615 Chapter 615: Slaughter Aura

    The thunderbolt was much thicker than the bolts he was able to conjure in the past. As his Cultivation became stronger, Long Chen's skills also got stronger.

    He couldn't help but smile as he saw the bolt land over the group.

    Over ten disciples were burned and got heavily injured after coming in contact with the Thunderbolt.

    The other disciples were safe as most of them were outside the range of the Thunderbolt, and the ones that were in the range, they had jumped out of the way.

    " Earth Cutting Slash!"

    "Buddha Palm!"

    "Three-Eyed Beast Kalima!"

    "Wind Devastation!"

    "The world of strike!"

    Most of the Disciples that were alive had realized the danger of the person that was standing before them. They all knew that if he didn't kill that person, then none of them would be able to leave this place safely.

    All of them attacked Long Chen with their best skill that they could use.

    Multiple martial skills were targeting Long Chen and moved in his direction.

    "Is that the best you can do?" Long Chen laughed as he stood tall in front of the attacks as if he was mocking the disciples.

    They all thought that the attack would land on Long Chen, but right before the attack was about to land on him, Long Chen disappeared.

    Long Chen appeared in the middle of the disciples and used his footwork to turn his body in a 180-degree angle.

    His King's sword danced in the wing as he moved, cutting the disciple's bodies in half.

    "Let's use something new. I want to see how effective my slaughter aura is," Long Chen laughed as he kept cutting the disciples in half.

    Blood splashes kept falling on his clothes and his body. His face was also covered in blood, but strangely enough, Long Chen didn't care. He seemed to be embracing the slaughter as it was giving him a pleasant feeling as if he was doing something that he enjoyed a lot.

    Suddenly, his eyes changed color and became blood-red like the eyes of a demon. His hair also changed color and became blood-red instead of his usual dark colors.

    A terrifying aura spread out and covered his surroundings. It seemed as if a domain was formed around Long Chen.

    "What's that? I feel like my strength is restricted!"

    "I'm weaker too! What's happening!"

    "It's this bastard's work! It's his skill! Don't give up! We can kill him if we work together. Remember what we learned throughout the years. We can kill him!"

    The Disciples started realizing that something was wrong as they felt their body weaken. Their strength was restricted a little. Even though it was not by a lot, they all knew that they were weaker.

    Long Chen had used his Slaughter Aura for the first time ever. It was a skill that he had received some time ago. It helped him increase his slaughter aura, the more people he killed.

    As Long Chen had wiped his whole city back home, he had collected a significant amount of slaughter aura.

    The more he killed, the more his mastery increased over this skill.

    According to what he understood, if he gained a hundred percent mastery over this skill, he had the potential to decrease fifty percent of opponents' powers when he used his Slaughter Aura on them. Unfortunately, the amount of people he needed to kill to get that much mastery was a little too much. He still hoped to get some increase in slaughter aura whole destroying this damned place.

    The Disciples that were already weak before Long Chen got even weaker after the Slaughter Aura surrounded them.

    Their strength was nowhere near Long Chen's strength, and their weapons were weaker than Long Chen's King's Sword despite his sword being a lower grade weapon.

    Another head fell down to the ground as the King's Sword moved.

    Long Chen was surrounded by all the disciples, but none of them could wound him since he attacked them, and he Teleported to a different place in the large crown as he cut tens of Disciples again.

    Each of his attacks was killing tens of people. It didn't take him long before all the Disciples that were fighting him were killed.

    Hundreds of bodies were lying on the ground, and Long Chen was standing in the middle of them looking at them.

    He brought out a cloth from his storage ring and wiped the blood from his face.

    "That was refreshing. I feel much better now," Long Chen smiled as he looked around.

    The Snake Monarch also came back after some time with Orion.

    " Looks like you had a big party here," The Snake Monarch let out as he looked at the bodies on the ground.

    "We sure did. So, how did your hunting go?" Long Chen inquired as he looked at them.

    "It went as good as it can go. This King killed around Four Hundred people here. What about you?" The Snake Monarch inquired.

    Looking at the bodies on the ground, he believed that the number of Long Chen was in the same range.

    Long Chen smiled as he shook his head.

    "My number is not much. Only Nine Hundred. This floor didn't have many people if we could only find Thirteen Hundred combined," Long Chen muttered as he looked around.

    "Sigh, Looks like we lost. I'll go back and sleep since there's nothing left," the Snake Monarch let out innocently as he looked at Long Chen.

    "Are you hoping that I won't remember the bet? You'll call me King from now on," Long Chen laughed out loud. " Enough showoff for yourself. Do some for me in the future too."

    " Fine, You'll be the fellow King. We are two Kings of the Universe. I'm the older king, though. No compromise in that," Snake Monarch let out as he rolled his eyes.

    " Have rest now. I'll call you out later when it's time to leave. Sleep until then. It'll be a long journey for you," Long Chen said as he sent the Snake Monarch back to the Beast Region. He sent Orion back as well.

    Long Chen had stopped his Slaughter Aura long ago. His hair had returned to his original black color. His eyes returned to their original golden as well.

    " The Slaughter Aura is pretty good, but it's useless against opponents that are already weaker. It can only show its effectiveness when I use it against a strong enemy. I wonder if I can ever get the Slaughter Aura to a hundred percent. Even after killing so many people, it only went up a little," Long Chen muttered as he stepped on his Spirit Sword.

    "It will get there. You still have a long journey ahead of you. It'll be filled with bloodshed and slaughter. The Slaughter Aura will get to a hundred percent one day. It might take some time, but it'll get there," Xun comforted Long Chen.

    "I sure do hope so. It'll be a waste if I don't," Long Chen muttered. He reached near the Teleportation formation and stood near it. The Teleportation Formation was destroyed, but Long Chen wasn't here for this.

    He needed to be in the 200 meters range of the spot where he wanted to teleport using his Space Law.

    He used his Space Law to teleport to the 19th floor. It was much easier as he got there without any trouble.

    Long Chen went to the 18th floor and came back before he destroyed all the formations of this floor.

    Long Chen went to the 19th floor and started his slaughter. It was somewhat easier, but there were a lot more Disciples here.

    It took a little more time to get them together to wipe them all.

    That night, the Elders didn't know anything, but while they were sleeping.
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