. She was the girl that killed Mu Lin.

    "Having fun?" Long Chen asked as he chuckled as he stepped inside the room.

    " Who the heck are y..."

    The man tried standing up after he heard the noise, but Long Chen's spirit sword stabbed his head and pinned him to the bed.

    Mi Lao was horrified at what she saw. She got off the man and looked back.

    "Who are you?" She asked Long Chen with a scared look on her face as she moved back until her back was hitting the wall.

    "Oh, right. You don't recognize me this way. Let me correct that," Long Chen muttered as he realized that his mask of Mischief was showing a different face.

    He changed the face back to Mu Lin's face.

    "M-mu Lin?" Mi Lao exclaimed with an impossible look on her face.

    " Yup, the same person you killed," Long Chen laughed as he started walking towards the girl.

    "You have gained a lot of courage after winning the Temple Sacrifice, haven't you? I'm warning you! Don't come close to me!" Mi Lao said as she pointed her finger at Long Chen.

    Long Chen used his Teleportation as he appeared right in front of the girl.

    He caught both her hands and placed them on the fall as he brought his lips closer to her ears.

    " Otherwise, what? You saw the Temple Sacrifice. You know I'm stronger than you, and I even killed your lover. You have no chance against me," Long Chen whispered in her ears.

    "Tell me. Did you have fun killing me?" Long Chen asked Mi Lao.

    Tears started falling from Mi Lao's eyes.

    "I-i'm sorry. I was stupid. I regret that. Please forgive me. I'll make up for it! I'll do anything you want," Mi Lao said to Long Chen as she moved forward so that her chest was sticking to Long Chen's chest.

    " That sounds interesting. How will you make up for it? What can you do for me?" Long Chen asked her.

    " I can be your woman. I can use my body to please you. You can use my body however you want," Mi Lao said.

    " Will you really be my woman?" Long Chen muttered as he freed her left hand and placed his hand on her left boob and grabbed it firmly.

    "Ah, Yes, honey," Mi Lao lightly moaned as she nodded her head.

    " What a joke! You, my woman? You can't even be close to a single nail of my woman," Long Chen let out as he applied some force.

    His fist entered her chest. Long Chen grabbed her heart.

    "Let me see if your heart is strong enough to take my love," Long Chen grinned as he looked in her eyes.

    He closed his fist and crushed her heart.

    Mi Lao's eyes opened wide as she looked at Long Chen's face. She couldn't believe she was killed by the person she killed. Her last thought was not hating Long Chen for killing her. It was a question. She wondered if this was what people called karma.

    Her eyes closed.

    Long Chen threw her body to the side. Before he left the courtyard, his Spirit Sword came out of the man's head and started following after him.

    Long Chen left the courtyard and moved over to the next courtyard.

    During the ten minutes, Screams kept echoing throughout the floor. People started coming out of their courtyard and grouping up.

    Long Chen was standing before a group of fifty peak sky realm Cultivators.

    " Now, this is what I call exciting. All the work I put in it was worth it. After fighting the Elders of the Major Sects, I've been feeling like I need another fight like this to keep my blood flowing," Long Chen said as he laughed.

    "Last time, I had to use the Flute of War, but not this time. I'm already prepared," Long Chen muttered as he stepped on the air.

    "Thunder Blade!" Long Chen let out as he raised his left hand towards the sky.

    Clouds appeared above everyone that started getting darker. Thunder started flashing from the sky.

    "Don't wait! Don't give him an opportunity to take the lead! Kill him now!"

    The Disciples started running towards Long Chen.

    " Vajra Sword!" Long Chen let out as he raised his right hand as well. A ten meters long Vajra Sword appeared above his right hand.

    He pointed towards the front.

    The Vajra Sword started flying towards the men that were running towards him and penetrated their chest as it moved in the straight direction.

    Long Chen lowered his left hand as well. A thunderbolt came crashing down like it was a punishment from the heavens itself.
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