628 Chapter 628: Stealth King

    Ming Lan also had a shine on her face since she hadn't been able to spend any private time with Long Chen after coming with him. She did spend intimate time, but it was a shared time where she didn't get as much as she couldn't receive if she were alone with him.

    Even though it meant that she would only be able to spend two days with Long Chen out of every ten days, that was enough since those two days were hers. Those days were when she and Long Chen would be the only ones together. They couldn't help but find this suggestion good.

    Mingyu was still silent as if she was thinking about how it would go if this happened. It would mean that she wouldn't be able to be with him all the time, but this also meant that Long Chen could relax and have an easier time. Even though she wanted to help him with this, she was still feeling unease.

    " I think we can try this method for a month or so. If this goes well, we can continue. If it doesn't go well, we can stop. There are many more things this can help with, but it wouldn't be bad to give it a try. Why do you all think about this? Do you prefer the current way or the one I suggested?" Long Chen asked the girls.

    All the girls looked towards the faces of each other but no one said anything. They didn't want to seem selfish in case someone else didn't want this.

    Long Chen looked at them and smiled wryly as he understood their hesitation.

    He understood that they were all hesitant about expressing their opinions openly, and if he forced them, it might be bad.

    "Let's do an anonymous vote since you're so shy about this," Long Chen did see he glanced at the girls.

    "What's that?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen in confusion.

    "All of you close your eyes and raise your hand. You don't need to say anything. Just raise your hand when I tell you if you support the suggestion. If you don't, then keep your hands down at that time. I'll decide after that," Long Chen said as he nodded his head.

    All the girls nodded their heads as they closed their eyes.

    "Alright. Those people that think this is a good idea, raise your hand now," Long Chen said after he was sure that everyone had closed their eyes.

    Xue and Mei were the first two people to raise their hands while their eyelashes shivered in embarrassment, hoping that no one else could see them other than Long Chen.

    Ming Lan and Zhiqing also raised their hands. Mingyu still looked hesitant as she didn't do anything.

    'I guess she doesn't want it,' Long Chen thought as he sighed.

    He was about to open his mouth to tell them to lower their heads, but just then, another hand was raised. Mingyu had also raised her hand. She had decided that she wasn't going to be selfish, and she also wanted more things from Long Chen just for herself.

    Long Chen looked at her, raised a hand, and smiled.

    "Alright. All of you can lower your hands," Long Chen said as he received his answers. All the girls were in support of this.

    The girls lowered their hands and other their eyes after Long Chen told them too.

    "It's decided. We will follow the method I suggested," Long Chen said, nodding his head.

    "So, ah, who will be the one staying with you for the next two days?" Mingyu asked Long Chen, trying to seem like she didn't care who he chose to be the first, but her voice clearly indicated that she wanted to be chosen.

    The other girls also looked at Long Chen in expectation.

    "For now, all of you will stay here. We will start this method from the moment we land on the ground. As for the order, it'll be Xue first, then Mei. The third person will be Mingyu, and the fourth one will be Zhiqing. The last one will be Lan'er," Long Chen explained to them.

    He decided to go with the order in which he met the girls. Xue and Mei were the first two women he met, and still, they were the ones he spent the least time with. He kept them at the front this time.

    No girls raised any complaint, which was expected by Long Chen.


    While Long Chen was flying above the deep sea in an effort to reach the continent, a person that was already on the continent was running.

    The person was none other than Ji Shen, who was running from what seemed like middle-aged Cultivators.

    Ji Shen looked like he wanted to cry, but he didn't stop running as the people kept chasing him. He had a small Talisman in his hand, which was given to him by Long Chen before he left. It was to help Long Chen find this continent and to get to Ji Shen.

    "These bastards! Why don't they leave me alone?" Ji Shen cursed as he continued running.


    Time kept passing slowly. Days changed to weeks as Long Chen and the others continued flying in the Snake Monarch.

    The Snake Monarch was a powerful beast who could fly for a long time, but even he couldn't fly infinitely without resting, so Long Chen regularly sent him back to the fake world to rest while he continued ahead of the Sun Destroying Condor. Since the Sun Destroying Condor was a small size beast who didn't have the strength to increase its size, Long Chen had to send the girls back to the Fake World at those times as well.

    They also met a lot of flying Sea beasts along the way as he flew above the sea but Long Chen's was able to handle them with the help of his Heavenly Demon Wings, which helped him face the beasts in the air pretty easily.

    Even though the beasts in the Sea were powerful, Long Chen hadn't met any beast which was stronger than a Peak Sky Realm beast, which he was glad about.

    It was said that the Sea had many Heavenly Realm beasts and even a few Beasts that were stronger than them, but his luck was pretty good as he was good as he didn't come in the way of any beasts like them.

    Long Chen again started relaxing as he got into the Safe Zone of the Sea, where no beasts roamed.

    He had also been involved in Cultivation whenever he got time to cultivate. His talent, bloodline, and the Dual Cultivation with his girls helped him break through much faster in cultivation. The Sea also had dense Qi rich further help.

    After that seemed like an eternity, Long Chen finally managed to reach his destination.

    He saw a few ships standing in the sea near the land, which made him sure that the land before him was exactly the Land Of Opportunity. It was a land of miracles and powerful Cultivators that could kill people with just a glance. A place that the Cultivators from his continent dreamt of living in.


    Long Chen watched the continent in front of him and slowed down. He realized that it wouldn't be that easy to gain an entry here since the first question they'll ask us is how he came here alone, flying on the dangerous sea. They would doubt him, which would just stretch the process.

    "I need to sneak inside," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the port.

    " Or you can just disguise yourself, kill them and enter the place before changing your look again," Xun let out jokingly.

    " I can go, but I better not. I already have too many enemies. I don't want to make more just for fun. It'll be so different matter if they saw me and then tried to stop me," Long Chen responded as he shook his head.

    " Looking at your luck, I'd say that's exactly what'll happen," Xun said jokingly. "You're a troublemaker, after all."

    " I'm the troublemaker? Who was the one that just suggested me to kill people?" Long Chen let out as he rolled his eyes.

    He wondered if Xun had somehow learned the Pot Calling the Kettle Black Technique because she was being the Pot here.

    " I know how things go with you. It's not that difficult to guess. That's how it's going to end up anyways, so I just suggested that. You would do it either way after all, so I might as well give permission since you won't ask," Xun let out in a smug tone.

    "You underestimate me a lot, little girl. Want to bet again?" Long Chen inquired as he smiled.

    "Bet? No thanks. I don't want to take a risk. You can turn out to be lucky after all, even though the chances are low,"

    " I'll show you. Just wait and see my stealth," Long Chen let out with a casual look on his face.

    He brought his Spirit Sword out of his Storage Ring and sent the Sun Destroying Condor back into the fake world.
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