616 Chapter 616: Destroying the Temple

    The guards and the Disciples of the sect were all killed in the darkness of the night. The night was supposed to be silent, but it was filled with screams.

    Unfortunately, the ones that could protect them weren't here to hear their screams, and the ones that could listen to the screams were busy trying to survive themselves.

    One after another, Long Chen kept clearing the floors of the Ghost Temple.

    He wiped the nineteenth floor, then the eighteenth and the seventeenth.

    Before the night was over, Long Chen had cleared all the floors as he killed the Disciples.

    He had not only killed the Disciples, but he had also robbed the previous buildings of the Ghost Temple. He stole the skills of the Ghost Temple, and he stole the herbs from their garden.

    Long Chen also stole the treasure artifacts from their treasury. He only left trash Artifacts behind.

    The biggest problems he faced were the Half-Step Heaven Realm Cultivators that were guarding the Skill Pavillion and the Artifacts.

    Fortunately, they weren't Heaven Realm Cultivators.

    Long Chen believed that he had the strength to deal with them, and he also wanted to openly kill them to test his strength, but he didn't and simply assassinated them since the time was running out, and he wanted to leave before the morning. His Shadow Transformation and his Teleportation helped him in his assassination.

    He openly robbed the Ghost Temple treasures after that before he continued clearing the lower floors.

    It was dawn when Long Chen finished killing the people on the first floor.

    "It's over. Everyone's dead except the Elders and the Temple Priests. If only the Temple Priests weren't Peak Heaven Realm Cultivators or stronger, I would've loved to go destroy them all," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the blood on the floor.

    "You did well for the first portion of revenge. You're learning, I see. It's good to be ruthless. It's good to kill while you can kill, but killing without using your brain is not useful. There are many Temple Priests, and you wouldn't be able to achieve anything without losing things. You can do it later when you're stronger. It's enough damage for now. You destroyed the Ghost Temple already," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Let's leave now," She added.

    "Yeah," Long Chen muttered as he raised his hand.

    A Spatial Portal opened in front of him.

    "This is my last Spatial Portal of the day. Let's go as far as I can go," He muttered as he stepped inside the Spatial Portal.


    Vast Sea... There was water everywhere the eye could see. The water was crystal clear and looked like the purest of water that was found in this world.

    Gentle winds brushed against the surface of the water, creating a ripple as a Spatial Crack appeared above the water.

    The Spatial Crack started getting bigger until it became a Portal.

    A foot came out of the portal, then another foot along with the person.

    It was a boy who seemed to be younger than 20 years of age.

    The boy had dark hair and beautiful golden eyes. There was a beautiful red robe on his back. His clothes were covered in blood. There was a beautiful sword in his hand that was giving out a terrifying aura. The person was standing on the air.

    The portal disappeared behind his back.

    "We're back in the boundless sea," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    He looked at his Ancient Ring and sent his consciousness inside to see what was happening inside the Fake World.

    He was happy to see that his father looked perfectly fine now. He was probably given life healing pills. This was great. He did look concerned, though. His mother, on the other hand, was crying.

    "Why are they crying? Could it be because of me? Oh right. They must be thinking that I'm in danger," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "I'll have to clear things up with them," He let out.

    He called out the Snake Monarch from the Beast Region.

    " This King was having such a pleasant time resting. You really had to call me out?" The Snake Monarch asked as he glared at Long Chen.

    " I already told you that I'd be calling you out soon. Anyway, we're done here. It's time to leave. You'll need to get bigger, though. I want to have a talk with my family. They can't fly, so they'll need to sit on you," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch.

    " You really like seeing this King become a carriage for you, don't you? Fine! Only this once," The Snake Monarch rolled his eyes as he started getting bigger.

    The Snake Monarch got big enough to carry twenty people with ease.

    Long Chen sat on the Snake Monarch.

    "Which direction are we going?" The Snake Monarch asked Long Chen.

    "Let me see," Long Chen muttered as he brought a talisman out of his storage ring.

    This was a talisman that was linked to the talisman Long Chen had given to Ji Shen. It was able to tell him the direction the linked Talisman was in.

    This was why Long Chen sent Ji Shen to the New Continent on the ship. It was so that Long Chen found his way to the continent later on.

    Long Chen activated the Talisman. An arrow appeared on the talisman, which started pointing towards a certain direction.

    "Go to the south. That's the destination," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch. He also pointed in the direction.

    The Snake Monarch started flying.


    Back in the Ancient Tomb, the Temple Master and the others were still unconscious.

    The Temple Master was the first person to wake up.

    The Temple Master slowly opened his eyes as he held his head.

    "Just what was that? Who was that boy," The Temple Master muttered as he stood up.

    "It didn't look like he even had a cultivation. How was he able to kill Liaqi so easily and make it all injured without even moving," The Temple Master frowned as he looked around.

    " Could it be that the thing inside this tomb... wasn't an artifact of destruction but... that..." The Temple Master muttered as he thought of a possibility.

    "If the words and the prophecies were about the boy and not any treasure, then that makes sense. Just what the hell did we do! Wait, we still have a chance. We need to find that guy. He seemed like a child that didn't understand anything. That energy blast could be because of our killing intent. As long as we can form a relationship with him, we can still salvage the situation," The Temple Master muttered.

    "I need to find that boy. He couldn't have gone too far. He must be in this Mystery Realm or on the Temple's 26th floor. He can't even use the Teleportation Formations, so he can't leave. We must find him!" The Temple Master let out as he clenched his fist.

    "Wake up, you idiots!" He waved his hand, making the Temple Priests fly back.

    The Temple Priests also started waking up slowly.

    "Just what... where is that boy?"

    "He was so powerful."

    "Did he leave?"

    The Temple Priests started asking so many questions.

    "We don't have time to waste. That boy is the person we need to find. He's the thing in this tomb the prophecy talked about. I want this whole Mystery Realm searched! Find him at all costs! When you find him, treat him like my kid! No one scares him or tries to harm him, or you will die! Come out now. We need to spread out," The Temple Master said as he left the hall.

    They reached the hall of two doors. One of the two statues was broken.
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