617 Chapter 617: Anger of Temple Master

    The Temple Priest and the Temple Master reached the hallway that had the two doors. It was precisely the place where the young boy had touched the statue before he disappeared.

    The statue before the Black door was still intact while only rubbles of the other were left before the white door.

    "That boy definitely came here. None of us could have returned here to break the statue. The question is why he would do this. I wonder if he lost control of his strength and destroyed the statue accidentally," One of the Temple Priests muttered as he looked at the pieces of the broken statue.

    "That might be it. This statue was destroyed by him. I don't doubt that. I also think that it was something like the last time when he lost control.  One of you go through the black doorway and see it. We need to make sure that he's not resting there," The Temple Master said as he noticed the black door.

    "I'll check that place," One of the Temple Priests said as he looked at the Temple Master. He had decided to check the hallway beginning with the black door as per the Temple Master's instructions.

    He separated from them and entered the hallway on the other side of the black door.

    The Temple Master and the others left the Tomb and spread out to search the whole Mystery Realm, including inside the ruins.

    All of them search all around the realm, but they didn't find the person they were looking for. It was as if that person wasn't here.

    None of them had any idea that the young boy had disappeared after touching the Statue of the Nine-Tailed Golden Phoenix, and his whereabouts are unknown.

    After a few hours, they all met up near the tomb.

    "Did anyone find that boy?" The Temple Master asked the others.

    "I couldn't find him anywhere. I searched the entire south of this Mystery Realm. That boy wasn't there."

    "I searched the ruins. He wasn't there either."

    The Temple Priests started answering the Temple Master, but all of them said the same thing. They all said that they couldn't find the young boy.

    "He must've gone in the direction of the Portal then," The Temple Master said as he started flying towards the portal.

    After some time, all of them reached near the portal only to find something that made them all stunned.

    "The bodies... Did the boy lose control here too?" One of the Temple Priests muttered as he saw the bodies of the guards near the portal.

    "No, it's not that work of that guy. They are killed using the swords. It's clear that someone attacked them and killed them," The Temple Master said as he shook his head.

    He walked closer to the bodies and observed them.

    " They were attacked with a sword, and their killer was fast. It's clear. It was a sneak attack. There's no doubt about it. It is the work of that imposter. He escaped that place, but he wasn't able to leave the Mystery Realm. He killed the guards and used our portal to leave," The Temple Master let out as he clenched his fist.

    "That means that bastard hasn't escaped! He's still running around in the Ghost Temple!" The Temple Priest let out with a concerned look on his face.

    " Forget it. That guy has probably already escaped. He isn't like that young boy who wouldn't know how to use Teleportation Formations. That guy knows he's exposed and he won't stay here. The guards on the first floor can't stop him from leaving either. He's probably out in the sea already now," The Temple Master sighed as he shook his head.

    "Place all your focus on finding that young kid! He's more important than anything. We need to find him at all costs!" The Temple Master said as he glanced at the Portal.

    He entered the Portal. The Temple Priests also entered the portal after him.

    They entered the 26th floor and started looking around, but they didn't find anyone.

    "Could it be that he somehow managed to go to the lower floors through the formations? It seems unlikely, but it's possible," The Temple Master muttered as he looked at the Teleportation Formations leading downwards.

    "All of you go to a different floor and find the boy. I'm going to search the 25th floor. Ask the guards to do whatever you need! I need that boy!" He commanded them before he waved his hand and disappeared.

    While the Temple Master went to the 25th floor, the other Temple Priests went to the other floors.

    The Priests that managed to go to the 21st or higher floor were able to use Teleportation Formations perfectly fine, but the Priests that wanted to go to the lower floors were having a hard time.

    Even though the formations on this floor were fine, they didn't take them to the lower floors. It was as if the formations on the other side weren't reacting.

    They all wondered if something was wrong with this floor. They went to the 25th floor to talk to the Temple Master about it.

    While they were on the 25th floor, they tried to use the formations that led to floor 20 or lower. The Formations didn't work.

    "It's confirmed. There's something wrong with the lower floors. We need to find the Temple Master and tell him."

    While the Temple Master was searching for the blue-eyed boy, the Temple Priests were searching for the Temple Master.

    After a short search, they managed to find him.

    "What's happening? What are you guys here instead of searching for the kid on lower floors?" The Temple Master asked as he frowned.

    The Temple Priests explained to him everything that was happening and how the Formations of the lower floors were not responding.

    "I'll see for myself," The Temple Master muttered as he frowned.

    He waved his hand and disappeared.

    The Temple Master appeared on the 20th floor, and the first thing he was was the blood on the ground. There was a body lying on the ground near the puddle of blood.

    The body was headless off, but the head was nearby.

    The Temple Master looked around and saw more dead bodies. The whole floor was filled with dead bodies, and the thing was that it was clear that most of these people were killed using a sword.

    The Temple Master didn't have a hard time realizing who was the one that did it. He could feel his blood boil as he clenched his teeth.

    The Temple Master waved his hand again as he disappeared.

    He went through the nineteenth floor, the eighteenth floor, the seventeenth floor, and the rest, but all he found were dead bodies of the Ghost Temple Disciples.

    He finally appeared on the first floor, and the situation here was the same.


    The Temple Master couldn't help but roar in anger.

    His fierce killing intent filled the entire Ghost Temple.

    The Temple Priests on the higher floor also felt the killing intent and wondered what made the Temple Master so angry. The Elders that were sleeping also woke up under the suffocating feeling of this aura.

    Mu Yun was also the one who woke up.

    She looked around, wondering what was happening when she saw a paper near her.

    She picked up the paper and started reading it as she wondered who placed it here since her son was not here either. In her mind, Mu Lin was still in the Mystery Realm, getting his Adventure.

    "A letter for me? Who could get in without me knowing?" The woman muttered as she looked at the paper in her hand.

    She read the first line, and a frown appeared on her face.
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