625 Chapter 625: The first time

    After Long Chen entered her Martial Space, Mingyu also got ready to send her consciousness inside her Martial Space, but she couldn't help but glance in the direction of the other girls.

    Her face turned red as she saw the expressions on their faces.

    "Go ahead. Don't make him wait," Zhiqing chuckled as she looked at Zhiqing.

    "I'm somewhat jealous. I want to do it too. It sounds amazing," Ming Lan muttered as she looked down.

    Xue and Mei also had somewhat jealous looks on their faces, but they had a smile too. They knew that it was for the good of Mingyu. It was to heal her; that was something they were happy about. It didn't matter if she took the lead in this thing.

    " Go ahead, Sister Mingyu. It's not good to wait. The faster you get better, the better it'll be," Xue told Mingyu as she smiled.

    Mei also smiled as she nodded his head.

    Mingyu started looking away in embarrassment as she closed her eyes. She was generally not this shy, but at the moment, her heart was beating faster than it had in a long time. This was the most intimate she was going to be with Long Chen, and she was the first. She was happy.

    Even if it was not their first time being intimate, Mingyu's heart was thumping rapidly against her ribcage.

    The fact that she had to keep a relaxed and calm face while inside she was screaming made it much disastrous for her to get a grip over the whirlwind inside her.

    The words Zhiqing said earlier echoed through her ears as she closed her eyes to take on her spiritual avatar. A deep breath was exhaled through her nose as she left, leaving the motionless human body behind.


    She sent her consciousness inside her Martial Space.

    For the first time, Mingyu was feeling this much anxiety and agitation in this form. Her eyes landed on Long Chen standing not very far away; the vast red glistening aura spreading out of him made him look more appealing.

    Mingyu scanned her eyes on the man's well built masculine body. Her gaze lingered on his tough muscles, broad shoulders, the visible collarbone on his neck and landed on his face. The view of his thin lips made her heart skip a beat, and she quickly made them move towards his eyes, only to get lost in them.

    His eyes had the usual determined look in them, his posture screamed confidence, but there was something different about him...

    The frown between his perfectly shaped eyebrows...Was he... Worried? Mingyu thought to herself.


    While Long Chen was waiting inside the Martial Space of Mingyu, a form started taking shape before her as Mingyu appeared before him.

    She looked as pretty as she always did and even better. It was her Spiritual Avatar that was the purest form of her consciousness. She was standing before Long Chen, embarrassed like a newly wedded wife.


    Long Chen hadn't even noticed her for quite some time as she wasn't in her spiritual form at first, and he was lost in his thoughts. What if he couldn't do it, right?What if her core got damaged? He was finally starting to get somewhat worried.


    The thought of him being worried for her meant he cared for her, and that realization made Mingyu's stomach full of butterflies.

    A slight smile formed at the corner of her rose-petal like lips as she moved forward with shaky steps. With each step, she felt her heartbeat getting faster as the butterflies started embracing the walls of her stomach.

    Long Chen's eyes looked at her when she was two steps away from him in her Spiritual Avatar. The moment their eyes crashed into each other, all of a sudden, all his worries vanished into thin air.

    Mingyu felt the world around them, coming to a halt as a pair of golden eyes filled with nothing but love and care explored her beautiful eyes.

    The girl's timid yet, loving eyes instantly calmed Long Chen; it was as if he had just taken a shower in a bucket of soothing gel.

    Both their lips twitched and formed a smile at the same time. It was as if their actions were connected and caused by the same nerve.

    Mingyu noticed the slight smile on his lips, and her cheeks became hot and crimson as she quickly lowered her eyes.

    Long Chen, on the other hand, noticed her change, this shy and cute version of Mingyu made him want to hold her in his arms and never let go. Subconsciously, he took a step forward, and his hand reached for her cheek.

    The moment a cold hand landed on her warm cheeks, Mingyu felt a chill going down her spine and looked up.

    The moment she looked up, she was taken aback as his lips landed on hers without any warning. Her eyes became bigger, and her pupils bloomed because of the shock, but as Long Chen arched his head to one side and deepened the kiss, she found herself closing them abruptly. The kiss was slow, soft, and felt like she was being cherished by Long Chen each time their lips moved in perfect sync, making both of them lost in each other.

    Her sweet lips and the mellow fragrance aroused Long Chen more. With each passing second, the kiss was deepened and became more passionate than before. It was as if he wanted to make her acknowledge all his love through that one kiss.

    Mingyu's head became dizzy with the passionate kiss, as her whole body reacted to the urgency of his kiss.

    When Long Chen bit on her lower lip, a rush of electricity passed through her whole body, making her shiver as a moan erupted inside her. Her nails dug into Long Chen's neck to suppress the dizziness she was feeling.

    This action resulted in a blast of volcano, erupting lust inside Long Chen, but his efforts were filled only with love as he entered his tongue inside her mouth gently.

    The moment their tongues collided with each other, Mingyu's heart fluttered. Her long eyelashes shook abruptly, and her whole body felt paralyzed except her mouth. She pressed herself against Long Chen's strong arms more, as if she wanted to bury herself in him.

    A smirk formed on Long Chen's lips as he teased her more by exploring mouth centimeter by centimeter with his tongue. He placed one of his hands behind her head to support her while his lean fingers massaged her scalp gently. He did it so softly and carefully that it felt like he was afraid she would break under his touch. Long Chen's other hand moved to the back of her waist; he smoothly untied the ribbon on her waist and back, without even breaking their kiss...Once he was done, Long Chen slowed the fiery, passionate kiss and started running his hand on her bare skin through the back gown.

    As his fingertips circled on her soft skin, Mingyu's skin tingled, making her pelages stand straight. Luminous light bloed inside her exhausted mind as she found herself quivering under his touch. She moved her hand and tightened her grip on his neck and shoulder as if she was going to melt herself in his embrace.

    Long Chen pressed his lips harder on hers and sucked the petals separately; he decided to move away after taking both the parts in together one last time. But her lips felt like some fatal intoxicating liquor in a soft form, which was forcing him to not move his head even for a bit. Long Chen's eyebrows knitted as he pushed himself with the last bit of his will power to move his lips away from her sweet ones.

    But Mingyu's grip on him tightened abruptly when he tried to move away as if she was subconsciously foreboding him from moving away. A smile broke through his lips as caressed the girl's sweaty but warm cheeks with his one hand. Her lips shivered as she looked up at him from under her eyelashes; both their breaths came out in paintings.

    He cupped them between his palms, and his golden pair of eyes pierced directly through her eyes. Long Chen's eyes were clouded with several different feelings that lurked in his heart, but love and care reflected the most, overshadowing others, which made Mingyu's heart warm, and she smiled back.

    In between his big palms, her crimson face looked luscious as her puffed lips spread a warm smile, which made Long Chen feel like he had just ascended into heaven.

    The girl's red lips quivered as eight letters came out of her mouth. In a hoarse voice, she whispered the words in between ragged breaths, "I... Love... You.."

    Long Chen's heart whirled instantly, and his face was covered in a big smile; his eyes sparkled as he replied back with his actions.

    Even though the both of them hadn't started the actual soul synergy yet, Mingyu's Golden Core has already started releasing her energy that was greedily being absorbed by Long Chen's red core.
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