622 Chapter 622: Entering Mingyus Martial Space

    If this problem was related to the Dual Cultivation, it should've started long ago when she first dual cultivated with him. It meant that she was keeping it to herself all this time and only just now told him. He couldn't understand why she didn't tell him before.

    "It's just that I didn't consider it a problem at all. At first, I thought that it was just my body being incompatible to a new type of energy entering it, and it was going to adapt to this extra qi that I gain from dual cultivation, but this is really strange. Even after all this time, it's still the same. I don't understand what's happening here. I finally realized that this wasn't some simple compatibility problem. I decided to consult you when I couldn't take it anymore," Mingyu explained to Long Chen in full seriousness.

    "That problem sounds complicated. Let me check," Long Chen muttered as he stood up and started walking in her direction.

    Long Chen sat near Mingyu and held her hand as he closed his eyes. He used the combination of his Divine Sense to see if her body had any physical problem related to her core that made it difficult for her to use that Qi, but he found it to be normal.

    'Xun, what do you think about it? I see nothing wrong with her,' Long Chen asked Xun.

    " How can I know. You have me blocked from accessing your thoughts.  I can't see what you see using your Divine Sense," Xun replied to Long Chen in an annoyed tone.

    'Oh, sorry. I forgot about that. Let me allow you the access,' Long Chen said as he allowed Xun the access to his thoughts and vision.

    He once again used his Divine Sense to see through her body. After finishing it, he asked Xun what she thought of it.

    "Everything seems normal. The Qi is perfectly compatible with her body. I don't think the problem is with compatibility," Xun replied to Long Chen.

    'What could be the problem then? If it's not compatibility, then why is she having a difficulty using that Qi?' Long Chen asked Xun. He wanted to know how he could help Mingyu, but this was a problem that even he couldn't understand.

    Xun was the only person that had a chance of helping him. She had traveled the whole universe with Tian Shen when she was with him, and she saw many things along that journey. She was the most knowledgeable person known to him, and he wanted to take her help once again.

    "I am not sure. All I can say is that the Qi is not the problem, and her body doesn't seem to be a problem either. Her body is perfectly fine. It's definitely not the problem either. The only place that's left to check is her Martial Space. Try sending your consciousness in her martial space. That's the only thing that might affect her if it's not her body or the Qi," Xun told Long Chen.

    'Alright. I'll ask her to allow me to enter her Martial Space,' Long Chen replied to Xun.

    "Be careful. Tell her not to restrict anything," Xun told Long Chen.

    ' I know how it works. I'll make sure that nothing goes wrong,' Long Chen told Xun as he nodded his head.

    He opened his eyes and released Mingyu's hands.

    The other girls and Mingyu looked at him, wondering what he found out.

    "Everything seems normal. Your body is perfectly compatible with the Qi. Your body doesn't have any problem either. The only place I can think of is the Martial Space. It might be the one causing it. I would need you to let me send my Consciousness in your Martial Space. Just stay calm and don't stress. Also, don't restrict access to your Martial Space while my consciousness is inside. If you do, I'll get injured, and you'll get injured with me," Long Chen told Mingyu in full seriousness.

    Mingyu nodded her head as she agreed to let Long Chen send his consciousness inside her Martial Space.

    Long Chen held both her hands and closed his eyes.

    "I'm going in," He told Mingyu.

    " I'm ready," Mingyu told Long Chen as she prepared herself.

    Long Chen sent his consciousness inside Mingyu's Martial Space. With her help, it was really easy. There was no problem in getting inside.

    As Long Chen entered her Martial Soul, he was amazed at how empty it looked compared to his martial space.

    Long Chen's Martial Space seemed less empty since it had many things. His Martial Space had his Martial Soul, the Heart Devil that was awfully silent from the last few weeks, his Red Core, his Two law seeds that were of Darkness and Illusion, and a small plant that was the grown-up form of his Law Seed of Space.

    Mingyu's Martial Space, on the other hand, only had two things inside, which made it look emptier.

    Her Golden Core was floating in the sky of her martial space. On the other side, her Martial Soul was standing still.

    Long Chen was surprised at how beautiful Mingyu's Martial Soul looked.

    It looked exactly like her, but there was something that made him find her even more intriguing. She seemed to be the purest person in existence. The Martial Soul was wearing a beautiful white dress.

    While Long Chen's Martial Soul was wearing his Armor and had a frightening sword in its hand, Mingyu's Martial Soule was simply wearing a white dress. There was no Armor on it. Long Chen didn't find any weapon on it either, but he did find a beautiful ring on her hand.

    The ring seemed to be made from the purest silver in existence. There was a diamond on the ring that was pristine.

    The diamond seemed to be different than normal diamonds, though.

    There seemed to be an entire galaxy inside the diamond, which intrigued Long Chen.

    " I think I've heard about that. She must have the Divine Oracle Physique..." Long Chen heard Xun's words while he was looking at that ring.

    " How can you talk to me here?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "Of course, I can talk to you here. Since you allow me to get access to your thoughts, I'm linked to you at the moment. How else would I see inside her martial space," Xun replied to Long Chen.

    "That does make sense. Tell me more about this Divine Oracle Physique. Is this what is affecting her?" Long Chen asked Xun as she frowned.

    " A Divine Oracle Physique is one of the rare physiques as far as I know. You can call them the seers of the future. They can see the future and the events that are about to happen in the future. The visions are vague, but as the person with the Divine Oracle Physique grows, they start getting better at understanding the vision," Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "Interesting. So you met someone like that?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    " Once upon a time. It was a woman as well. Anyway, back to your question, it's not something that's affecting her at all. Divine Oracle Physique doesn't affect in that regard," Xun replied to Long Chen.

    "If it's not that, then what. I don't see anything wrong here. Her Martial Soul seems fine and her Golden Core..." Long Chen let out in a concerned tone, but he stopped as he saw the Golden Core carefully.

    "That..." He was stunned at what he saw.

    " Looks like you noticed it as well. Yes, that's what's affecting her," Xun replied to Long Chen.

    "How is that possible? This shouldn't be! Doesn't this mean..." Long Chen muttered as he got the shock of his life.

    "Yeah. It's what you're thinking. As for how it's possible..." Xun let out but stopped midway.
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