623 Chapter 623: Turning Butterfly into heavenly butterfly

    "Her golden core... why..." Long Chen muttered as he stared at her Golden Core with an incredulous look on his face.

    "Is this because of her Divine Oracle Physique?" Long Chen asked Xun at he frowned.

    "Yeah... there seems to be a crack on her Golden Core. This is not normal. I haven't been inside the Martial Space of any Cultivator with the Divine Oracle Physique but this isn't normal. I should've heard that if there was a precedent of them developing cracked golden core when they reached the Gold Core Realm if this was the case," Xun let out as we she observed the core so carefully.

    "What is wrong with her Golden Core then? Is she in danger? Did something happen when she was breathing through to the Golden Core Realm? Something that made her golden core like that?" Long Chen asked with a concerned look on his face.

    "I can't say anything yet. I would need you to touch her core so that I can understand its composition and the problems in it," Xun told Long Chen in full seriousness.

    " Alright. Let me try that," Long Chen muttered.

    He changed his consciousness into his Spiritual Avatar that looked exactly like him as he flew towards her her the Golden Core of Mingyu.

    Long Chen flew closer as he Gold Core of Mingyu and slowly reached out her hand in the direction of the Golden Core.

    Long Chen touched the core of Mingyu and closed his eyes.

    As soon as Long Chen's hand touched Mingyu's core of started shining brightly.

    On the outside, Mingyu's face turned red as soon as Long Chen's hand touched her core. She somehow felt a feeling of ecstacy as a moan escaped her mouth.

    The other girls looked at her with their mouths slightly opened as they saw her face and heard her moan.

    "What are the two of them doing in her Martial Space?" Xue muttered with a red face.

    " Huh, Who knows. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that they are having sex in their Spiritual Forms inside her Martial Space. Who knows, it might be true as well," Zhiqing chuckled as she teased the girls, making their faces go even redder.

    " D-does that feel more intimate?" Mei asked Zhiqing as she looked at her in curiousity.

    "I haven't experienced personally, but I heard that it feels heavenly. A hundred percent trust is needed in another person though because if anything goes wrong in this, one's core can get damaged. Not many people try that just because of that," Zhiqing replied as she raised her hand with a clueless expression on her face.

    " So it's bad and dangerous?" The Dark Fairy, Ming Lan asked Zhiqing since she didn't know much about human customs and the inner workings of these stuff.

    "It is dangerous but not for those that are truly in sync. And if two people can perform this successfully, they get great benefits. I don't know about the exact details of the benefits but i heard that it can make a butterfly into a heavenly butterfly," Zhiqing replied as she looked at Mingyu.

    "I wonder if we'll see that that happening today. I do believe in them but I hope they don't take the risk," she glanced at Long Chen and muttered.

    The other girls also looked at them in concern as they wondered if Long Chen and Zhiqing were actually doing that? Was he doing this to cure her ailment?


    Long Chen was still inside her Mingyu's Martial Space, still touching her shining Golden Core.

    Xun was using the information she recieved through Long Chen's Spiritual Soul to understand the composition of Mingyu's Golden Core to understand why the cracks were there.

    There were hundreds of possibilities since there were many ailments that even Cultivators couldn't escape without becoming Immortality Cultivators and quite a few of them had to do with Cores or their bodies.

    "I got it. You can free her core," Xun told Long Chen. Long Chen opened her eyes as he nodded his hand.

    Long Chen removed her hand from Mingyu's core and flew back.

    He landed back on the ground.

    "What's the problem with her core and how can I heal her," Long Chen asked Xun.

    "It's not because of any deformity or because her core is weak. It's because of excess energy instead," Xun told Long Chen.

    " Excess energy? What is that supposed to mean?" Long Chen asked Xun with curiosity on his face.

    "This must have something to do with her ancestral lineage from what I can guess," Xun told Long Chen.

    " Her ancestral lineage? What's that supposed to mean?" Long Chen asked Xun since he didn't understand what she was implying.

    "The quality of the Divine Oracle Physique is something that u already told you. They're considered one of the most valuable Physique since they can help see the user future but it doesn't come without its disadvantages. The disadvantages is that their Cultivation speed is generally lower compared to what their talent allows them to possess," Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "What about that? Doesn't that mean it's her Physique at play here? Making it difficult for her?" Long Chen asked her as he still didn't understand.

    "No. What I am trying to say is that generally a Divine Oracle Physique should be able to control the energy of the body and keep it in control but I think something is different with her. She might just had a Dual Physique," Xun told Long Chen in a serious tone.

    " Dual Physique? Is that what I think it is? She had two ancient physiques?" Long Chen asked as his expressions changed.

    He had heard how rare it was for a person to be born with a rare physique but for a person to have two? That must be even rarer.

    " Yeah. By her having Dual Physique,I meant exactly that. She has two Special Physiques. One of them is the Divine Oracle Physique and for the other one to be able to interfere with the workings of a special Physique like the divine Oracle Physique, the other one should be atleast on the same level or atleast not too lower than the Divine Oracle Physique. In any case, her second Physique should be really special too," Xun muttered as she looked at Long Chen.

    "The second Physique is the cause of that?" Long Chen asked her as he frowned.

    "That's should be the case. From what I understand, even she was trying to break through to the gold core realm, her Divine Oracle Physique tried to prevent her Gold Core Realm from absorbing enough energy to keep her core in control with the limitations of the Divine Oracle Physique but the other Physique didn't let it happen. While the Divine Oracle Physique tried to control prevent her core from collecting more natural Qi, the Other Physique tried to add more Qi. That made her core unstable and the cracks developed on her core. These are not the real cracks but these show the instability on her core. it might affect her Cultivation in the long run," Xun told her in full seriousness.

    "What? Tell me a way to solve it. There must be a way to help," Long Chen told Xun as he looked at her in full seriousness.

    "There is a way but that is going to be dangerous. If you try that, you might harm her core even more. Your Red Core is strong so it will be fine but her core will be damaged if things go wrong. You should think carefully," Xun told Long Chen in full seriousness.

    " Tell me the way. What do I need to do? I need to understand everything before deciding on something," Long Chen asked her. He didn't want to dive in without thinking things through. Is the treatment was more dangerous than the ailment, then serious consideration were required.

    " You need to gave Spiritual Intercourse," Xun told him straight away.

    "What the ** is that?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "Just like you formed a Spiritual Avatar in her Martial Realm from your Consciousness, she needs to form her Spiritual Avatar as well. Both of you need to have intercourse in here right before her Martial Soul. When you do that, your Spiritual Avatar will start absorbing her access energy and it will stabilize her core. It's necessary to do it in her Martial Space since if you do it in your space, the opposite effects will take place," Xun told Long Chen.

    "What about the dangers that you talked about? How can I avoid them? There should be a way if there are things like this," Long Chen asked Xun.

    "There is no way to avoid it. The only way her core will be safe is when you have Spiritual Intercourse with her. It is when the both of you are in perfect soul synergy which depends on your trust and love." Xun told Long Chen.
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