630 Chapter 630: Gone Crazy

    " Do you have his location?" Wuya asked the silver-haired man as he glanced at him.

    Guqin looked at the middle-aged man before he nodded his head.

    "When he landed, the spirit mark was left on his clothes with the help of the formation. We can easily locate him now. I have already sent a team to catch him." Guqin replied to the old man as he nodded his head.

    " Good. He is the first person in the last thousand years that has managed to sneak inside without registration. I want you to find him, and I want you to bring him back alive to me. I will ask him in front of me! I will ask him questions myself," The old man let out before he stopped looking at the silver-haired man.

    " I realized that. I had commanded my men to bring him back alive. They should be back with the man in a short time. I'll personally bring him here then,"  Guqin said as he nodded his head and left the place.

    "Hmm," The old man replied as he nodded his head.


    While Long Chen was flying above the deserted land on his Spirit Sword, he was also reveling at the fact how pure the Qi here was. It was a deserted place, and even better, the Qi was comparable to the Qi of an Empire already.

    "No wonder this is called the Land of Dreams. If the outermost barren desert has as much Qi as an empire in my place, Just how much Qi would an actual empire here have?" Long Chen muttered as he absorbed the Qi from the atmosphere.

    "If you're happy at this much, you shouldn't even think about the Qi in an Immortal Realm. The Qi is a vital part of Cultivation, and all Cultivators chase after it. The place that has superior Qi will definitely have more powerful Cultivators, and similarly, more Cultivators will chase after that place. Why else do you think the cultivators' dream of entering the Immortal World," Xun told Long Chen.

    Long Chen was about to reply something with a smile, but his expressions turned grave suddenly as his smile disappeared.

    Xun noticed the change in Long Chen.

    " What happened? Is something wrong?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    "Nothing. Just some people who want to die," Long Chen muttered as he brought his King's Sword out of his storage ring and stopped flying away.

    Long Chen had sensed those guys using his Divine Sense, and he had noticed their Cultivation, which was not enough to threaten him. Since the guys were coming straight at him, there was a high chance that they knew about him, or they were bandits. It was better to take care of the problem instantly if it was not life-threatening.

    Long Chen jumped down from his sword and landed on the ground. Sand flew everywhere as Long Chest feet landed on the ground.

    A cloud of sand was created from the impact.

    Soon, the cloud of sand dispersed, and Long Chen saw around twenty people coming towards him on the flying swords that seemed like his own Sword.

    "As I noticed. They have Spirit Swords. I thought these were supposed to be rare, but they all have it. I guess they're not so rare after all," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "That's not it. I don't feel any spirits on those swords. They're just simple treasure swords," Xun told Long Chen as she nodded.

    "Ah, So they are just using some Rare Martial Skill to fly on the swords. Pretty interesting," Long Chen muttered.

    The Twenty Guards reached near Long Chen and surrounded him.

    "So you're the Illegal that entered our holy continent without our permission! Drop your sword and let us escort you to our leader otherwise..." One of the Twenty Men said to Long Chen as he pointed his Sword towards Long Chen.

    "Otherwise, what?" Long Chen asked curiously.

    "Otherwise, we will take you by force," Another Cultivator said.

    Long Chen looked at them for a brief moment before he burst into laughter.

    "Why are you laughing?"One of the Cultivators asked Long Chen in confusion.

    "Hahaha, he must've been scared silly. I don't blame him," another cultivator said.

    "I think fear has made him crazy. Just take him by force," another person said.

    "I don't know what it is, but there's something genuinely funny about being threatened by a bunch of Peak Sky Realm Cultivators after fighting Heaven Realm Cultivators and Beasts," Long Chen let out proudly.

    "You fought a Heaven Realm Cultivator? You?! Hahaha, You guys were right. He has gone crazy!"

    "That idiot thinks he can fool us? A Heaven Realm Cultivator can legally enter the continent without paying any fee! Why would one sneak inside!"

    "Don't take him seriously, guys. He is a really crazy person."

    All the Cultivators started laughing as their voices reverberated in the atmosphere, but no one noticed that amidst this laughter, one of the voices had disappeared.

    A head rolled and fell down on the ground, forward by the body and then the sword.

    One of the twenty guys was already dead, and Long Chen hadn't even moved. The man who died was the same person that had threatened Long Chen.

    A Sword was flying where the man was standing; the only difference was that it was not his sword. Instead, it was Long Chen's Spirit Sword.

    "I don't even want to bring out others to deal with them. They are just too weak," Long Chen sighed.

    He disappeared from his place and appeared behind another person.

    The person was looking in the direction Long Chen was standing in when he saw Long Chen disappear.

    He looked around to understand what just happened when a hand tapped on his shoulder.

    "I'm here," Long Chen muttered as he appeared behind the man.

    Before the man could turn back, a sword penetrated his back and came out of his front. His heart was stabbed.

    The man coughed out a mouthful of blood as he gave a scream. His scream attracted the attention of the nearby Cultivators; that's when another scream was heard as another head rolled on the floor.

    While their attention was diverted, Long Chen's Spirit Sword killed another Cultivator. It seemed as if the both of them were working on the same task. While Long Chen attracted the attention, Spirit Sword killed. They were working in sync.

    The Cultivators hadn't expected the situation to change this fast, and before they could even come up with a plan and think about attacking, 19 of them were killed.

    For the Cultivators that were facing Long Chen, it seemed like the battle lasted for hours, but for Long Chen, it had only been a few seconds before the enemies were almost completely wiped.

    Only one of the Cultivators was left who finally managed to attack in Long Chen's direction, but Long Chen disappeared, dodging the attack.

    The man expected Long Chen to appear behind him and instinctively turned back, but he realized that he was wrong as a hand caught the back of his neck while a flying sword came out of nowhere and cut his right hand, which was holding a sword.


    The man screamed out loud as his hand was cut, but that's when his second hand was sliced as well, making him scream even louder.

    Long Chen landed on the ground while keeping the man's neck in his hand. He smashed the man's face on the sand, making it bloody.

    The man who was screaming in pain stopped screaming as his mouth was filled with sand.

    Long Chen raised the men once again.

    The man started coughing fiercely. With each cough, sand came out of his mouth.

    "I don't like screams. If you scream again, I will make sure that I fill your guts with sand. You can cough for eternity, but you won't be able to remove the sand," Long Chen threw the man in the ground and warned him.

    "W-who are you?!" The man asked Long Chen as he looked at him with a horrified look on his face.

    Long Chen looked at the man and started walking in his direction.

    He stepped on the knees of the man, making him scream out loud.

    "The question isn't who I am. Even if I told you, you wouldn't know. The real question is who you are? If you do want to live, you must answer me, or I'll make your death so painful that even the demons will be scared of going through your fate," Long Chen said in a grim tone.

    The man kept screaming but didn't reply.

    Long Chen raised his sword and stabbed it on the other knee of the Cultivator, making him scream even louder. Tears appeared in the eyes of the man.

    "So, will you say or not?" Long Chen asked the man. "I can do this all day."

    "I will! I will tell you everything! Just stop!" The man let out with a scream.
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