619 Chapter 619: Hes alive

    The Ghost Temple will definitely attack them. We should warn them and get them to leave," Long Jun suddenly said as he thought about something.

    "Ah, Grandfather? You didn't tell him?" Long Chen asked Long Ren.

    "We had more important matters, so that topic wasn't important. Everyone was more worried about you," Long Ren replied as he shook his head.

    "What happened? What don't I know? Did something happen at the Clan?" Long Jun asked in surprise.

    " Yeah. Some things happened. The Clan is no more. It has been destroyed. The small world we were in is not a vacation place or something else. It's our new home," Long Ren replied as he sighed.

    "Things happened? Did the Ghost Temple destroy the Long Clan?! Those bastards! They were the ones that promised to not touch my Long clan or anyone related to it as long as I cooperated! Those bastards were lying to me! They destroyed the clan already," Long Jun was shocked at this information. He was also sad. He thought that the Ghost Temple destroyed the Clan, and it also placed some of its blame on bid shoulders.

    Long Jun couldn't help but drop down to his knees.

    "I'm sorry, father. It's because of me that..."  Long Jun was going to apologize to everyone for being the reason that got their clan destroyed.

    "The Ghost Temple didn't do it. You don't have to take any blame," Long Ren replied gently as he placed both his hands on Long Jun's shoulders.

    "It wasn't Ghost Temple? who was it?" Long Jun inquired with a frown on his face.

    "The Ten Major Righteous Sects of the Continent and Eight from the Nine Major Evil Sects of the continent. Each of them had sent an Elder to destroy the sect," Long Chen replied.

    "They wanted to kill me, and when they couldn't find me, they targeted the clan. They were the strongest beings in the clan, so of course, the clan had no chance against them. Even though a lot of the Clan Members survived and joined a different clan, Our Long Clan was destroyed.  If anyone is to be blamed, it should be me," Long Chen told Long Jun as he looked in the distant horizon in the direction of their continent.

    " The Major Righteous and the Major Evil Sects? Why were they trying to kill you?" Long Jun asked Long Chen.

    "Nothing serious. A few of their Elders wanted to kill me. So, I killed them all. Unfortunately, their sect found out somehow. I don't know how, but they even located our clan. They sent one Elder each from their Sect to our clan to destroy it and to take revenge.  I killed them all, but I couldn't save everyone from our clan. The clan was also destroyed. Most of the people were saved, though. They joined a different clan, so they should be living a decent life." Long Chen started explaining.

    "Also, Since I knew that the Supreme Clans would be furious at me and try to find my family, I had to leave the continent with Grandpa, mother, and others. I have been keeping them in a Treasure Space where they are safe. You should also stay there and cultivate," he said to Long Jun.

    Long Jun simply looked at Long Chen blankly as if he was looking at a monster.

    "You're my son, right?" Long Jun asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah," Long Chen replied as he smiled wryly.

    "How is that possible. You're not even Twenty. How can you kill the Elders of supreme sects? How can you escape from the Ghost Temple under the eyes of the Temple Master and all the Temple Priests?!"Long Jun asked Long Chen. He looked back and Long Ren with an incredulous look on his face as he said, "Father, just what is going on here? Isn't this speed of Cultivation just a little too frightening?"

    "Of course, it is! In which world do you think it's normal! My grandson is a heaven-sent genius, the likes of which the world has never seen. I can't even imagine where he'll be in the next twenty years. Fortunately, I'll be with him and won't be left behind because of living in that Treasure Space world," Long Ren laughed out loud as he replied.

    " I'm really proud of you, little fella. I thought I was talented when I was young, but you just proved his naivete. You lived in the same condition, yet you're a thousand times stronger than this old man ever was. It's incredible," Long Jun said to Long Chen as he smiled.

    Long Jun was extremely happy when his happiness suddenly turned to a Seriousness as he thought of something. He couldn't help but frown deeply.

    "Wait a minute; why were you impersonating Mu Yun's son?" He asked Long Chen.

    "I needed a disguise, so I disguised as her dead son," Long Chen replied as he sighed. "I know it was bad, but I had no choice."

    "Don't tell me you were the one that killed her son," Long Jun muttered in a grim tone as he looked at Long Chen in the eyes.

    "I didn't. He was killed by a girl when I got there. His body was thrown in the water. I used an artifact and entered the Ghost Temple as him," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    " What happened? Do you know her?" Long Chen asked Long Jun as he saw the sad look on his face.

    "She's someone I didn't meet but someone I'm really close to. From what I found out in the sect, Mu Yun is my blood cousin. So her son is your blood cousin. In a way, other than you, she's my only blood relative left in this world," Long Jun muttered as he sat down.

    Long Ren couldn't help but look down as he was reminded that Long Jun wasn't his real soon. He was somewhat hurt, but he didn't say anything.

    "S-she's my aunt?" Long Chen asked as he frowned.

    'That would make sense. Normally, I shouldn't feel this close to anyone other than people related to me. So she sat indeed related to me. So was Mu Lin, and I watched him die right before my eyes,' Long Chen thought as he sighed.

    " Father, we can't change anything. Mu Lin is dead. Aunt Yun is still in the sect, but I had made sure that I wasn't associated with her before I left. She would still have her position there. She can live safely. We can bring her with us the next time we go there," Long Chen comforted Long Jun.

    " It's... You don't have to risk it. She'll be safe there. She has a backing that even the Temple Master seems scared off. I don't think he will even think to harm her." Long Jun replied as ve shook his head.

    Although he cared enough for Mu Yun that he wanted her free of the Ghost Temple, but he didn't want him to risk his life for that.

    "She has a backing? Whose backing?" Long Chen inquired.

    "I don't know. All I heard was that it was her husband who is something that's powerful enough to scare the Temple Master," Long Jun replied as he sighed.

    ' Her husband?' Long Chen thought as he frowned. 'He's still alive?'

    " That person who managed to get his hands on the Technique of the Dragon Clan, there's no doubt that he'll be stronger than the Master of Ghost Temple. It is surprising if he's still alive, though," Xun said to Long Chen as she appeared nearby.

    ' Maybe he's dead, and they don't know. Whatever it is, it's good that she's safe because of it. She did help us even though it was unintentional.' Long Chen told Xun.
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