626 Chapter 626: Better end of the stick

    Mingyu's Core started shining as she got into close contact with Long Chen. Their souls were in sync, along with their hearts.

    Their hearts were fleeting in the sweet feelings of love and wonder as they got the soft touch of each other's bodies.


    In the outside world, Long Chen and Mingyu were still sitting, unmoving as they faced each other. Mingyu's breathing was fast, while Long Chen's breathing was more uniform.

    Xue, Mei, Ming Lan, and Zhiqing looked at them intensely, wondering what they must be doing there inside her Martial Space.


    Long Chen pulled Mingyu in his arms and made her lie on the ground. It happened so quickly that she didn't get any time to react. Once she was lying under him, he traced his fingers lightly on her face. Mingyu closed her eyes tightly as she started enjoying his hand roaming on her bare skin. The bright orange light was illuminated from her body as she smiled under his gentle caresses.

    Long Chen couldn't resist any longer and moved his lips to his skin. The moment his lips touched the tender pale skin of her neck, Mingyu bit down her lips to hold back a moan. She bawled her fists so tightly that her nails almost dug into her flesh.

    Long Chen could feel her shivering slightly, and the fire in him rose higher. He sucked on her skin and left small kisses here and there while continuously nibbling on her soft skin. Long Chen's rough hands moved gently on her gown; he massaged her blossoms with one hand while his lips continued the sweet torture.

    His actions made her tremble as an unknown sensation hit her from head to toe,getting her indulged in some unfathomable ecstasy.

    Moans after moans left Mingyu's swollen crimson lips as a burning sensation arose in between her thighs.

    And her moans triggered Long Chen's little friend to take beast form.

    Long Chen cursed under his breath as he dug his fingers into Mingyu's clothes; with one short-haul, he tore the muslin gown from the back. Mingyu's eyes shot open, and her face flustered red as she tried to drape herself from nudity using Long Chen's body as a shield.

    Long Chen understood her hesitation and stopped whatever he was doing. He took her in between his arms and embraced her gently as if trying to protect her from everything. A safe feeling enveloped into Mingyu's heart as a pair of strong arms captured her in between them. A warm feeling arose in her heart as she placed her head against his heart.

    Thump...Thump...Thump Thump...

    His heart beats started ringing in her heart, and her body relaxed against the heavenly melody. Some kind of unknown courage developed inside her as she moved her hand slowly towards the button of his robe. Her sneaky movement didn't go undetected by Long Chen, but he acted oblivious, waiting patiently for her to take her step.

    Mingyu removed his buttons slowly with her shivering hands and slid her hand under his robe. His tightened bare skin was warm, sweaty, yet it brought Mingyu an unimaginable amount of pleasure. Suddenly, she wanted to taste him, devour him, explore him, all of him!

    The orange light radiating through her brightened as she removed his robe in one swift movement. Her eyes lingered on his abs and strong muscles for some time before she noticed the hunger in his eyes. Mingyu gulped her saliva under his predator-like gaze and unknowingly bit her lips.

    Long Chen was fighting the whole time, but all his efforts failed the moment Mingyu bit her lower lip. He instantly smacked his lips into hers, and with both party's equal participation, a fiery kiss broke out in between them. Mingyu's hand traveled down his torso towards his pants. She undid it somehow with a little help from Long while the kiss continued.

    Long Chen kicked the fabric away from his lower body and continued kissing the love of his life as if this was the last time he would see her. There was passion, care, love in each action.

    Mingyu found herself getting lost again as moans and sensations overwhelmed her. She gripped harder on Long Chen's strong arms as she moaned out his name hoarsely.

    Long Chen left a small peck on her lips before he kissed her forehead gently. He looked her in the eyes, asking for her consent as he positioned himself in between her thighs.

    Mingyu looked at those eyes filled with passion and love for her, the warmth in her heart started spreading across her body, and her heart started beating faster with anticipation. She suppressed the urge to smile and nodded her head slightly.

    Long Chen's both palms rested on the ground, caging Mingyu in between them as he looked at her lovingly. The next second, in one swift movement, their cores connected. Mingyu gasped as she felt her womanhood getting filled with him inside.

    Long Chen waited for a few seconds looking at the girl adoringly before slowly thrusting himself inside her. With each thrust, he spoke three magical words that made Mingyu feel like she was finally complete...

    Two bodies covered in sweat moved against each other, passionately maintaining the right rhythm while illuminating a vast amount of blazing golden light around them as they spoke sweet words of love to each other...They were lost in their own little world, their own feelings, mostly their own pure love...

    As they kept loving each other gently like they were the only two beings in this world, Mingyu's core kept getting brighter and brighter as it released now and more energy.

    An energy bubble was established around their bodies to keep them inside.

    Long Chen's red core kept absorbing Mingyu's core's energy as she moved with each of his movements.

    The unstable energy inside Mingyu's core was sucked inside his core, which strengthened his body and his core and helped Mingyu's core stabilize.

    The cracks on Mingyu's cores started disappearing slowly until her core started looking perfectly normal.

    There was not even a single crack on her core now.


    "It's been seven hours. Are they really doing it for so long?" Ming Lan asked Zhiqing as she glanced at her.

    "Of course they are. Why else would they stay there for so long?" Zhiqing chuckled as she nodded her head.

    "You should know that they are in spiritual form. They don't get tired or anything there. They can have intercourse without getting tired for as long as they want. Ahh, I want to do it now too. I'm so jealous of her," Zhiqing let out as she looked at Mingyu with slight jealousy in her eyes.

    " They don't get tired?" Ming Lan muttered as she started dreaming about it. She wondered how it would have been if it was I'm real life when she was with Long Chen.

    Long Chen had more stamina than her. She would always drop tired first while he was able to take care of so many wives. She hoped that she could have a better stamina one day.

    While they were waiting for Long Chen and Mingyu to wait up, Mingyu suddenly had another loud moan.

    "Sigh, here comes another one. They have done it over ten times already. Just finish already," Zhiqing muttered as she looked at Long Chen.


    A few more minutes passed away, and Mingyu slowly opened her eyes.

    She was out of her Martial World, and she was back into the real world.

    Even though she was up and fine, she didn't dare look in the direction of the girls as she was embarrassed. She understood what they must be thinking.


    "How was it? Did you succeed?" Zhiqing asked Mingyu.

    "I don't know. I'm not sure about this, but I do feel better. Let me try to pass through my energy to see if there's any obstruction or not," Mingyu said to Zhiqing.

    "Yeah. Test that. I hope it works," Zhiqing muttered as she nodded her head.

    Mingyu closed her eyes again and tried to pass her excess energy that she received because of dual cultivation.

    As she tried to pass through her energy, she couldn't help but smile.

    A few seconds after that, she opened her eyes.

    "It worked. There's no obstruction anymore. In fact, the flow of energy is the smoothest it had ever been," She let out as she smiled excitedly.

    "Oh, that's nice."

    "Congrats, sister Yue."

    "That's awesome."

    Xue, Mei, and Ming Lan congratulated Zhiqing.

    "You got the better end of the stick. After finishing this Soul Synergy, you're even closer to him. You're more powerful now as well. You even got to have the best time of your life with him. I'm jealous of the last part, though," Zhiqing told Mingyu.

    "I got the better end of the stick? Did I become stronger? Why didn't he tell me that it had these effects?" Mingyu asked Zhiqing as she glanced at Long Chen.

    "Maybe he thought that you already knew it. I thought the same thing after all," Zhiqing replied.
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