621 Chapter 621: The Tortoise Clan

    He looked in the distant horizon and felt as if he saw a person.

    The man saw a person standing in the distance that seemed like someone from the Black Tortoise Clan. The Black Tortoise Clan was this young man's clan, but he was running from them since he didn't want to be taken home.

    "What the ** are they doing here? That old man sent people in every world to find me? Has that old man gone crazy?" The man cursed as he waved his hand.

    "You're a lucky kid! If he weren't here, I would have snapped your neck," The man muttered before he disappeared.

    He had just appeared on this planet, but he had to leave instantly.

    The man he saw in the distance was indeed someone from the Black Tortoise Clan, but he was wrong about one thing. The man was not here to search for him.

    That man from the Black Tortoise Clan, on the other hand, was here for something else entirely at this moment.

    The man had already finished searching the planet for the Young Master of the Black Tortoise Clan, but just when the man left the planet, he saw someone else flying towards this place. The man was none other than a Dragon Warrior from the Dragon Clan.

    The Dragon Clan warrior was spotted by the Black Tortoise Clan member when he was leaving, and he decided to follow him sneakily.

    The Black Tortoise Clan member saw the Dragon Warrior bury something in the ground before he left.

    After the Dragon Warrior left, the Black Tortoise Clan member appeared in that place to get what the Dragon Warrior buried.

    A few minutes after that, the Black Tortoise Clan Young Master appeared there and started asking the young boy for directions.


    The Young Boy that was discovered in the Tomb had no name. He had no memories either, but after the first chain on his soul had broken, he had become aware of some things. He had gained the ability to understand words and to reply to words.

    Generally, the Chains on his Soul that were made from the Universal Laws shouldn't have broken at all since they were cast by someone that was the Origin of the Universe himself. Still, even those Chains weren't enough to bind the Souls of another being that was the Second Origin of the Universe.

    That's why it was said that it was impossible to kill the Origin. Their powers could be restricted, but only if they didn't resist, and there was still a way for them to be free.

    The First Chain that broke had also broken for a reason. It was not because the chain was not strong. It was definitely strong. Even though it was a chain of the weakest of 120 laws, it was still a part of the Universal Laws that were made from the Origin.

    Just to make sure that the boy wasn't able to break the bindings, his memories were sealed...

    The boy had disappeared from the tomb, and after that, he found himself in this barren place that had no structures or people from as far as eyes could see.

    He didn't know where he was or what he needed to do. He didn't even know what the purpose of his existence was. All he knew was that he was in this place that was not filled with darkness anymore.

    The light that fell on his skin rejuvenated him and gave him strength.


    Long Chen was sitting on the Snake Monarch with his Wives while the Snake Monarch crossed the Crystal Water.

    Since they had passed the safe Zone, they had stopped their extra activities.

    The girls started cultivating while Long Chen kept an eye on his surroundings to see if any sea beast attacked them along the way.

    Since the Snake Monarch was more focused on carrying them, he wasn't going to fight. At most, he was going to pause the enemy until Long Chen took care of him.

    Long Chen was aware of this, and he was also alert. He was letting the girls stay out since he wanted to help them cultivate the basics of Dual Cultivation. When they got out of the Safe Sea Zone, he did ask if they wanted to go back inside the Fake World and cultivate in the peace and safety of the home, but the girls refused and insisted on staying with him.

    The only girl who wasn't here with him was Ming Rin, who was the Mother of Ming Lan. Both the mother and daughter were his wives, but since Ming Rin had made him promise not to tell anyone, No one else knew about her being Long Chen's wife.

    Ming Rin was still inside the fake world. She was busy in the work of setting up the Dark Fairy clan in the fake world more properly.

    " If I'm not wrong, by the time I get to that Continent of Dream, it would have been three weeks of Ji Shen staying there. I know he promised he would find a wife for him, but it seems like too little time. I did finish my work faster than I expected. Well, even if he didn't find a wife, he must've found a girl he likes. I wonder what surprise this new continent holds for me." Long Chen muttered as he looked in the distant horizon.

    "It would be an amazing start if I found married Ji Shen, there," Long Chen chuckled as he thought about it.

    "Do you think he'll be married?" Mingyu opened her eyes and asked Long Chen.

    "Why are you not focused on your Cultivation?" Long Chen asked Mingyu as he saw her listening to him.

    "I was cultivating, but I stopped because I felt like there was something I needed to ask you. That's when I heard your words," Mingyu replied to Long Chen as she smiled.

    " Well, to answer your question, I don't know. There's a possibility that he'll be married since he promised that he would try to find a wife there. If he is married, then it would be good, and if he's not married, then it would be good too since then we can attend his marriage personally," Long Chen chuckled as he replied to her.

    "That's true. It's good either way. I'm quite excited to get there," Zhiqing said as she also opened her eyes.

    "You're not focusing on your Cultivation either," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly.

    " I finished my Cultivation for the day. I was already cultivating for days before coming out. I just wanted to consolidate the cultivation increase I achieved because of our Dual Cultivation session, and it's already done," Zhiqing laughed as she replied.

    " Are you girls not cultivating either?" Long Chen asked as he looked at the other girls.

    Xue, Mei, and Ming Lan also opened their eyes with an embarrassed look on their faces.

    "Did you at least consolidate your Cultivation gain from our Dual Cultivation?' Long Chen asked them.

    The Girls nodded their heads.

    "Alright. That's good. Let me clear Mingyu's doubts first after that I have something important to talk to you all about the future," Long Chen told them before he shifted his focus on Mingyu.

    "So, what was your problem? What did you want to ask about?" Long Chen asked Mingyu.

    "It's about my cultivation. Whenever I try to move the Dual Cultivation energy through my body, I face some resistance as if the energy is not compatible with my body. It does make me stronger and increase my Cultivation, but I can't use this Qi on my skills," Mingyu told Long Chen with a serious look on her face.

    "That... why didn't you tell me before if you were facing this problem?" Long Chen asked Mingyu with a concerned look on his face.
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