620 Chapter 620: The Tortoise Clan Young Master against the boy from the Tomb

    " Do you know if her husband is still alive?" Long Chen asked Long Jun.

    He felt like he needed this information to understand things better. The knife he stole had belonged to Mu Yun's husband. If he was alive, then Long Chen needed to treat that carefully.

    Long Chen looked at Long Jun as he waited for his answer.

    "I don't know. I didn't hear anything about that. All I know is that her husband is pretty Powerful, and there's a chance that he's alive. If the people from the Ghost Temple were so sure of his death, they wouldn't be worried. Since they don't believe him to be dead, I wouldn't either. It's better to think of a person as living than to consider him dead without any evidence," Long Jun answered.

    Long Ren was once again embarrassed as he heard this since that's exactly what he had done when there was news that Long Jun had died.

    Long Ren was standing behind Long Jun, so he couldn't see his embarrassed expression on his faces.

    "That's true. It's better to be careful," Long Chen muttered as he looked towards his Ancient ring, which was housing the strange-looking knife Long Chen had stolen from Mu Yun's room.

    "Oh, right, father. I see that your Cultivation isn't destroyed. You're in the Peak of Gold Core Realm. You should have this. This is the best Cultivation Skill that I sto... I mean that I borrowed from the Ghost Temple. It would be best if you cultivated using this skill inside the fake world. In a few years, you should be able to become a really high-level Cultivator," Long Chen told Long Jun as he brought a scroll out of his storage ring.

    "Use it after you're in the Fake World. There you can cultivate using it. This Scroll contains the cultivation skill and some of its essences. You will have an easier time learning it. Even though it'll be easier, it might still take a month or more before you finish comprehending it. After that, Cultivate it," he said as he gave the scroll to Long Jun.

    Long Jun took the Scroll and held it in his hand.

    " Have a good time comprehending it, father," Long Chen suddenly hugged Long Jun as he said.

    "I'm sending you back now, alright? You need to rejuvenate your core. The faster you cultivate it, the better it will be for you," Long Chen said.

    "I understand. Hah, it's funny how my son is teaching me the basics of higher Cultivation. I couldn't be more proud, though," Long Jun wrapped his hands around Long Chen as he hugged him back.

    Tears appeared in his eyes again, which started falling on Long Chen's shoulders.

    Long Chen noticed it, but he didn't say anything. He knew that it would be embarrassing for his father if he talked about him crying. He kept silently hugging him.

    "You can send me back now," Long Jun said.

    Long Chen nodded his head.

    "Best of luck, father," Long Chen said before sending Long Jun back to the Fake World. Long Jun disappeared.

    Long Chen stood up and walked to his grandfather.

    " Grandfather, I'm really sorry for whatever I did. But I had to do it to save father. I hope you wouldn't mind," Long Chen said apologetically for breaking the promise of Long Ren.

    "I know what your intentions were, and I'm proud. Just don't take any risk like this again without discussing," Long Ren said to Long Chen.

    Long Chen nodded his head externally as for his real intentions, only he knew.

    " Alright. Good boy. Send us back too now. Your father is alone there," Long Ren said.

    Long Chen reached out his hand and touched the hand of Long Ren and sent him to the fake world as well.

    He also talked with his mother for a brief moment before he sent her back.

    After sending all the older people back, he and his wives were the only ones that were left here.

    Long Chen sat down on the back of the Snake Monarch.

    'The family is back together. They can live happily now while I put all my focus towards my goal,' Long Chen thought as he smiled.

    "You girls are all here. Did you get to know each other in the Fake World?" Long Chen asked Mingyu and the others.

    " Yup. All of us have been talking, and we all agree on some things while we disagree on others. Overall, we understand each other better now," Mingyu replied as she nodded her head.

    " Hehehe, yeah. We do agree on some things," Zhiqing chuckled as she looked at Long Chen teasingly.

    Long Chen felt something strange from her gaze. He couldn't help but be suspicious.

    "What do you all agree on?" He asked them as he frowned.

    " We all agree that you're a fickle hearted man that gets women everywhere and doesn't know how to say no," Zhiqing covered her mouth as she started laughing.

    Long Chen looked at all of them with a blank look on his face.

    " That couldn't be any further from the truth. I'm not fickle hearted. Well, I was at the start but not... Ah, the latest incident was something you know. It wasn't because of me," Long Chen replied as he smiled wryly.

    " Says the man with five wives," Zhiqing let out as he rolled her eyes.

    "You little girl, I see that you have soon started teasing your husband. Let me see how much progress you have made in the Dual Cultivation," Long Chen said as he caught Zhiqing's hand and pulled her closer. He made her sit on his lap.

    " I assume you've all been working on your comprehension of the Dual Cultivation?" He asked the other girls.

    All the girls nodded their heads.

    "Alright. Let Zhiqing show what she learned first," Long Chen muttered as he reached out his hand and grabbed the breast of Zhiqing.

    "Mmmm, not before... them," Zhiqing moaned lightly as she felt the sensation at Long Chen's touch.

    "We can't waste any opportunity to get stronger. The new continent will have stronger people. You need to increase your Cultivation. We're in a portion of the sea where no monster will appear, so we can spend some time here. It's a long journey, so I won't let any change to make you stronger and to get stronger go to waste," Long Chen let out as he pulled her dress up and started touching her bare skin.

    All the girls were watching, and except Mingyu, all of them had red faces.


    A person appeared out of thin air in the middle of nowhere. It was a young man that was the Young Master of the Black Tortoise Clan. He had just arrived on the same planet where Long Chen was in, but the distance between them was unclear

    Long chen didn't know that someone from a God Beast Clan had appeared on the same planet as him.

    Surprisingly, that man appeared right in front of a young boy. The Black Tortoise Young Master didn't know the Young Boy, but he could not see any Cultivation on the boy.

    To him, the boy was just a mortal trash.

    " Hey, kid. Where can I find the closest civilization on this planet?" The Black Tortoise Clan Young Master asked the Young Boy.

    He didn't know that the Young Boy was none other than the same boy whose soul was trapped in 120 chains of universal laws.

    The Young Boy looked at the man blankly, but he didn't reply.

    " Are you looking to die?! Tell me, or I'll kill you this instant!" The Black Tortoise Clan Young Master warned the young boy.

    The Young Boy still didn't reply and kept looking at him blankly.

    "You trash! Di..."  The Black Tortoise Clan Young Master was about to thunder in anger when he felt something strange.
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