618 Chapter 618: The letter

    Mu Yun started reading the words written on the letter.

    " Hello, Elder Yun. I wanted to tell you that I am the person who has been staying with you for the last couple of weeks as Mu Lin. I wanted to tell you a few things first, so please don't stop reading,"

    " I am not from the Ghost Temple. I came here to free my father, who has been kidnapped by the Ghost Temple. To get entry into the Ghost Temple. When I was looking for a person to impersonate to get entry to the Ghost Temple, I saw someone kill your son. Yes, You read it right. Mu Lin is dead. He was killed by a girl called Mi Lao. As for the reasons, from what I understand, it was because she had a misunderstanding that Mu Lin was chasing after her elder sister."

    "Anyway, Mu Lin was dead. He was killed by Mi Lao, and I decided to use this opportunity for myself. I impersonated Mu Lin to get an entry in the Ghost Temple. I didn't want to play with your emotions, but this was what I had to do for my family. Fortunately, I was finally able to free my father, and now I'm leaving the Ghost Temple. By the time you read it, I would have already left the Ghost Temple. I have already exposed myself to the Temple Master and the others, so now they know that I wasn't Mu Lin. Thank you for everything and for unintentionally helping me. Destroy this letter or show this to the Temple Master. I would leave that to your judgment. Goodbye."

    Mu Yun blankly stared at the letter, not knowing what to think.

    Her mind was blank as she processed the words. Her mouth softly opened as tears appeared in her eyes. It didn't take long before she started crying like a little girl that had lost her everything...


    Long Chen was sitting on the Snake Monarch as it started flying in the direction of the new continent.

    He glanced at the Ancient Ring and used his consciousness to bring his family outside.

    Long Chen's family was sitting in the house with deep concern when they felt their surroundings change. The fast winds started brushing against their body.

    Sima Ziyi still had tears in her eyes when she saw a person sitting before her.

    She looked at him suspiciously.

    Long Chen wondered why she and the others were looking at him like that.

    "You're still in the disguise," Mingyu reminded Long Chen.

    "Ah, right. Now that you mention it," Long Chen muttered as he remembered that he still had the Mask of Mischief on his face. Long Chen removed the mask from his face and sent it back to his storage ring.

    "Do you recognize me now? Mother," Long Chen smiled.

    " Why are you still crying? I'm perfectly safe and..." Long Chen was saying something, but before he could finish, Sima Ziyi hugged him firmly as she started bawling her eyes out.

    Long Chen tapped her back gently.

    He shifted his gaze as he glanced at his father.

    "Father, Do you still not recognize your son?" Long Chen muttered as he chuckled at the blank expression on Long Jun's face.

    "My son..." Long Jun muttered he rubbed Long Chen's hair with a smile on his face. "You've grown so big."

    " I can't stay small now, can I?" Long Chen said jokingly in order to lighten the mood.

    " By the way, Welcome home," Long Chen greeted his father.

    "It's good to be back home," Long Jun laughed out loud as tears appeared in his eyes. He hugged Long Chen and Sima Ziyi.

    "Are you going to keep crying or act like adults? Free that boy this instant," Long Ren said in an annoyed tone after they hugged for over five minutes.

    Long Jun and Sima Ziyi freed Long Chen as they lived at Long Ren, who seemed angry.

    Long Chen couldn't help but smile wryly. He knew that he was in for a big scolding now. He prepared himself.

    " My dear grandson, You did a great job saving your father, and I'm so glad that you were able to do it, but can you please tell me one thing? Since when did you become big enough to break promises you made to this old man?" Long Ren asked Long Chen as he glared at him.

    " What promise? I don't think I broke any promise to you, Grandpa," Long Chen let out with a confused look on his face.

    "When I told you about the Ghost Temple! You promised that you wouldn't go after the Ghost Temple," Long Ren let out as he folded his arms while he waited for his response.

    "Father, this..." Long Jun tried to bail his son out, but he was stopped by Long Ren.

    "You stay out of this. This is a conversation between a grandfather and his grandson," Long Ren said in a stern tone.

    " So tell me, my dear grandson. Why did you break my promise? Did you know that Jun'er was alive before you went there, or were you trying to break the promise by doing something stupid in the Ghost Temple? You were lucky! Do you even know how dangerous it could have been for you?" Long Ren said as he sighed.

    "I didn't break any promise, Grandfather. I promised you that I wouldn't go after your end, Ghost Temple, and I kept that promise. I didn't go after the Ghost Temple; instead, I went after my father. It just happened to be that both of them were at the same place," Long Chen replied as he smiled wryly.

    " Huh, so that's it. Would you like to explain how you knew where your father was?" Long Ren asked as he looked at Long Chen, not believing his words even a little.

    "You remember the Grand Elder that Father had a problem with when he was in his sect? The person who made father leave the Sect? I found this information from him. He was the one that helped the Ghost Temple kidnap Father. So I knew where father was," Long Chen answered as he nodded his head.

    Long Jun was the person who was most shocked after hearing this. He finally understood how everything played out.

    Even Long Ren was shocked. He has always doubted that person, thinking that he had a hand in his son's death, but he couldn't interrogate him or get to him since that person was a Grand Elder of a major sect in a  Second Rank Kingdom. Their strength and positions were worlds apart. He couldn't help but regret not giving his all. If he had found out about this, he might have found out about his son as well.

    "It's him! That bastard! I will kill him for sure!" Long Jun cursed as he clenched his fist. Even he didn't know about this.

    " He's already dead, Father. Someone killed him," Long Chen let out innocently as if he had nothing to do with that.

    "Anyway, Did you meet my wives? Let me introduce them," he said in an effort to change the topic from sad things to happy things.

    "You mean your five wives?" Long Jun asked with a wry smile on his face.

    "You can say five," Long Chen let out as he missed his head, but in his mind, he had seven wives. He couldn't talk about two of them, unfortunately.

    "Yeah," Long Chen nodded his head.

    "I don't know what to say about this. I've always been a one-woman man, but as long as they're fine with it and you love them all, I guess it's fine," Long Jun nodded his head.

    "I do love them," Long Chen muttered as he glanced at Mingyu, Zhiqing, and the other women

    "So, are we going back to the Clan? That place will be in danger." Long Jun inquired with a concerned look on his face.
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